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My husband has been on CellCept for about six months and his protein level is 1.4 and that is the lowest it has been in a long time. He doesn't seem to have any side effects and has been able to keep his prednisone dosage down to 20 mg for the first time since he was diagnosed with FSGS in 2006. He will go on Medicare for disability August 1. We tried to refill his CellCept yesterday with our regular insurance company and were told that a generic had come out called mycophenolate mofetil. Has anyone tried the generic yet? We were told that in the state of Texas if your doctor insisted on the brand name, you would have to pay full price ($2600 per month)!! Just wondering if anyone knew anything about the generic yet. We certainly won't have a choice since we can't pay for it. Thanks for any information!

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Our pharmacist clued us in to the generic a couple months ago. Works just fine. Though the cost is less,its not hugely so. I think it went from around $5 a capsule to more like $3. (250mg caps)And the doc had no proplem allowing the generic here in Oregon.

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I have been on Cellcept for 5 years, started out on 2000mg a day. I am now down to 500mg a day. I have had no side effects. I just got a refill last month and they gave me the generic, I have not noticed any difference in my protein levels. I have been living with MCD for 25 years.

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in Jan b/c of an ins. mix up, the CellCept would have cost me over $1k w/out insurance, I quickly got that taken care of. Now I am on the generic and am doing the same. Call your local pharmacy and they should be able to tell you how much the generic would be, I am curious to know.....

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I have been on Cellcept for 3 yrs. Fortunately my insurance covers it. My pharmacy has told me that the "cash price" for 2000 mg/day is $990.00 per month. In June, they subsitituted the generic, per my insurance and with my nephs blessing. I have always been so worried about what I would do if I lost my insurance coverage and had to pay myself. I asked what the cost of the generic is and was told $840.00 per month - $150/mo savings...much less than I would have imagined. I have been on the generic for about 60 days - there seems to be no difference.

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Thanks for all of the information. We signed up for a Medicare Advantage plan yesterday and just hope it works out okay. We have always just had to pay the copay with our insurance company so this is going to be interesting to say the least! We'll just have to make it work. I'm at least glad to know that you can't tell any difference in the effectiveness of the generic.

Thanks again!

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