Zumba - would this form of exercise be good if you have osteoporosis?

The Zumba (latin style dancing) has come to Australia in a big way and seems like a fun way to exercise.
Has anyone tried it and would there be any problems in trying it if you have osteoporosis?
I am keen to give it a go but not sure if I am co-ordinated enough

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I think that would depend on how able you are. It involves a lot of jumping, sometimes on one foot repetitively. Don't worry too much about coordination- there will always be someone else in the "I don't really know what I'm doing just yet" boat right with you.

I tried it, and it hurt for me so I stopped as soon as I felt the pain (a big hurdle for me- I normally finish something at any cost. But I gave my word I'd leave if I felt pain. Do the same! It's not worth fracturing over.)

Positives: It involves impact activity, great for strengthening bones. The impact is varied. It's fun, and something to keep you active and moving.

Negatives: Because it's high impact, you can fracture doing zumba. Be careful. It's also great cardio- which drains your body of calcium, so be sure to have some calcium with your recovery snack.

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Thanks Highsights,
I didnt know about the jumping. I have had a stress fracture in my foot, so maybe not a good idea.

I shall stick to pilates and walking.


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Dear Highsights
I have been doing it for 6 months and have found it to be no problem. I haven't had any jumping so I don't know what the other person is talking about. I like it as it is a challenge to connect my eyes to my feet and found it great fun. I wouldn't consider it high impact either. So maybe it is a function of the instructor. It is considered a cardio workout. Pain does not necessarily represent a bone issue. It works different muscle groups that are not normally used. So do what you can and have fun. Don't let the osteo bogey man into your life if is not necessary. Have you had nonimpact fractures? if not, Go for it.

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I have been doing zumba twice a week for about 2 years. I have not had any problems. I personally don't think that it is a good workout. I prefer low impact traditional aerobics along with hand held weights and exertubes.

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Thanks for your replies. Maybe I will try a class, just to see how I go.
I just need a bit of variety with my exercise!


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