FSGS is it an autoimmune disease???

So I have done a lot of research on whether or not FSGS can be classified as an autoimmune disease. Some say yes some say no. They say yes because there is a certain gene making the protein attack one of our organs (kidneys).

Another reason I think it is an autoimmune disease is because my two other sisters have autoimmune diseases. Older one has antiphospholipid and the younger one has MS. NO one on my mothers side has any major issues; however, my father was adopted and was only able to find his birth mother and she was basically no help.

Any thoughts or knowledge is welcome!!

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This is no help at all Vanessa, but I have MS and my daughter has FSGS. But there's a growing body of opinion that MS is not autoimmune after all. Confused? Me too. I can only conclude that no-one really has a clue! I've done a fair bit of research - which has only added to my confusion. Sorry for a useless post...

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There are some autoimmune disorders associated with FSGS, like Takayasu (sp?) disease , fibromuscular displaysia, and some other more rare ones. I had a rheumatologist come out of retirement to do a majorly thorough work-up on me, in order to see if there might be a link with my sudden circulatory problems and the FSGS. I came up negative for everything that they could SAFELY test for, but they wanted to do a contrast study for the Takayasu and fibromuscular displaysia, so we will never really know....my creat. is too high to do this test.

The neph I saw at the local teaching hospital said they believe FSGS is associated with a gene "mutation" (podocyte disfunction..kinda), which wouldn't really qualify as autoimmune...., but then again, what really makes autoimmune disorders/ diseases? Although I don't recall now, but we sudied some disorders that were caused by mutated genes, but they were not considered autoimmune....my memory is for crap anymore! I will go back through some of my Anatomy & Physiology books and see what I can find.

I probably was of no real help either, just a bunch of useless rambling...lol.....sorry!

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So far MCD is an Autoimmune but I guess if you have MCD and FSGS it is autoimmune?
So I would classify it if it was with MCD. Have you typed this question into the search engine? hold on let me try...go here:


Let's take a look at what is prescribes for autoimmune...prednisone. Whats the first thing they give us...prednisone.

I think that about answers it.

Unless - it is familial.

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Current thinking among scientists seems to be that primary FSGS can have various causes. There are genetic mutations in the kidney that can cause one type and there may be more mutations not yet discovered. Unknown auto-immune causes are suspected for other cases.

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Many of my doctors have explained to me that FSGS "may" be an autoimmune disease and have treated me as if it is. After my first and second transplant I was treated with plasmapherisis which takes out my plasma and replaces it with new stuff. This is supposed to get rid of the disease if it is autoimmune. It did not work after the first trnaplsnat but after transplant number 2 they did it immediately before and then after for over a year. It worked for a while but after my protein levels in my urine and creat. started rising they decided to stop the treatments and within weeks I was back on dialysis. So it seemed to be the only thing keeping the recurrence at bay but still did not work completely so that still leaves me wondering what this disease really is.

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My oldest sister has MS.
Annika from Sweden with FSGS

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Well, at least I am starting to suspect some autoimmune disorder. Me myself, I have psoriasis and FSGS, my mother has rheumatism, my father has psoriasis, my cousine have celiac disease...

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My older sister had psoriasis in her early teens, I have Hashimoto's disease, which is classified as an auto-immune disease, I am slowly destroying my thyroid gland and my 11 yr old has FSGS.

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I would classify FSGS depending on the diagnosis. Whether it is Primary or Secondary. Primary being that there is something inside the body attacking itself (autoimmune) or Secondary due to being overweight or drug use (thats how most docs classify). I was low birth weight and developed FSGS, much new research on low birth weight babies being born with less glumeri therefore there is constant injury to the kidney and its attacking itself, therefore it would be classified as an autoimmune disease. If secondary, then it was something on the outside causing the effects.
But I'm not a doctor, I just know what it has done to my life!

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I have lots of environmental allergies, drug allergies, an egg allergy and was small at birth (5 pounds flat). I have had very few immunizations, but most of the childhood diseases (chicken pox, measles-red and rubella, and mumps twice). I don't know if there is any correlation with all of this and FSGS, but I know Dux has been researching allergies and kidney disorders and is seeing a lot of folks with allergies that are affected. I'm beginning to wonder myself if this is truly genetic due to the fact that I am the only person on both sides of my family to have this disorder. I am leaning toward the auto-immune part myself.

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