Vitamin D3 and cholesterol

I just had my annual check and my cholesterol went up 30 points since October.
I am not overweight, but I seem to be prone to have high cholesterol levels. The lowest totals I had, it was 216 in many years.
Since October I have been eating lots of cheese, it is something I do. I am part Italian and always ate cheeses of all kinds. I know it is bad for me, but I do it anyway sometimes until I see the results.
My total cholesterol level, in March, was 263, 85 HDL, and 157 LDL. I have been taking 3200 IU of Vitamin D3, and I am increasing it to 5000 a day.
It seems I read somewhere that it may raise the cholesterol levels.
Any comments, or experiences about it?
Maybe I am just trying to find an excuse to eat cheese?

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To help you better understand the effect of increased vitamin D on cholesterol this blog post by
Dr Davis Heartscanblog Vitamin D increased my cholesterol will help.
The important factor with Cholesterol is that most cholesterol is GOOD and so people with higher TOTAL cholesterol generally live longer.

Dr Davis has many other blogs on cholesterol and reading these will help you understand the importance of RAISING HDL and large fluffy LDL and reducing the very small dense LDL particles.

The amount of vitamin D your skin makes is determined by the amount of cholesterol it contains. More cholesterol = more vitamin D potentially (for those that lay near naked in sun or UVB) As you get older (the rot sets in above 35) your skin gets thinner and therefore there is a natural decline on 25(OH)D levels. The only way to beat this is to take D3 supplements or get more sunshine. Whatever your age regular sun exposure creates some vitamin D but an increasingly greater percentage will need to come from supplements.

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As usual, thank you for all the information, links and charts.
I wish I can get all of my vitamin D from the sun. I was a sun lover all of my life. When I was young in Argentina, nobody used sunscreens and I absorbed the sun without burning. I was tanned all year around! But in my 40s I had a little skin cancer in my face (not melanoma), and since then I try to avoid the sun from noon to 3 pm, and I use sunscreen (30 SPF). I read you don't get your vitamin D with sunscreen.
As far as the cholesterol going up with D3, it is a little bit hard to understand. I like the idea of living longer with higher total cholesterol levels. But on the other hand, my father had heart problems and high LDL could affect your heart, right?
It seems it is hard to try to cover all corners for different reasons.
I really appreciate your posts. Thanks!

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Hi Mordita,
My cholesterol has been close to 300 at one time, and I have always been thin, but that really does not have anything to do with it.
Now its about 240..Which sounds high.
But as my Dr. said, your Chols reading is not the whole picture, its the balance between your HDL, and LDL. My HDL is high.
Yes,high LDL can cause Heart disease.
My Father died at 53 from eatting bad fats. We do know better now, and all of our food is labeled, except what we buy at the deli department at our market, unless you shop at whole foods!
I even noticed some bad fats in food at Trader Joe's!

A few years ago, I had a accident. I hurt my eye and when I went to the Retina Dr, 2 days later.
He gave me a Medication that caused me to have a heart attack!.(did not have heart damage)
I had a angiogram and it showed my Arteries where perfectly clear, even though my Chols was high, but so was my HDL., LDL was low.

You probably need to bring your HDL up..eating cheese is a acid food, which is not good for your Chols HDL, and not good for your bones either..We all love cheese lol, but I eat it very rarely now, and not much dairy, or red meat. If any dairy its low fat.
Eating high fructose corn syrup clogs arteries..hydrogenated fats clog arteries, and your HDL to stay low, and your LDL to be high. I read all labels, and do not bring anything into my house anymore with that stuff in it, plus other stuff!..

My D3 has olive oil in it. What is your D3?
I take 2000 iu aday. I think Dan as said to take more!
Is your D3 low, is that why you want to up it? You might want to have yours checked before taking more!
I use to take 1000 iu, but up it too 2000iu, although my tests never showed it was low.
I'm going this week to have blood tests to see how all my levels are . You can take too much of a good thing!
I don't think its your D3 that has made your HDL low, but that is just my opinon.
Have you talked to your Dr. about it?
Although I don't think they know much lol..

