vitamin k2 for heart palpitation tachycardia

okay so i was googling about heart palpitation tachycardia and vitamin k2. it led me to this website.
i read a couple of topics here about a connection between vit k2 and heart.
first of all..sorry because maybe its kind of off topic for the forum but,
could someone give me some info if vitamin k2 could help heart palpitation tachycardia or its the opposite, it would make it worse?

because i read that k2 is important to prevent calcification but i read that it has side effect including tachycardia palpitation.
i have tachycardia, palpitation but i took calcium magnesium and vit d almost daily because i read that it could help for tachycardia, palpitation. so i give it a try.

but im worried about the calcification, thats why i consider about takingvit k2 but i was worried about the side effect and wonder would it make my condition worse or better.

please help. thanks :)

(ps: more about my heart condition i actually didnt want to explain because i tried to keep it short but to make things clearer.. i already went to a couple of cardiologists since years ago and they did some tests including ecg, echo, holter, blood test, etc. but didnt find the caused (although i also have gerd so that worsen the condition) and they gave me beta blocker which i take regularly untill now. but i guess also have to help myself as well instead of doing nothing. because infact i actually dont want to depend on medicine for long time. thats why i take supplements. hoping it could help.

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My thought is, cardiac arrythmia or palpitations could signal (or not) a more important problem than self medicating with a variety of supplements, especially those which are not proven or studied remedies. Google is great but not medicine. You need to know if your palpitations are atrial or ventricular or even if its cardiac or some other cause. An EKG or holter monitor might help diagnose the cause along with a cardiologist. Be sure to tell which supplements you are taking when you see your doctor.

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well about my heart condition i didnt want to explain because i tried to keep it short but if i should explain.. i already did went to a couple of cardiologists since years ago and they did some tests including ecg, echo, holter, blood test, etc. but didnt find the caused (although i also have gerd so that worsen the condition) and they gave me beta blocker which i take regularly untill now. but i guess also have to help myself as well instead of doing nothing. because infact i actually dont want to depend on medicine for long time. thats why i take supplements. hoping it could help.

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Some talk on this forum about the mk-7 version of k2 causing palpitations vs. the mk-4 version which does not. The mk-7 stays in your system longer and the mk-4 type is short acting (therefore is taken 3 times a day to be as effective, but it was the one used in Japan I think). I have these palpitations, wore a monitor and told they were mostly benign, but I don't like that feeling in the morning. I quit mk-7 for awhile and it did not make any difference. Something else is causing them.

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Hi shiawase,
I had a Irregular heart beat since I was about 19yrs old.
When I was in my 30s , 3 different times I had a holter monitor. Nothing was ever found..
It would get so bad, I would have to push my chest in to stop the fast and irregular heart beat .

About 20 yrs ago,I meet someone that does alternative health. She told me to take "Hawthorn Berry".
After taking H.B for a few weeks, I noticed them getting less and less..or not as strong.
Finally they went away..If I do not take two hawthorn berry capsels everyday, they will come back.

I stopped taking them a few months ago, and I could feel them coming back..I had a heart cardiograph this past
Oct, and I could feel during my heart heart jumping , it did show up on the heart Cardiograph.
The Dr. did not know why it was happening, and I had a heart sonagram and nothing
showed up.
Then My Cardio Dr. wanted to give me a IV to get my heart going fast again, thinking he could figure it out!
I said NO..
I'm back taking two Hawthorn berry capsuls , 2 aday, and the fast heart beat is gone..

Hawthorn is a heart muscel strenthener..
Here are websites about H.B.. the+heart%3F&gbv=2&rlz=1R2ADFA_enUS451&oq=Is+hawthorne+berry+good+for+the+h eart%3F&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=2281l32609l0l32906l67l66l13l18l9l2l34 3l6919l0.6.19.3l28l0

For your heartburn, I would change my diet, and Do Not lay down after you eat..
Also Stress can cause a irregular heart beat, and tachycardia, which is really scary..

I'm not a Dr.. I would talk to your Dr. about Hawthorn berry and see if , she / he even knows about it!!
I would also go to a different Cardio Dr. I would never take one Drs. opinion.

