Can you please tell me which is the best form of Vitamin K2 to take?
I take calcium and vitamin d3 and i want to add and vitamin k2.
There is the Liefe Extention supplement which has MK4(more) and MK7(less) and vitamin k1 also.
Solgar vitamin k2 is only from MK7 natto.

Can you please advise me which is the best form to take?

Thank you

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As far as blood pressure, MK7 can have a stimulant effect in about one out of every three people which could in theory raise blood pressure. You would be the first case of this I've heard of. MK7 is made by friendly bacteria os its not a normal component of the human body.
The MK4 form of Vitamin K2 is normal to the human body and our production of it goes down with age. MK4 is also very low in side effects and the body seems to be able to get rid of the excess easily. Over a few months the MK4 form may well help your blood pressure go down because it helps to reverse artery calcification. I had that experience and my running speed went up about 8% after four months on an MK4 supplement of 1.3 mg daily. Since production of MK4 goes down with age, it stops doing its job of enabling the calcium scavenging proteins of the body to work 100% and supplements are suggested.

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Do you know from which source the MK-4 comes, and from which source the MK-7 comes?
I'm very careful with supplements and generally my diet as i had breast cancer 3 years ago and i'm researching for everything that i eat.
Is MK-4 and MK-7 from animal meat?


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MK-7 is typically a natto extract (fermented soybeans). I eat Natto with an egg each morning, so I don't use the supplement.

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Has anyone had a blood test for Vitamin K?
Thank you.

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I'd like to call your attention to a recent study published in the March 2013 issue of Osteoporosis International entitled "Three-year low-dose menaquinone-7 supplementation helps decrease bone loss in healthy postmenopausal women."

According to the article, "MK-7 intake significantly improved vitamin K status and decreased the age-related decline in [bone mineral content] and [bone mineral density] at the lumbar spine and femoral neck, but not at the total hip. Bone strength was also favorably affected by MK-7. MK-7 significantly decreased the loss in vertebral height of the lower thoracic region at the mid-site of the vertebrae."

According to, which reviewed the article, calcium and vitamin D were not given as part of the study, although I was not able to access the full journal article to verify this. The study used 180 mcg of MK-7 per day.

Other information on vitamin K is available here:



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Great links, Bill. Thanks!

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Tango02 how do u know u had reverse artery calcification.I have reduced BP when taking MK4 but the result is not permanent and only lasts while I take the Mk4.As soon as I take Mk4 I see the veins stand out on my feet and hands and assume this must be caused by a relaxing effect rather than reverse calcification.I have been taking 5mg of Mk4 but recently increased this to 15mg per day.The more i took the greater the decrease in BP.It seems to last until the next day ie 24 hours and I'm so pleased I've found something that can regularize my BP which has always been on the high side despite taking medication.If as you say it reverses the calcification of the veins can u please tell me how that is measured.

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I'm a newbie, taking notes from this blog like mad. What is natto?

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I have read that MK-4 comes from egg yolks and animal products, is this correct?

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