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Has anyone had a tooth extraction or dental surgery since being on Prolia? I've been referred to a surgeon because I don't have any other choice but to get the extraction. I'm worried once the surgeon knows I'm taking Prolia, won't do it. I will refer the surgeon to speak with my osteoporosis doctor. But still wondering if others have had problems getting dental work done.

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Hi Taape- I haven't been on for a while because I have too much going on. Mine is about Reclast and I've been to 3 oral surgeons and no one will pull a tooth. It's too dangerous. I can't remember right now but I think it is echimosis (dead jaw). I have been through hell for almost a year. Constant infections and pain and the only thing they will do is a root canal. BIG BUCKS! I would never believe that a drug could still be on the market that could do this. Be very careful. and good luck

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Thanks for your reply, sorry to hear about all your pain and hassles. What's with these dentists that want patients to suffer?? If you can afford it, the root canals work to relieve the infection although make the tooth brittle. It's better to keep the tooth if you can. I've already had root canals on the teeth but there's not enough tooth to hold on the bridge. So, the teeth have to be removed. I can't possibly remove a bridge by myself or would I try. I was due for my next Prolia injection tomorrow but I've canceled. Since the medication lasts six months (and who know whatever in half life), the medication strength must be leaving my system. Maybe that will convince the surgeon that it's safe enough to do the extractions.

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One week after my Prolia injection, I had an abscess on my lower jaw that the emergency dentist couldn't find a cause for. She suggested pulling the tooth, saying that the bone was infected. I was referred to an oral surgeon who never responded, even after repeated requests by my dentist. Antibiotic treatment cleared up the abscess but caused a c-difficile infection, so I never followed up with the dentist and the abscess has not returned.

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Gluten Survivor,
That sounds like a pretty scary situation. Specialists not responding is not appropriate either. I'm glad the jaw infection cleared up with antibiotics.

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Hi, It really isn't the dentists and oral surgeons that are the problems, it is the drug RECLAST that is the problem, causing all these problems. We need a class action suit against this drug company. The reason no one will pull a tooth is because of taking RECLAST. Now this last oral surgeon told me I can never in my life have a tooth extracted because RECLAST never leaves your body. My PCP is now looking into this. I will let you know the outcome. This has consumed my life for over a year! I have tried to work and live a normal life and I can't because it's one thing after another. This has been a nitemare!! My last infection was the size of a golf ball and I got nervous because I thought I had a tumor. It was another massive infection. That was two weeks ago. I will let you know my outcome.

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I can sure relate to your situation and frustration. Even if the reason for non treatment is the medication, there needs to be options for patients. A lawsuit might help patients from agreeing to take Reclast, etc.,

I went to the oral surgeon today for a consult. He said that after a patient has had 3 infusions/injections of bisphosphonates their office will no longer do extractions even after they have stopped taking the medication. He looked up Prolia (injection every 6 months) and saw the warning regarding jaw necrosis and said he would do some research and get back to me as I need extractions, bone grafting, and then implants. I called my osteo doctor who said that Prolia is not a bisphosphonate and does not stay in your system after the 6 months period and she would call and educate the oral surgeon. She seemed to indicate oral surgery was safe as long as surgery is done after the 6 month time period has gone by and the warning is for patients actively taking the medication. There's still no guarantee this oral surgeon will agree so I can get the needed oral surgery. Anyways, I'm done with Prolia, never took bisphosphonates, and will be doing another repeat of PTH soon. I just never seem to increase my bone density to an acceptable level for long. I'll ask for an evaluation to check for a secondary reason although there hasn't been so far.

By the way, another dentist did root canals, did a filling after an infected tooth pushed the infection alittle ways into my jaw below the tooth, and did other fillings under my gums all while I was actively taking Prolia over the last 1 1/2 years. I didn't have any problems as a result but I didn't know about the warning (although I should have). I guess I was lucky.

Please let us know your outcome, and is antibiotics being given again, I hope so.

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Just reading all this about Prolia, I am not going to take it..My Dr. keeps telling me that it's safe. I don't want problems, I had enough already, I had a compression fracture on my vertebrae, seems to be getting better...My Bone density test came back very bad, didn't realize I should of gotten the numbers, Dr said I have bones of an 80 yr old, that is why sh/wants me on Prolia...Any advice as to what I should be on , as of NOW I am taking 1200 mg of Calcium/Vit D 2x a day...I am so very nervous about OP...Can someone calm me down.....Thank you

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This is the official Prolia website for information for your doctor.

Under "Important Safety Information" read "Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ)".

"ONJ, which can occur spontaneously, is generally associated with tooth extraction and/or local infection with delayed healing, and HAS BEEN REPORTED IN PATIENTS RECEIVING PROLIA."

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Thanks for the link to the official website. I do wonder if any patients having jaw problems previously took bisphosphonates and then Prolia. The research didn't indicate whether the patients took only Prolia and that caused the jaw problems. Maybe there is a way to check to see if the Prolia is out of my system because the issue according to the oral surgeon seems to be that the medication is still in my system and changing the structure of the bone even though I'm no longer taking it. Either way, I'm done with Prolia and just hope an oral surgeon will treat me.

I don't blame you for being stressed out about what to do. First of all, you have time to figure out what works best for you. I've been pressured by doctors before but don't let them. I have some fractures also so can understand how scary it is but unless I was getting fractures by rolling over in bed, I'd take the time to think about what to do, continue with calcium and Vit D, and be careful not fall. If I had to do it all over again, I'd probably stay away from Prolia. There are some people who have almost zero dental problems and they may feel comfortable being treated with it but I have too many. I'd stay away from bisphosphonates too, luckily I couldn't tolerate them. You could find out if you could use hormone therapy if that would help your situation. I couldn't tolerate that option either. I ended being treated with Forteo twice and now my doctor is suggesting a third round. Of course that medication has the cancer warnings. It seems there's no good options.

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