Take Care,

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thanks everyone for the input i appreciate it :) :)
@dogbone do you take mk4 now? or still take mk7? and you have palpitation?
@April995 ive read about that supplement too and i bought it years ago but i only took it for like a couple of week. so i didnt notice anything. was thinking of giving it another try. i take coenzymq10 now for about a month. but i dont know if that helps. but i heard its good so i was hoping it could help. well usually when i ask doctors they didnt really know about supplements and didnt really help me get input :-/
@scriptures good for you thankfully you found the cure :) anyway i dont really know specifically about my heart problem. the cardiologist just gave me beta blocker and said its tachycardia and palpitation(its still been going on for 10 years :( ) although sometimes i got extra beat i guess its whats called pac or something. i ask the doctor but he said its still ok. but i dont know :-/

anyway so should i take the k2? im still confused and im worried about taking my calcium.

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Vitamin K2 has two primary benefits both from helping to control calcium use in the body. It helps the body to build strong bones by several means thus reducing the risk of bone breakage by 80% to 90% in older people. It also reduces soft tissue calcification in the body, most importantly in the arteries by allowing the body to remove calcium and reduce inflammation. Vitamin K2 supplement have been very safe and have been used since 1995 in Japan for treatment of bone loss and heart disease. The best form of Vitamin K2 is the MK-4 form made by humans and all mammals. The other form is MK-7 made by the bacteria in Natto which is also eaten in Japan.

The only caution is to tell your doctor if you are taking blood thinners as the Vitamin will make these less effective. I usually suggest taking 1000 mcg of the Mk-4 form daily along with 100 mcg of the MK-7 which is sold by mail order by and I have no interest in either company.

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I had numerous episodes of atrial fibrillation/flutter in 2005. I discovered George Eby's site, and learned about magnesium taurate. It eliminated my long afib episodes, though I still had a very occasional short one until I started taking Armour thyroid in Jan. 2009. I've had no episodes, long or short, since then. There is a great deal of info about magnesium and taurine on both George Eby's site and the afibbers site. And Lara Pizzorno just posted a comment here, that says K2 should have NO effect on the heart. Lara is the author of the excellent and inexpensive book "Your Bones." She has also written very technical articles about Vitamin K2 recently. ide-effects-of-vitamin-k-2-m7-and-m4/

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I too have to stay away from carbs and sweet stuff...makes the palps terrible..

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Hi Shiawise,

Maybe soy allergy is some people's problems with k2 Mk7.

I posted this on another thread. Enjoy!

Many people have benefited from just taking K2 Mk4 in the 1mg to 5 mg per day range.
I believe that most of the patients in the study you speak of, that took K2 Mk4 had very serious bone issues.

I have had two heart attacks at age 45 and 49 respectively. My cholesterol was 167 on the first and 156 on the 2nd. I do not smoke are drink. (I think I need to drink).

My first heart attack damaged only 3 % of my heart. I had 2 stents put in for two blockages. 4 years later I had a full treadmill stress teat with an echo cardio gram taking place as I walked. I passed with flying colors. 2 and a half months later I had a major heart attack that damaged over 60% of my heart muscle. I had another stent put in to open the 99% blockage of the LAD artery. I had an ejection fracture of 25%! This stent was a medicated stent and caused a major thumbosis in my heart that almost took me out several months later.

So I have searched relentlessly for something to help reduce my plaque around the stents.

On the many heart medications my triglycerides started rising. So the good heart doctors added prescribed Niacin to my daily regimen. From the chest-up I burned so bad that I had to get in a cold shower to relieve my agony. This went on for 8 months and blood tests revealed that my tris’ were over 400 I chunked the bottle of prescription niacin into the garbage can.

About 4 years ago I started taking D3 2000Iu’s a night. My triglycerides went down to 144 as blood tests confirmed. I also lost 6 lbs. D3 was the only change in my life!

Then 3 years ago I learned about K2 Mk4. Because it pushes calcium into the bones and teeth I was elated. At first I took 15 mgs and a most wondrous thing happened!

My teeth and gums felt extremely smooth and my sinuses, oh my God were open and my breathing through my nose was so fabulous!

But that’s not all my libido went through the roof. I was having pup tent episodes a few minutes after taking the K2. In the morning I awoke to find I had a teenage woodie’ that only a tinkle in the bathroom would relieve. (Sorry. I do not mean to offend anyone)
But after a few days the libido waned some and I reduced my K2 to 5 mg’s and the libido came back full force and has stayed that way for over 3 years.

