mouth ulcers and cellcept/prednisone

Our daughter has been on Cellcept since Dec. 2007 and is now in a taper of prednisone ( has had NS for 27 years). Her face and inside of mouth has been more swollen with this relapse and treatment than I can ever remember. But what I need info on is ulcers in her mouth. Last week the neph said these are apthous (sp) ulcers probably caused by Cellcept. So she dropped the Cellcept from 500 mg am/500 mg pm to 500mg am and 250 mg pm. That has been 10 days with very little improvement. Have any of you on Cellcept and/or prednisone experienced this? Any comments would be appreciated. Our daughter has mild MR so that's why I'm the one asking questions.Thanks a bunch. Jenny

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I am on Cellcept (5 weeks) and am tapering off prednisone (been on it one year) and have not had any ulcers in my mouth.

I do seem to be improving with the Cellcept, unlike the other meds (Pred and Cyclosporine). Has Cellcept helped your daughter with the NS?)

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I'm sure glad you are improving with the Cellcept.
If you haven't looked at the Kidcomm section of this website, you might want to read about some of the children with NS on Cellcept. I can recall several that are doing well.
I can't tell if our daughter is improving on Cellcept yet
as she is still on daily prednisone. The real test will be when she's about off of pred or is completely off. Hope it will do what cyclosporine did--give year long remissions. Keep me posted as to your progress.

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Every time I go on prednisone (trying to come off of it right now), I get the mouth ulcers. My doctor gave me a mouth wash that you swallow and it really does help. One of them he gave me is made up of tetracyline and benedryl. The other one has lidocaine in it to help numb the pain. The doctor also diagnosed it as aphthous ulcers from the prednisone....Hope this helps.

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I get the ulcers off and on. I went looking on the internet for some kind of answer. I found a web page that suggested sucking on pinapple pieces. The pinapple has a certain acid that helps. I have tried this and it is working. Another suggestion was to brush after everymeal and DO NOT use anything more than a soft brissled toothbrush.

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Thanks everyone for various ideas. We'll try some of these suggestions for the mouth ulcers. I think they've subsided somewhat from 2-3 weeks ago.

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