Taking Strontium & Calcium -timing ?

SaraD and any others taking Strontium - Could any of you who have been taking it longer than I tell me how long do you think one should wait to take calcium after taking the Strontium?

I am on so many drugs - like thyroid too which kind of kills the idea of taking it before breakfast on an empty stomach. I tried taking it (Strontium) in the middle of the night and I think I may have forgotten a few times.

Then, I know some people do it before bedtime but I take other drugs to sleep. So, not sure if any of those drugs would interfere with with the Strontium.

Right now I take my calcium about 12:30-1:30 or so after lunch. I take my Strontium about 5-5:30 before dinner (and hope I don't forget) and then take my last Calcium about 9-9:30 at night and bed meds about 10:00 PM or so, I am still struggling with drugs for bed but that is another issue. They work, but I still have to get up 1-2x at night to go the bathroom.
Any ideas or suggesions would be so appreciated !

Thanks a lot !

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I'll be waiting and hoping you get some replies on this message, Grannie. I haven't yet taken my stontium yet but that was a logistical problem I had, too. I, too, take a small dose drug at night as well as thyroid in the morning.

Actually, I don't even know that it's only calcium that reacts with strontium. Perhaps other drugs do, too.


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Hi Lee,

I am just curious also as to how many hours before or after Calcium should the Strontium be taken. Wondering if 2-3 hours is enough.

Sometimes I find myself taking my night time meds for sleep almost on top of my last calcium ,if I was late in taking my Strontium, before dinner.

I do not know either about any other drugs reacting against it or the Ca or visa versa.

All I know is that if the Ca. is taken to close to the Strontium the Ca. the Ca. won't work properly. I THINK that is how it goes but not positive.

Maybe someone who has done lots of studying will know more answers, as SaraD who posted her own journal on line on the Inspire website.. i still have to go back and read all she wrote.

Hope this helps some. I am still waiting to hear what others think who have been taking it for some time,& have had some good dexa scans and what their timing is(how many hours do they space out their Ca and Strontium Citrate.?

Hope to hear from you again soon andhope we get some more replies !


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I also take thyroid in the morning then twwo hrs later eat breadfastwith some vitamins that include calcium, then about noon I take strontium on empty stomach and eat lunch about 30 or 40 minutes later. calcium with dinner or alittle before going to bed, calcium works best in the evening. All I know is my nails are long and strong for the first time since I was in my 20's Also Iam going to try a new calcium its called gow bone. hope this helps

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Hi Penalopy,
Thanks for your information. I know all of us has to do what they can with their schedules, drugs, supplements, etc.

Your schedule seems pretty good but I was trying to figure out how to get more time in between my Ca and my Strontium. I take my Thyroid right when I get up and then eat a little bit later but not much. Maybe you get up earlier than I.

I take OsCal Calcium with vitamin D3 that we get from Sams Club. They're are a size I can swallow. Many of the calcium brands are huge and I cannot swallow them or even crush or cut in half. Thanks for your info. Hopefully, we will get even more info. My main question is to what is the minimum amount of time to wait after taking Ca to take the Strontium or visa versa?

Don't know if anyone has that answer but as I said, maybe someone who has been taking Ca and Strontium for some time and has gotten good Dexa scan results, can share what she or he was doing.

Thanks for posting !

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I take Strontium first thing in the morning. I'm an early riser (this morning I woke at 3:30 a.m.!) Then I don't have any calcium (milk) until breakfast (usually around 7). I try not to stress out about it if occasionally take it sooner than that but usually it'll be at least an hour (it doesn't happen often).

I started Strontium September 2009 and haven't had a DEXA scan since. I have no idea if it's doing anything. I suppose I may adjust my casual attitude about it if it hasn't made any improvements but I figure a day here and there shouldn't negate all of its properties!

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Thanks for posting. I have no idea of how my Strontium is doing either. I should know in amother month or two. Taking it very early in the morning is great. Hoiwever, I have tried that ,remembering to take it when I get up to go to the rest room, I think I have forgotten a time or two. So, I am back tot he same schedule of about 3-4 hours after my Calcium after lunch. So, I am taking it almost right before supper.

I am mostly curious about how many hours after Ca. are most people taking Strontium especially if they have already had a good dexa scan.

Thanks forposting and good luck with your next scan. Let us know !!


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I have the same problem...having to take levoxyl first thing in the morning. My understanding is that you need to take on an empty stomach, which would be 2-3 hours after a meal. so I usually take the strontium midmorning, at least an hour before lunch, or mid-afternoon...several hours after lunch, and at least an hour before dinner..

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Hi Hedgey,

Thanks for your post. If you are not taking to many other things I guess it is not a big problem. However, if you are like me and probably you, it can be a little bit of a problem in trying to figure out when to take what to do any good at all.

