Is there any one from kansas.

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I am originally from Kansas, does that count? :) I grew up near Wichita, and lived there until I was about 23. I currently live in PA, and have been here for about 24 years ever since I got married.

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My mom and I are from Kansas. We liv in Andover where do you live?

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I live in Topeka, Kansas. I was diagnosed in November, 2009, and I'm 40 years old. My recent battle is figuring out how to get off of Fentanyl and onto something else that helps. I've been through an exhausting list of medications over the last 10 years to control my pain, and I've been on Fentanyl for over a year. I hate the way it makes me feel - and I think it's doing more harm than good. I can't quit "cold turkey" though...I feel sooo crappy. I just want this stuff out of my system! Where, in Kansas, are you from?

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Hello everyone! I actually live in kansas as well. I wanted to post to provide you with information on what I have found to be the best team for neurological pain management and neurosurgery in the 20 years I have been going through my trials and trbulations with this. I know it may be a bit of a drive for some, but the KU Medical Center in Kansas City has been great for me. Go on to google to get specific information regarding the following specialists. My neurologist's name is: Xunyia Wang. She specializes in rare neurological conditiions and is a pain management specialist. She is also the neurologist who I have my annual MRI's ordered through. At my latest MRI this past spring, she found excessive swelling on my cervical spinal cord due to pressure being caused by tumors we have been monitoring for some time. She showed my wife and I the MRI's and immediately contacted a (now my) neurosurgeon at the same time, also at KU Medical Center. I was in to see the neurosurgeon the following week. Dr. Ania Pollack is her name. She is the head of the neurosurgery department for the brain and spinal system at KU Med, and is the head of
"The Brain Tumor Board" which is a group of neurological professionals from varying fields at KU Med who specialize in neurological conditions and meet weekly to review cases to come to a comprehensive plan of action for their patients. Of all the neurologists and neurosurgeons I have seen in my time, these two have been absolutely the most impressive people I have had the pleasure to know in this medical field. I had surgery this past week, June 9th, to remove as many tumors safely from my cervical spinal canal without causing more damage. With a full C3-C4 laminectomy, scooping of the vertebrae from C2 and C5, Dr. Pollack was able to remove 6 tumors which were pressing on my spinal cord, and preserved absolutely every bit of motor function I had prior to surgery, as well as increasing some in my left hand. The surgery was a 9 hour ordeal, as she took explicit time to test which nerves to remove with tumors and which to maintain so this could happen. I am actually sitting here at home only a week after all of this and feeling better than I have in years.

I know this is a long post, but if you do live anywhere within distance of Kansas City, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Wang, my neurologist. She will work with you for you pain symptoms and put together a comprehensive plan of management without just trying to "cover" up you symptoms. If tumors do arise that are going to cause concern, she will place you with the best help available to correct the problem. Lastly, Dr. Pollack, my neurosurgeon, is the most empathetic doctor I have ever met. It may be an excessive delay for meeting her on time, but when you meet her you will know why. She sat with my wife and I for almost 2 hours for our first meeting to sit and go through detail about her concerns and answer all questions we had. She also said if she was not fully confident in her abilities to perform my surgery, she would have absolutely referred me to another neurosurgeon, regardless of where they were located. I have nothing but praise for my recent ordeal.

Good luck to you all, Garvin.

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Oh, by the way, I live in Lawrence, KS also! Sorry, forgot that little detail!!

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