Can anybody tell me what is the best calcium for severe osteoporosis and what brand/dosage? Is liquid calcium gel better? I appreciate some input. thanks

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Calcium: Which Form Is Best?
this Vitacost article explains which supplement form is best.
Here is an example of that type from Iherb

The best utlized form of calcium is from food or water. So do check the amount your food sources and the hardness of your water supply.
Nutritional database calcium food sources
Nutritional database for searching each food and only supplement with enough to cover the deficiency.
Raising 25(OH)D levels to above 40ng/ml and ideally to around 60ng/ml will make it easier for your body to absorb calcium, I may also be worth checking your magnesium and vitamin K2 levels to make sure the calcium goes into your bones and stays there.

Keeping calcium in the bones and not leached out in urine is also important.
Bicarbonate Lowers Calcium Excretion and Bone Resorptionreducing the acidogenicity of the diet into the alkali-producing range with bicarbonate lowers calcium excretion and the bone resorption rate in healthy older men and women consuming rather typical acid-producing American diets. Treatment with 67.5 mmol/d of potassium bicarbonate was safe and well tolerated in this population. Increasing intake of alkali merits further consideration as a safe and low-cost approach to improving skeletal health in older men and women.

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Hi TedHutchinson

Thank you for the information on calcium.

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Over the counter cheap is as good as any name brand

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@ krisatini
I'm all for people buying the cheapest source of any supplement that is available but we have to be careful to compare like with like.
Calcium citrate is better absorbed than calcium carbonate

There are reasons to say a calcium citrate malate blend is even better

When comparing different brands it's not just price that needs to be taken into account.
You also need to compare the serving size that provides the amount you require and ensure the form of calcium is well absorbed and well retained.

When you are in the shop faced with an array of different brands formulations pack sizes and strengths it's difficult to work out which provides best value for money.
At home, with a calculator at hand it's much easier to work out if
Thorne Research, Calcium Citramate
is more cost effective than Source Naturals, CCM Calcium

You then have to decide if you think the benefits of taking CCM at night in a tablet form is preferable to taking a capsule formulation. Tablets are usually slower to dissolve but if you want it to be available overnight this may be an advantage over a faster released form.

Remember the acid/alkali balance affects the retention and excretion side of calcium.

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Hi Ted -
What kind of calcium plus other supplements do you personally take for osteoporosis? Also, do you suggest that we take some type of bicarbonate daily?

Many thanks to you!

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I heard that the best calcium is liquid calcium on a gel. I made the test, I put my old calcium tablet on vinager overnight and the next day was not dissolved. Doctors on WMCA Radio Ny are saying that we should take the liquid form of calcium in a gel . I got Nature's Bounty Absorbable Liquid calcium 1.000 mg a day, plus I take magnesium 400 mg, and I just ordered D3 with K2. I hope that will do the trick. All the best to all of you. Nancy

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Calcium Citrate. Same with Magnesium. Take the Citrate.

I also take a supplement with Boron, K and Strontium.

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@ AnnieO
What kind of calcium plus other supplements do you personally take for osteoporosis?
I don't have osteoporosis.
I don't take calcium supplements.
I think if you raise your vitamin D3 status to above 40ng/ml 100nmol/l and ideally to 60ng/ml 150nmol/l you will absorb all the calcium you need from your food and water supply. (That is, of course, providing you live in a hard water region and consume dairy products)
It is very important to ensure you do get at least the RDA but as calcium is best utilized from dietary sources, I think calcium supplements are only required to make up any shortfall.

Also, do you suggest that we take some type of bicarbonate daily?

Recipe for Magnesium/Bicarbonate Water
I have been using magnesium bicarbonate made to the above recipe.
Because I eat a low carbohydrate diet my protein intake is higher that normal and this led to acidic urine.
Using magnesium bicarbonate water nicely alters the balance back to normal.
It tastes great and encourages me to drink more thus improving the specific gravity. My bladder doesn't function so I have to take particular care of my waterworks.

I think there is a place for using potassium citrate to improve Ph and retain calcium.

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THANK YOU, TED. I sincerely value your research time and knowledge. I feel many of us benefit from it.

My last D3 status from 9/2009 was 74 ng/mL. I feel I don't always get enough calcium from my diet so I do want to supplement it. I will look for a calcium citrate malate blend - thanks!

I'm battling a long-standing, family history of osteoporosis. Odd thing is, my older female relatives (85-95 years old), never took any medications for their osteo and have all had severe falls but have never broken nor fractured a bone. Is that only pure luck?

Thanks again!

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my older female relatives (85-95 years old), never took any medications for their osteo and have all had severe falls but have never broken nor fractured a bone. Is that only pure luck?
I think part of the problem is the nutrient status of modern grains. Since the introduction of modern hybrid, shorter growing, faster maturing, wheat the nutrient density has dropped.
This has happened most over the last 50 yrs.
When your older female relatives were laying down their bones they would have been eating grain from older varieties containing more magnesium zinc, iron and copper. Certainly magnesium, zinc and copper are associated with BMD. It's possible iron is involved as well.

Evidence of decreasing mineral density in wheat grain over the last 160 years.

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Thank you Ted for your reply. Nancy

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What kind of Calcium should I use?
Answer: The kind that has whole food!

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Thanks Catsdogs

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