Wheat Belly

I think this is a very important message for all who suffer illness of any type including osteoporosis.

When I did a search of the NOF site I found the Dr. William Davis discussion, but thought using the title of the book might generate more.

Faelou posted these links on the other discussion. I dropped the Dr. Oz link as, 1) I'm not impressed with all his hoorah and 2) It doesn't go deep enough into the why or that there are problems beyond weight that modern wheat causes. (Hair loss problems anyone?)

Please watch at least the 1st link. Long (45 minutes) but well worth it:




I've been off wheat for 14 years, my son 10 years and now my younger son is off. My husband, is being a bit of a hold out, but there is no wheat IN the house for him to eat now. Myself & older son (30) are slender, my youngest (24) was tipping the scales at 250! He has lost over 25 lbs in 1.5 months! We haven't cut anything else out of his diet or added much in the way of exercise.

Also I've gone from bad osteoporosis to very good osteopenia and one number was out of the osteopenia scale even (sorry don't have my number available currently).

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Gatekeeper, Thank you for posting this! I have recently begun eating more wheat-free, and my niece is going for it, all-out! She had been fighting 20 pounds that she could not lose, and she read WHEAT BELLY and started eating that way and lost 5 pounds in the first week! She swears by it- says she hasn't felt this good ever! And who doesn't love sourdough toast?! I will watch the links you posted, but I am already a believer.
Since I have been diagnosed w/ op I have started to question so many things that have been engrained in us... fluoride, wheat, and many many prescriptions!

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Hiya Lorrieanne,

This is going to be a hard fight, as many believe wheat doesn't have a bad effect on them. Then there is the wheat lobbyists.

Here in WA state they tried to pass a sugar tax. Guess what? Any candy that had wheat in it was exempt. Pretty sad. Dr. Davis says it isn't a conspiracy, but one does wonder. I can only hope for more and more wheat/gluten free options to come out of more talk on this subject. Btw, the tax didn't pass.

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Miracles happen. Sent the 1st link to my DH and asked him to please watch it. He had yet to toss out his last box of Raisin Bran or some Ancient Grain crackers that had 1st ingredient: Wheat Flour. After he watched it, my biggest skeptic, tossed them without guilt. He didn't even want me to feed it to the squirrels!

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Hello Gatekeeper,

Than you for sharing this, how long did it take for you to see results in your Dexa numbers. I have been wheat free for one year now and I feel so much better it is so amazing, I can't wait to see if it helps my bones.

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Hello sachatoo, Have you noticed weight loss from being wheat-free? It really is amazing to me to see how many products have wheat in them! For filler, I guess?
I was also wondering if you found a good dr in your area? I am near Jackson- so about an hour away. Always on the look-out for that!

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Hi Sachatoo,

I've been wheat free for years, so can't say just going wheat free brought up my numbers. They went up during the days of fosamax and another similar product, total time taken was less than 3 years as they caused acid reflux. Then I was off anything for sometime other than my supplements. Had a dexa and it showed I was back down even worst again. That's when I found NOF to educate myself as I did not want to go on the above harmful products again. By that time people were talking strontium and true to her homeopathic nature that is what my doctor prescribed when I went to see her. Thus my bone increase has been a combo of things, strontium, walking, T-Tapp, & supplement support. Plus an alkaline diet.

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I'm just not clear on one major thing here - why would leaving out wheat from one's diet allow for improved bone density? In all the reading and talking I've done with specialists, including naturopaths and others in the alternative medicine field, no one ever mentioned the connection between wheat and osteop. When I once was on a dysbiotic diet to totally clear out my system (and it did make me feel fabulous and super energetic), I stopped wheat. But I gradually started eating it again. Most of our bread is homemade (so no preservatives or hidden ingredients), but I don't pay attention to minute amounts of wheat in other items. What is the connection? Thanks!

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Really simplified here: Wheat changes the pH and makes one acidic, when one is acidic the calcium (alkaline) is pulled from our bones to keep our pH where it needs to be. Great for the big pharma pushing all those bone building drugs, no so great for us.

I'm towards the end of the book now, the hidden words in ingredients that come from or are derivatives of wheat. It is a shame on our food industry, imo.

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