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This may sound like a dumb question, but I see a lot of you talking about what "stage" your disease is in. My neph has never mentioned anything about stages and I have been dealing with this for just about 22 years. Is there a chart somewhere or can someone explain this to me? Thanks!

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Here is a table of the stages and definitions of Chronic Kidney Disease.

http://www.kidney.org/professionals/KDOQI/guidelines_ckd/Gif_File/kck_ t12.gif

Also, see http://www.renal.org/eGFR/ckdstages.html

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Hi Jenny,

I read your profile and we have a lot in common concerning this disease. Check mine out and you'll see what I mean. I also was diagnosed in 1986 with FSGS and for years after that nobody spoke of "stages of CKD". I've read a lot on the internet last couple years and from what I read it appears this staging thing is a relatively new thing for nephs. It supposedly helps them in planning treatment according to the stage so all is more uniform among patients and so there is no lag in treatment as the disease progresses. A good thing, I think. Before staging all I heard about was my proteinuria , hematuria, and high BP. What stage are you in anyway? "ChiCubs7 gave you good sites to check out.
Best wishes to you.

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Hey Sue,

According to the the last number I was given and the chart, I'm in stage 3. My creatinin and proteinuria have been slowly increasing lately, though. I go back to my neph on Wed. to get the latest results. Wish me luck!


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Hi Jenny.
Since you got diagnosed with FSGS, have you been on a speciel diet since that time?

Hope everything is allright with you and you still are in remission


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Hey J, I know exactly what you mean... I just recently got the whole stages of CKD thing.. and I had been in treatment for quite some time... heh. I've just creeped into stage 4.. and it's still hard understanding it all. It seems with a creatinine level as low as mine (knowing it can reach 10?? right??) that stage 4 is a ridiculous conclusion... oh well ;) I guess that's what these boards are for.. we'll all muddle through...

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It is important to remember that not every case of FSGS progresses. I think this is one of the little things drs forget to tell us. Mine isnt expected to progress

good luck be well

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Absolutely. It's strange really. Some (like me) can get progressively worse very quickly. Others can stay the same for years and years! Amanda, that's great news... may we all be as blessed :)

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