Urine sticks & how to use them

My nephrologist just recommended me checking my urine with strips. Where to het them and how do they work? Do I just pee on the strip?


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You can buy them though pharmaceutical supply companies on the web. The best way is to use a container, take a mid-stream sample (not the start, not the end), dip the strip completely and run the edge on the cup or some paper to remove excess. wait 30 - 60 sec and compare to the colour samples on the container.

If your technique is good you can do away with the cup & hold the strip in the stream, at an angle to prevent splashes..... (too much information???)

I prefer the siemens Multistix 10 as the colour chart is a little easier for me to read and they give a full range of test readings (leukocytes, ketone, pH, blood, etc)

Don't forget, they are only an indication, and accuracy can vary from batch to batch and reading to reading - you might see a difference between morning, daytime and evening tests depending on your level of hydration (& therefore how concentrated the urine becomes) and other biological factors such as pH, specific gravity, whether you're fighting an infection, etc. Generally they are a reasonable guide as long as you look at the trend over several readings.

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I would also recommend comparing the pads to the chart on the bottle (in the case of Multistix 10SG) under a VERY bright light. I believe the instructions spell this out as well, but it's been so long since I've read them...

Anyway, I view the reagent strip under a halogen desk lamp. I believe this to be the "true" reading. If I look at the same strip next to the bottle under room lighting or in the bathroom, I notice that a) the color appears darker for protein and b) the color doesn't even appear to be the same hue (+, for example, will appear to have more of a green color, but it's almost as dark as ++ under room lighting). This makes it very difficult to read under ambient light.

I would find yourself a halogen lamp and get the bottle and strip with your timer. Once you're viewing the pads, try to hold the strip so that the pad you are observing is very well illuminated and the bottle so that it is not producing any glare. It's my opinion that this will give you the most accurate reading according the the test strip.

Good luck!

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We use the URS-2 strips from lab essentials, $7.80 plus shipping, just under $12 total. These check Glucose/Protein, we just check for protein, although others use the multi-strips and check for other things such as ph.


Sometimes if I can't make out the color of the pad I'll get near a window and use natural sunlight,

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Thanks all!!!

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I order my Siemens strips from www.westons.com

They deliver to the US and it arrives very quickly. For two bottles of 100, it was about $30. Much cheaper than ordering from a US store.

I ordered labessentials once but had a hard time reading the strips-couldn't differentiate the colors once we were not negative. Maybe I got a bad batch? I had ordered two bottles and both were like that.

Lastly, I hold my strips up to the natural light near a window. I get a totally different reading than if I look under an indoor light. Not sure if natural light is the way to go, but I certainly like the readings more! The indoor light makes the sticks look much more green.

Good luck!

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You can buy them on Amazon for $12!!

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