Sudden increase in serum creatinine!!


I was diagonised with fsgs last year and at that time my serum creatinine was 2 and my urine protein was around 6000mg .

I was on 80mg prednisone for 6 months and started tapering off at around january 09.

Every month first week I'll go for my blood work.When I had my blood work done the first week of this month (june) the results were pretty shocking. My serum creatinine had gone up to 2.7 (usually it remains at 2) and urine protein was 500mg. I was so worried but my neph asked me not to and do the blood work again around June 3rd week. Today I got my blood work results that I gave on june 3rd week. I was really hoping to see my serum creatinine go back to 2. But it was still 2.7.My neph said the antibiotic sulfameth that I am taking along with prednisone could be the reason for my elevated serum creatinine levels. So, he advised me to stop taking the antibiotics for 15 days and do the blood work once again. Not to mention he asked me not to worry. How can I not worry?

Anyone else experienced this kind of situation?? Please share your thoughts.

By the way these are the medicines I am currently taking -

prednisone 20mg
lisinopril and


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Hi Nidhesh,

I understand that you would worry. I was diagnosed this March with FSGS. My creatinine at the time was less than 1. I was started on Prednisone 80 mg. In May, my creatinine went up, to around 1.4 but my BP was 98/50. My nephrologist thought the creatinine rise might be due to my low BP and a little dehydration so he lowered the dose on my Diovan/HCTZ. My next creatinine was better. My urine protein levels peaked in the 700+ range but for the past few years were up and down. So far it has been down to 140's. I had labs done yesterday and will get the results next Monday. I try not to stress or worry about the results but like you, I wont feel ok until I hear them, good or bad. I know that is not quite what you are experiencing but it seems that so many things can affect your lab results. I try to just maintain a positive attitude so that the worry does not overwhelm me. I know that I have little control over this disease and feel that life is too short to be stressed all the time.

I am very confident in my nephrologist and I think that is very important. They always mean well when they tell you not to worry but it is hard. If you do not have the confidence in your doctor, perhaps you would feel better getting a second opinion or new doctor. When do you get your next labs? That may be the deciding factor for you. If your creatinine is down, then it probably was the sulfameth.

I hope it gets better and that you are able to worry less soon.


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I think your creatinine level rose because of the Lisinopril you're taking. These meds usually cause your creatinine level to rise about 20-30% but it's totally reversible when you stop taking that med. I had the same problem a few months back and I did some research and stop the medication (Cozaar) that was causing my levels to rise. My creatine level came back down to a respectable 1.7. If a medication is causing more harm than good then I will discuss this with my Neph and ask for a change or I will just stop the med. He agreed with my decision. Protect your kidneys and trust your instincts. Good luck.

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Thanks for your response, everyone.


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