Have you heard about eating/ using Coconut Oil, instead of butter or anything like that ?. Its also healthy to cook with it, actually better then Olive oil , cause Olive oil should be kept at a low heat.
We all have been told that Coconut oil is high in fat, that is true, but it is the good fat, and it will get your HDL UP..Plus its good for your , hair, nails, skin, infections etc..
Here is a website about Coconut oil.

If you go into
click on , Health & personal care, then next to that , type in, Nutiva Organic extra virgin coconut oil.
It will take you into that product, click on Nutiva coconut oil, that has 219 reviews. You might want to read some of the reviews, so you will understand what Coconut oil is all about, what it does to our bodies health wise.
There is a good book in Amazon by Bruce Fife that is called, The Coconut Oil Miracle , and, Coconut Cures: Preventing and Treating Common Health Problems with Coconut.
In Coconut oil miracles you can click below the book and it opens. It will give you some ideas also, plus read the reviews.
Coconut oil is certainly better then taking any type of Drugs for your Chols, plus there are many other positive benifits to coconut oil.
That said, You might have to change some of what your eating also !!.
Of course this is just my opinon..

Take Care,

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Hi April,
Interesting comments in your post. I checked my D3 and it has soybean oil. I think I would rather have the one with olive oil. I got mine in Costco, where do you get yours?
I just had my Vit. D3 checked and the level is 43. I talked about it with my doctor and she said is in the low range, but good. I think I like to have it over 50 or 60 at least, that is why I am taking now 5000 IU.
The Coconut oil sounds interesting, I will read the link you sent me and the book about it.
I only take Zetia for my cholesterol, the statins give me muscle weakness (I couldn't even lift a plate, much less drive).
And yes, I know I have to stay away from cheese. What a shame! But I will do it.
Thanks for your opinions and suggestions.

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These Country Life Vitamin D3 5000iu are in MCT oil and that is refined from Coconut oil. It's far more stable at room temperature than other oils so it is less likely to go off.
It's also calorie negative (not that the calories in a Vitamin D oil gel cap are going to be high) but MCT is particularly good for your mitochondria tends to rev up your metabolism, it's also quickly metabolized and therefor the Vitamin D carried in the oil is more likely to be available sooner. Also because it's odorless it's OK to massage the contents of an MCT capsule into the skin if you have a poor, inflamed digestive tract.

I wouldn't junk the Soy based capsules but I wouldn't buy any more,
Most people have FAR TOO MUCH omega 6 and as above ratios 4.5% to 1 omega 3 the omega 6 actively displaces omega 3 its really not a good idea to take any supplemental industrially made omega 6 oil. So Corn, sunflower, safflower and Soy oils really need to be totally eliminated and everything that contains them. But the tiny amount in a Vit d capsule is a drop in the ocean so won't make much difference.

IHERB are as cheap as anywhere but it looks as if Vitacost and Amazon are also pretty good value depending on shipping costs. Iherb are best for UK readers as their shipping to UK is cheap, limit order value to below £18 or you pay tax and handling fee. $5 discount code WAB666.

With the coconut oil you do need to try it before you commit yourself to a large amount. I love it and buy it in a huge 25litre flagon that I put in the airing cupboard to melt and pour into smaller jars. If you fry with it use LOW HEAT only as it tends to splatter (messes up the cooker) I think it's great for preparing curries but in the UK it's solid at room temperature so you can't use it for Salad dressing, I have to use MCT oil for that.

These 5000iu/D3 are in Olive oil and as they are what I was using last year I know they work as well as the Country Life My 25(OH)D this time last year 64ng/ml and recently 64ng/ml so no change despite swapping brands.

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So what I think you are saying is that if your cholesterol is high it's okay? Mine is high and I do take 5000 iu of Vit D3 and my number has been staying at 55. It was 11 a year and a half ago.

Anyone know anything about taking Strontium?


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