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hi every one , I Want to ask you about ostinol , have any one of you tried it for osteoporosis , iam 25 but iam on dialysis from long time , ialso have systemic lupus , i feel very lost ,I have high degree of osteoporosis & I CAN`T WALK normally as past time , i feel afraid to walk alone in the street , BECAUSE i always need someone to hung on , plz help if any one have used ostinol and helped him , it seem like ahope to me although it is not found in my country and i will try to get it from the united states , but other osteoporosis medication aren`t suitable for my case because of dialysis ...

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I would make sure your nephrologist approves ANYTHING you add to your diet while on dialysis. Some things are not dialyzed out and can build up to dangerous levels in the body. I am not sure what ostinol is or how it is metabolized, but while most people monitor vitamin D levels with the liver form 25OH-D, that is the form that is converted by normally functioning kidneys into 1-25'-OH-D by the kidneys. The lack of this can cause the parathyroid glands to cause a form of secondary hyperparathyroidism. There are drugs that trick the parathyroid glands in people with renal failure that can help control your secondary osteoporosis. Until you can correct your need for dialysis, most osteoporosis drugs or other alternatives will likely not work and you would we wasting effort on an unproductive cause.
Once you no longer need dialysis, your bone status will improve dramatically. I wish you well.

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thanks dxaguru ,i am on dialysis from 10 years now , and i had parathyroidectomy from 2 years , so pth level is low now but osteoporosis is still there and i donot know what to take really as doctors recommend not to take vit d when your pth percent is low in dialysis , and while i am searching for ttt of renal bone osteodystrophy , i found alot of research about bone morphogenetic protein how it could reverse bone conditions but this all in research but i found this product ostinol which is asupplement that they say in its site it contain the same material bone morphogenetoc protein but all researches i read was using it as injection but this supplement is oral , I WISH IT REALLY WORKS ,BUT I WANT TO TAKE OPINION OF SOME ONE USED IT AS Iam from egypt and it is not found in my country ,, i want an opinion from some one because it is not easy to get it
this is the site

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