Vitam B12 - how much to take.

I'm really confused!Lara Pizzorno suggests we need 500 micrograms of Vitamin B-12. Her list of best foods for B12 shows the highest level in calves liver at 41 micrograms in 4ozs of liver. Many of the vitamin supplements eg NOW B-50 offer 50 micrograms per capsule. Do I really need to take 10 capsules or eat over 3 lbs of liver every day!!!
How do other people meet their needs for Vitamin B12..or is it not that important to get the full 500 micrograms?

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Swanson's sells a great product called Activated B-Complex that in just one capsule provides 500 mcg of Vitamin B12 along with the other B vitamin recommendations made by Lara P. in her book Your Bones...

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If you're an IHERB user you may want to compare the above product with Thorne Research, Basic B Complex, 60 Veggie Caps $17.80 they look much the same to me.

While I think regular liver consumption is a good thing I'd not want anyone to overdose on it.
The NOW B50 contain Cyanocobalamin which may be fine for many readers here but it's the form that requires Intrinsic factor to activate it whereas the methylcobalamin from the Thorne/Swansons versions is the active form.
A lot depends on your gut flora.
They are probably processing Vitamin B12 for you but the only way you would know for certain is if you had a test for activated B12
I've no idea how much that costs or whether it's just simpler to take a form you know is already activated.

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I do not care to eat meat, fish or poultry. I take a 100 mcg tablet of Cyanocobalamin (1668% RDA) each day.

My most recent vitamin B12 serum level was 1137 pg/mL (reference range 200-1100 pg/mL).

Often, those lacking the Intrinsic Factor as well as some vegans (and others) , inject vitamin B-12.

For example see -

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You could also ask your doctor for a B-12 injection. Personally, I find this works better for me. In CA you can get an injection at our local health food store. There is a a doctor that provides them a couple weekends every month.

Sublingual tablets work well for some people too that don't absorb it well when taken orally.

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I buy Methyl B-12 1000 mcg by Jarrow.

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I have a Vitamin B12 deficiency and my doctor has me doing injections of 1000 mcg weekly. B12 is important for nerves and red blood cells and deficiency can lead to anemia. Of course, there are lots of other symptoms of deficiency. I know that when I don't have my injections, I feel so tired all the time. I can't take the supplements as my stomach does not properly absorb the nutrients.

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I just was reading in a women's mag today that sublinqual b-12 was as good as injections. My naturopath had offered to teach me to give myself b shots but now that i read this I'm trying the sublinqual route soon.

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