Chronic Gastritis

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else with FSGS suffers from chronic gastritis? I was diagnosed last year after being hospitalized for dark stools and a low hemoglobin. The doctor performed an Endoscopy and discovered that there was erosive gastritis that had bleed. Since then I have been on protonix but the symptoms seem to be coming back. I suffer from a lot of nausea and now my hemoglobin is only 8.0. The doctor wants to scope me again and also neph wants to start EPO. Anyone else out there?? BTW I am on protonix and cellcept.

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I actually have ulcerative colitis, which isnt the same but I do take medication for it. I had to take epogen shots every week because I felt so sick because my iron (as well as other elements in my blood) were at shock levels. Take the epogen shots. They worked wonders, I also had to get iron infusions by the way. It takes a little while for the hemoglobin to get there, but in the end it works out and all is better

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I suffer from chronic gastritis. I am on aciphex for it and it helps. However, might want to ask you doctor for carafate. It inhibits pepsin in the stomach so I guess it keeps the pepsin from acting on the cells that are vunerable as a result of a lack of protective secretions. It works great for me. I take it once a day usually.

Drink milk, that seems to help too.

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