Vitamin D Help Needed

My vitamin D3 level continues to be low for the past few years. I've tried taking vitamin D3 supplements in lower doses but with my extremely sensitive stomach, I'm unable to tolerate them. My calcium has vitamin D3 in it.

My doctor just checked my vitamin D3 again last week. My vitamin D3 was 27 ng/mL. He said to double the amount of vitamin D3 I'm taking. I'm taking 1000 i.u. a day and tried adding just 400 i.u. to that but with my stomach (GERD and IBS) my stomach is extremely upset, nauseated and hurting.

Finally getting to my question... does anyone know if there is an I.V infusion for vitamin D3 or a shot? I live in the U.S.

Thanks for any help. I've had severe osteoporosis since I was 35 years old. I'm at my wits end trying to take medications to help my osteoporosis and being unable to because of my stomach!

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You might try sub-lingual Vitamin D3 which in theory goes right into the blood stream without entering the stomach. Look at =sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&m=A1O7GT9KZE3B9R&s=generic&qid=1287651614&sr=1-8&gclid=CL_a ob2lraUCFRZ-5QodIzBkag


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Remember vitamin d is naturally made by the action of UVB on the cholesterol in your skin. Regular short non-burning sun in summer or uvb from sunlamps in winter will create 10,000~20,000iu in a short time. Orally amounts around 5000iu/daily are generally required to keep 25(OH)D around 50~60ng/ml.
The vitamin D provided in some makes of D,DROPS for babies is carried in MCT oil with the idea that if the baby spits it out the vitamin D will still be absorbed in the oral cavity or through the skin on baby's face.
We also know that people using vitamin D creme's for treating psoriasis/acne also increase vitamin D status from transdermal uptake.
You may find the 5000iu Vitamin D in MCT oil that I use would be equally effective if you either chewed the capsule and held the vitamin d/MCT oil in your mouth or pierced the capsule and massaged the contents into the skin. Ideally choose some skin that is normally covered as UVA exposure degrades vitamin d. code WAB666 saves $5 at IHERB but you may find the same product cheaper on Amazon depending on shipping to you. Iherb offer cheapest shipping to UK.

But Maggie's suggestion is very sensible.

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I'm taking Bio-D-Musion Forte, an emulsified form 2000 IU/drop daily and have not encountered any stomach upset.

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Maggie, thank you so much for the link. I've got it bookmarked and will check into it more tomorrow since it's late tonight.

Have you taken this brand of vitamin D3 before? It seems like the very thing for me.

Thanks for the information!


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Hi Ted,

I appreciate your response to my problem! I know being in the sun is one of the best ways to get vitamin D3 but I'm taking two medications that say, "avoid the sun." On rare occasions when I'm unable, my skin burns very quickly and I peel...don't want problems with skin cancer.

The information about taking 5000 i.u. daily to keep the 25(OH)D around 50-60 ng/ml is something I didn't know but I would be thrilled if I could get my level up that high! Since I've been tested, it's never been that high.

The information about using the Vitamin D3 softgels and either chewing them (and holding in my mouth for a short period) or rubbing the pierced softgel into my skin is also something I had no idea about. Thank you for the link to Country Life Vitamin D3. That's a bargain.

Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of information with me!


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I also want to thank you for sharing about Bio-D-Mulsion Forte!!! I did a Google search and found it on

~ Pat

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Maggie, Ted and MeC,

I feel hopeful that I'll find something that I can take/use in order to get the amount of Vitamin D3 that I need that won't upset my stomach.

Thank you all so very much for sharing with me!


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If you have a very sensitive stomach, it might be that you have food intolerances. I had the Alcat test (you can Google Alcat) done on 100 foods and are very intolerant to 11 foods, I avoid these and I feel much better. More energy less gas, less cramping after eating, and no more bowel problems. I also take a probiotic everyday to keep the healthy bacteria up. I am also lactose intolerant. Many people as they age are unable to digest milk products. Plain yogurt is easier to digest, and is an alkaline food.
For your sun, I also burn easily, but if you start with just 5 minutes a little after 10 am and build up to 15 minutes, I think you will be OK. No more than 15. I was also on drugs that were sun sensitive, just watch your arm for pink color. If you start with 5 minutes for a week or two it will give your skin a chance get use to the sun. I sit with my arms and legs exposed. Last year I tested at 45, so the dr said take 2000 mgs all winter, I tested 59 in July. I had been also sitting out in the sun and walking. Anyone that is north of Va, the sun in Oct. is not hot enough to give them Vitamin D. So supplementing is good. My granddaughter is vegetarian, so I got the family some D3 take is sub-lingual or you hold under your tongue to dissolve. Good luck!!!

