Shijiazhuang Kidney Hospital in China

I was a patient at the Shijiazhuang Hospital in China from June 15 - July 15th, 2012. I have had no improvement in my polycystic kidney disease condition since receiving treatment at the hospital and three month's home treatment from medicine purchased from the hospital. If you want a description of the day by day treatment provided by the hospital, read my blog at . The latest posts are displayed first, so start at the last page.

I received 5 stem cells injection while at the hospital. So far there has been no improvement. I know how hard it is to resist the hope of a cure or even an improvement for PKD. You think that you are "one" patient that will receive some benefit. Everything that is on the internet, not written by the hospital, indicates that the treatment does not work. It is not working for me.

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I'm sorry that it didn't work, we all hopefully seek that miracle cure that will make this horrid syndrome go away. I've not heard one good thing about this hospital, in fact if you do a search of this forum you'll find topics saying that the treatment from that hospital is fraudelant and what not.

Don't loose hope!

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