problems with deodorants and kidney disease

i was just wondering if anyone else out there have got any info about deodorants and the dangers it can have on the kidneys? i was trying to find one for my husband that had no alcohol in it and discovered that on the backs of all deodorants i looked at said that it was dangerous to people with kidney disease. it has to do with the aluminum it contains. i asked the pharmacist and he said he had never heard of it before it was a new one to him. any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes this is true it says so on the label. I stopped using deoderant 6 months ago. I went to the health food store and was amazed at the variety . Try some until you find the one that works best I use this brand called Natural deodorant.

I like the one called liken plant .
try all natural tooth paste as well read the label on your curtrent tooth paste. Toxic


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I had heard that too. It's true - check the label. You need to purchase aluminum free deodorant (basically anything that does not contain the word anti-persperant). I started using Tom's of Maine deodorant. I also switched an use Tom's fluoride free toothpaste.

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I talked about deodorants here some months back to a mixed response. But Eva and Darling are right, look to your local health food store. Just to be sure (pun intended). There is no reason to take a chance here.

Also know that our daughter nearly relapsed due to deodorants and doctors seem to have a clue... even though the directions clearly says on the back not to use if you have kidney disease. They and others will make up all kinds of excuses for why you can use these products, and that there are no dangers there. But the deodorant companies however, are the ones doing the case studies here, not your doctor, or anyone else for that matter.

This is also especially important for women. This is due to the fact that they shave their underarms. Shaving provides a direct conduit for the toxins in deodorants to enter the body in the tiny cuts that the act of shaving provides. So trust only what you read on back. Again there is no reason to take the chance when other products are clearly available.

I also recommend that you read the label for ANYTHING that goes in, round, or on your body, and be mindful of flushing, rashes, welts or any other changes to the body that might be a sign of allergy, or adverse reaction to any product; and this includes foods, and food allergies. Allergies can cause nephrotic syndrome, and if you google "allergies and nephrotic syndrome," you will find a wealth of information available on this.

Also be mindful of antibiotics. Doctors hand antibiotics out like candy to anyone and everyone. Not thinking for one second about what the adverse reactions the antibiotic might have for those with kidney diseases. Our daughter's first relapse was due to an antibiotic that was given for no reason. So read the back as well! This is very important. Don't take their word for it. There are clear warnings in the directions for those with kidney disease.

Antibiotics are also crutches that keep the body from developing immunities, and they will not work for viral colds and flues. Yet they hand them out anyway, creating super bugs that are immune to everything. So unless an antibiotic is truly needed, let the body heal itself on its own. You will be much better off in the long run, even if you do not have a kidney disease.

Finally, be mindful of star fruit. Don't eat it. We were warned again this too. In some cases it can be deadly for those with kidney disease.

Best of luck to you.

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I also have looked into this. We decided to go with label warnings and opt for natural deodorants as well as toothpaste (no fluoride). I am a careful label reader and dont use products that I decide may be harmful for my daughter.
We know our children best and ultimately need to make the decisions for what they come into contact with.(what we can make decisions on :) )
I wish you the best!


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A natural alternative to deoderant is plain old baking soda/bicarb of soda. Just pat on the powder and it works well without suppressing the sweat glands to stop producing which is what aluminium deoderants do (of course you may want to research it in relation to kidney disease to be sure). It's also all we use in this house in place of shampooing hair/cleaning bathrooms etc.

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i wish to thank all of you for your wonderful and informative information on the subject. i want so bad to do what is best for my husband. his suffering is bad enough without having to add to it. especially if i can prevent something from happening. again thank you all again. i have learned so much from this group. i never got near the info from my husband's neph that i get from all of you.

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you can also go to which is a great site with a lot of information.

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As I'm reading this I got up went in the bathroom and was amazed. I have never heard such a thing before. My daughter just said "ewwe mom that is gross now what am I supposed to use". I guess she can't use our deodorant anymore. Wow I learn something new everyday.

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Wow thank you for all of that. My daughter has been using deodorant all of these months that she should not have been using. I feel awful right now for not knowing. About the anti-biotics. My daughter had a sore throat for probably a good month and they couldn't figure out why so the put her on four different kinds of anti-biotics. None of them helped her. She had a really bad reaction from one anti-biotic called Tamiflu. Never, ever, ever, again will I let them give that to her. OMG it was shortly after that she relapsed now that I think about it. Oh man now I'm feeling doubly awful. You are telling me things that I never knew and I'm honestly not trying to be stupid but what is star fruit? I have never heard of it before.

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Our daughter had a sore throat for a month as well. It seemed to be a flu that was going around, and she just could not seem to beat it. So I bit the bullet and took her into the docs. Sore throats can be a concern, and lead to other nasty diseases. So I thought it best to be sure.

Well I sat for 20 minutes explaining our daughter's condition to the doc, and asked that we be given an antibiotic that would not effect her kidneys. As I said, we have been there before. Well he prescribed one, and I asked the pharmacist as well, and they both told me that the med would not be a problem. Well when I got it home, and read through all the warnings.....guess clearly stated not to use if you have kidney disease. I threw it away, and two days later the sore throat was gone for good.