I recently upped my D3 to 10000 iu’s and will back down to 5000 iu’s once blood work shows my ng/ml level to get to 60ng/ml to 80 ng/ml.
I take healthy Origins D3 now because it is embedded in Olive oil.

I also spray magnesium oil on daily as it has synergy with D3!

So now thanks to a friend on this board, I am going with the Thorns Brand K2 Mk4. I will take 1 drop 3 times a day. ( Another lady on here had blood work to confirm her blood calcification dropped 90% with taking the 3 drops a day of the Thorns for 4 months!. Each drop is 1 milligram. So a small amount of Mk4 is working miracles with some folks not near the 45 milligrams a day that was used in the huge study! And should I take the K2 Mk7 I will only take one dose of 45 mcg’s twice a week provided I am not allergic to it.
So my question to you is: Has anyone talked about the K2 Mk7 doing this wonderful thing with the teeth, gums and sinuses that K2 Mk4 does??? And the libido thingy?

Here is another site to look at:
Additionally, people with an allergy to soy can react to MK7, since it is produced from soy fermentation. People with celiac disease and gluten intolerance frequently have allergies to other foods, such as soy. MK4 is hypoallergenic.

Were some of these people with heart palpations taking Vitamin E are the wrong type of Vitamin A that caused a problem with K2 Mk7? Or even some Medication that may be the culprit?

And in all fairness to K2 Mk7 Dr. Davis used both K2 Mk7 and K2 mk4 with D3.

I had a striking experience this past week. Don has coronary plaque and began the Track Your Plaque program. However, discovery of a murmur led to an echocardiogram that measured his effective aortic valve area at 1.5 cm2. (Normal is between 2.5-3.0 cm2.)
Because of his aortic valve issue, I suggested that, in addition to the 10,000 units of vitamin D required to increase his 25-hydroxy vitamin D level to 70 ng/ml, he also add vitamin K2, 1000 mcg per day, along with elimination of all calcium supplements. (I asked Don to use a K2 supplement that contained forms, short-acting MK-4 and long-acting MK-7.)
One year later, another echocardiogram: aortic valve area 2.6 cm2–an incredible increase.

Sorry for the long blog Laura, as I think you have some points too.

I am just telling you that for a lot of folks K2 Mk4 is the ticket. Keep reading different internet sites where real people tell of their K2 experience and you will SEE! sease.html


Here's the hard copy fron the Doctor, who takes D3.
This is just the beginning towards good bone health and many other ailments that the masses suffer from.


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My atrial fib/flutter was apparently caused by prednisone. The arrhythmia started when I was in the hospital for lupus, shortly after I was started on prednisone. It continued off and on for several months, until I had an episode that resulted in hospitalization. I was prescribed a beta blocker and warfarin. The beta blocker reduced my bp to about 60/40. I was DIZZY. My PCP sent me to a 2nd cardiologist, who switched the beta blocker to one that, the fine print said, "may cause lupus." But I was in the hospital and given prednisone FOR LUPUS.

That's when I decided to take control. I did not take the beta blocker. I bought the Warfarin but didn't take it. I found a good study online that said that in people under 65 the risks of Warfarin outweighed the benefits. I found the info about magnesium taurate, and have been taking it ever since. I had a few short episodes of afib/flutter thereafter. (Some previous episodes lasted 12 hours or more.) My TSH went up on a routine test done at the end of 2008. The endo wanted to give me synthetic thyroid, but I insisted on Armour. She was afraid Armour would cause afib. But not only did it NOT cause afib, I have not had ONE episode since I started it.

The moral of the story: often the symptoms are caused by the drugs themselves. Then new drugs are piled on top of the old drugs to treat those symptoms. Then new symptoms develop. Mainstream medicine's answer: more drugs. This may be good for Big Pharma, but I doubt it is good for most patients. When the cardiologist gave me a lupus-causing drug just a few months after lupus almost killed me (Did he not read my chart? Did he not read the prescribing info?) and when a very similar drug also lowered my already-low bp almost to the point of unconsciousness, I have to conclude that prescription-pad medicine can sometimes cause more problems than it resolves.

To those on this board with arrhythmias, I suggest you read the fine print in the prescribing info for all the drugs you're taking. It was several years after all the above events that I looked up prednisone online and learned that it could cause arrhythmia. None of the many doctors I saw EVER mentioned that.

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