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I have not used the sub-lingual Vitamin D3 myself.

Regarding your GERD, a person I respect a lot is responsible for a paper which deals rather extensively with that subject. see


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ALLLL need to know that like ANYTHING ELSE too much Vitamin D can hurt you if you are not taking it with Vit K2.

I run 3-5 miles 3 times a week, eat nothing but fat free or low fat foods.....I took 2 to 4000 a day for a few years and it put soo much calcium in my blood and subsequently in the soft tissue of my arteries that It blocked them to the tune of 95 an 80 a 60 and a 40, resulting in a heart stent on the 95 and I almost died.

Then came the calcium report, then came the NIH report that said that the majority of plaque is made up of calcium. See Below and take NOTE!

Discussion: In this pooled analysis of around 12 000 participants from 11 randomized controlled trials, calcium supplements were associated with about a 30% increase in the incidence of myocardial infarction and smaller, non-significant, increases in the risk of stroke and mortality.

(Scroll Down to Discussion)
Note: Logic says it is not just the supplements that you must consider, you must consider your total calcium intake from all sources, especially milk

From the National Institute of Health:

Increased Blood Calcium and Vitamin D in-d.html

Who Will Tell the People? It Isn't Cholesterol

Vitamin K lood.html

Plaque Removal in-d.html

_________________________________________________________________________IP 6 Info. age=1

Our nutritionist showed us what she believed to be the best calcium on the market, derived from Algae/plants. See link for Bone Strength below, if you scroll down you will find the contents: onus-20-More-FREE

Hope this helps, pls pass on. Phil

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I've read that each 1000 IU of D3 gives an increase of 10 ng/ml, so you would need to take 4000 IU of "Vitamin D3 by this estimate to get a 60 ng/ml blood level.

Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 are both oil soluble, so you should take them with a meal having some good fats in it.

You may need to work on the IBS to get it calmed down so you can digest your food. One of my friends had it and I wanted them to try taking 5-HTP, 50 mg or 100 mg, to see if that would calm their symptoms down.

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Hi MeC.. would like to know what the difference in emulsified vitamin d is... if not maybe Ted would know.

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Sally48, thanks for telling me about the Alcat test. I did Google it... interesting! I also am lactose intolerant. I use Lactaid pills when eating anything with dairy in it so it won't upset my stomach and I can digest it. I've been tested to see if I am allergic to wheat (celiac disease) but I'm not. I'll discuss the Alcat test with my G.I. doctor on my next visit. I had never heard of it before.

There must be something in plain yogurt that doesn't agree with me. It upsets my stomach. I've even tried taking a Lactaid pill before eating it and it still bothers my stomach.

There don't seem to be any osteoporosis specialists in my small city. What kind of doctor do you see for osteoporosis? When I lived in Phoenix I saw an endocrinologist. The endocrinologists here only treat diabetes.

Thanks for your suggestions,

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I clicked the link you gave on GERD. It's bookmarked and I plan to read it this week. Any help I can get for my stomach is greatly appreciated! I wish they did stomach transplants! In all seriousness, I thank you very much for the link to the GERD information.


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Hi Phil,

I've been reading the links you posted but am not through with them all yet. I "will" read everything though.

I didn't know I needed to take Vitamin K2 along with Vitamin D3. Thanks for this wealth of information! You've already helped and I'm not finished reading.

I realize I don't know you, but I'm glad you're still with us and can share your experience.


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I'm still learning after all these years. When you say take the vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 with a meal with "good fats" what do you mean exactly? What are considered good? Sorry if this sounds like a silly question. I really don't know.

I'm familiar with 5-HTP. Beside the med I'm taking for IBS and another med for mood, taking 5-HTP is contraindicated. But I do agree with you, getting my IBS under control is important. Getting the GERD under control is also. I have some new information to read about GERD.

Thanks for the information and hope to hear from you about good fats.


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Interesting, but doesn't surprise me. supplements-study/

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