But please do not feel awful. We are all in the process of learning, and as I said, sore throats are always a big concern. They can mean other not so nice things are going on. So it is best to be cautious. But I really wanted a throat culture to be taken to be sure that it was not strep throat. They did not do it. Not good. So I can only guess what she had, and as you will see, I do not like to guess.

Finally you cannot assume or guess that the antibiotic, or the deodorants are the problem. So you need to be very careful here. For the deodorant, you need to look for a rash, welts, or flushing. If these are not evident, the deodorant might not be a problem. But as I also said, why take the chance when so many other options are out there.

But this all comes down to guessing, and as I said, I do not like to guess. In another post I speak of starting a daily log and monitoring your daughter's hearth this way. Please read what I wrote here, and get back to me: -treatment-for-son-with-fsgs/

This method that I developed should provide you with the means to avoid the guessing.

Best of luck to you!

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I am an avid label reader, and I, too, read the labels on deodorant re kidney disease. I asked both the pharmacist and my nephrologist about it, and neither said that I should be concerned and that deodorants are safe. Such labelling apparently is a legal liability issue.

I went to a naturopath, and she gave me a recipe for a natural deodorant using Arm and Hammer, tea tree oil and lavender oil. After just a day of using it, I broke out with very painful welts in the underarm areas. It proved to me that "natural" doesn't always mean "best".

You can drive yourself crazy with all of the opposing advice that's available.

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My answer to those who think that anything that is 'natural" is good for you:

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I think I relapsed (FSGS) after ingesting slivers of aluminum from defective baking pans. After 5 years of remission, the same week we found aluminum baked into in the bread we were eating, I had a complete relapse that has now lasted 1-1/2 years. I bring this up here because of the aluminum (usually chlorhydrate) found in anti-perspirant. I had heard that ingested aluminum can really cause some kidney problems, especially in those with chronic kidney disease. So it's the aluminum that seems to be the culprit. My family and I have learned to avoid it whenever possible, including no longer purchasing soda and beer in cans. There are deodorants that are aluminum free out there... just check the labels. Almost whenever you see "anti-perspirant", you will find aluminum chlorhydrate, so look for the word "deodorant" instead. PS. I have been in Marketing and Advertising for over 30 years, and have designed many a package - both health and nutrition and others - and you can rest assured that if the FDA or any Gov't entity requires a warning on a product, it's for a good reason. Don't let anyone tell you differently.... ;~)

Report post deodorant can be dangerous for people with kidney disease? Do they make "Kidney Friendly" deodorant? I may be asking a repetitive question but I just skimmed through the replies.

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I'm not sure I'd necessarily always trust the FDA over my nephrologist. I specifically asked him about this whole deodorant issue, and he said that it wasn't a problem. All I know is that the advice given to me by a naturopath (sp) resulted in pain, and I'm not sure that staying odor free requires such discomfort. But each of us has to do whatever makes us most comfortable.

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You can get deodorants aluminin free at health food stores. I got one once called, NoBO, I think it was. They don't do as well, but better than nothing. My Neph. said not to get all shook up about regular deodorants if you are just a light morning user. Still I recommend you check with you local health food store to give you piece of mind. They even have all kinds of health information about the aluminin and kidney disease you can see.

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Hi shermil,

I am curious about your comment about tamiflu. I am aware that IF my daughter does come down with the H1N1 they will put her on the tamiflu (antiviral) . I do know that my pcp does not love this product, but it is all that is out there and in her care the benefits would outweigh the risks...
also Johns Hopkins and NIH all recc that my daughter get the swine vaccine when it comes out,

what kind of reaction did your daughter get from tamiflu. sounds awful. how long was she on it?

thanks, duker

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Hi Duker,

I gave my daughter her first dose of the Tamiflu then she ended up falling asleep. When she woke up she walked out in the kitchen where I was standing and had a blank look in her eyes and I kept calling her name and she never heard me. Then she started screaming for mommy and daddy to please help her and to get her out of the little room she was locked up in. LOL I'm crying as i'm writing this because it seems like yesterday. We couldn't get her to snap out of it. Then she started freaking out screaming and crying for us to help her and there was nothing I could do. The weird thing was she could still see me because she saw the look on my face and started crying even more that she was upsetting mommy. I had never experienced anything like it before . We almost called 911 because we didn't know what to do. Finally my husband grabbed and sat her on the couch and we just kept trying to get her out of it. She finally got her normal look on her face and we knew she was with us again. She had to go outside for fresh air after all of this because she was just sweating terribly. I threw the drug away and never gave it to her again. The doctor put in her charts that she is NEVER to have Tamiflu again. I ended up going on line and reading what other people have gone through and it is not a good drug. My personal opinion is children should not be put on it. They just keep her on Amoxicillan now. I have not talked to my neph yet about my daughter getting the swine flu shot. He did say she could get the regular flu shot but i had to argue with him about it so I don't know if he will let her get the swine flu shot or not. I do think she needs it though.

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Apparently after a shower sorbolene is great - I know a couple of people who use it and say it is fantastic. We have a radio station with Dr. Carl in Australia and he recommended it. Kind regards, Tracy

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Honest review! I had similar experience of errors and trials through years as result of hidden information about potentially hazardous ingredients in "traditional" deodorants. Now I finally found my Vanilla Lavender freshly scented and All Natural Deodorant without Aluminum, Paraben, Propylen Glycol or any others harsh chemicals.

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