Hope it all works out in the end. Have you had a scan since you started the Strontium yet? I have not am due for one in another month or two. However, I have not been on the Strontium for a long time really and a still taking the Alendronate once a week. Well, I guess we will see what happens. When I was on the Fosomax at first it didn't seem to do to much and that is when I got put on the Forteo for two years. That did help quite a bit but you can only be on it for two years.

Oh well, we will see. Let me know how you do after your scan too.

Thanks for posting,

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try taking it a couple hours after bread fast. I also take thyroid that has worked good.

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I guess that is an idea , depending when I eat lunch. How many hours is there between your breakfast and lunch , or should I say breakfast and calcium and the Strontium? Of course none of us knows, unless you have had a good dexa scan how it is all working any how.

Wish the manufacturers would just say to "take it two or three hours after a meal when taking calcium also . Otherwise it is confusing with no actual time line stated. Maybe they do not know either (: !! I also take alot of supps in the morning and evening and take vitamins in the morning that has calcium in it.

Thanks I may try that . If it is only two hrs it is not to bad in between taking the Ca and the Strontium. If it is longer it is harder sometimes.


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I am thinking about taking strontium - where can I find it? What brands are you all using?

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Hi Jenga,
I believe there are quite a few brands and most are good. I just heard not to take any from China.

I get mine from Prohealth.com - just check out their STORE on line. It is the Doctor's Best Brand I believe and is called Strontium Bone Maker and comes 340 in a bottle and you take 2 daily. I also get a discount each time by taking their autoshipment, There are also other places you can get them too, perhaps Vitacost.com also

Good luck !

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Hi all,
I have been thinking of switching to Strontium and have been told, like Granni, that Doctors Best is the best brand to buy.
I read recently that it would be good to take it all, 2 piils together, just before going to sleep. About 3-4 hours after dinner, on an empty stomach. I do take calcium and D three times a day with meals, so no time during the day to fit it in, as Granni is saying.
Just wondering if any of you have heard about taking total daily dose just before bed?
I need to make a decision in the next few weeks. Any info would be helpful. Thanks everyone, Susan

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Hi Susan,
I have read someposts from people that take it before bedtime as well as others that take it when they wake up during the night to go to the bathroom. I have done that and I think I forgot a few times - to groggy, etc. I am lucky I make it to the bathroom (: !!!

Yes, two pills together is the correct dosage. I did take one for awhile till I found I didn't have any bad reactions, etc.

I would probably would take it before bed if I did not have to take drugs for sleep. Not sure if there would be any reaction to it or not. So, I take it a few hours after lunch and Calcium. Do you take any drugs for osteoporosis right now?

Good luck Susan !!


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My doctor recommended a product called Bone Health (from NutriElements). But I'm confused because it has both Calcium and Strontium in the same product. Is this unproductive? It has 1000 mg of Calcuim with 340 mg of Strontium.

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Hi Pandatx,

I have never heard of both Strontium Calcium together.

From what I have heard is that you have to take the Strontium at least a few hours or so after the calcium, on a somewhat empty stomach. Everything I have read says they should be taken separate from each other . I forget if The Strontium keeps the Calcium from working OR just the opposite. That is why it has been hard for many of us, esp if we are on othermeds. Strontium is supposed to be taken on a more or less empty stomach and the Calcium I usually take after a meal most times except for my last dose (just before bed). So I take that an hour or so before my bedtime meds to break it up.

I had been told years ago that you shouldn't take all or most of your dose of Caclium at one time as your body can only absorb so much and then the rest goes out of your system.

I take my approx 1500 + mg of Ca a day in three daily doses.

Also, the daily serving called for of Strontium is double that of 340 mg. In other words you would be taking 2 of them. That part is fine but it you would be taking 2000 mgs of Calcium all together not sure that could be absosrbed all at onec.

Maybe some things have changed and there are some newer supps. and perhaps there may be some new rules for taking Ca. but I have not heard of them.

Maybe someone else who knows more than I can contribute to this topic. Perhaps there is something out there I do not know about.

Also, when I was dxed many years ago the doc did not tell me to take it in broken down doses a day (of about 1500 mg) and I found that out after I got on a good osteo, site. When I went for my scan it was much worse. I think that taking the daily Calcium all together MAY have contributed to that and the Fosamax did not help either. So, when I went to the endo I got put straight on Forteo (shot daily) and D3. Can't remember if I was on D3 right away by my then ob/gyn.

The Forteo helped me some ( 2 years) and then put back on Alendronate. Then I heard about Strontium and will be going off the Alendronate this next Monday . That was when I took my weekly pill.

******Sorry if I just got off the subject. Please research this furthur so we all know what is what. As far as I know the Calcium and Strontium should NOT be taken together , at the very same time, and the total daily Calcium should not be taken all at once.

Hope this helps some !

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about three hours after breadfastor more

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Just read that if you are taking tetracycline or quinolone antibiotics do nt take strontium

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Hi Penalopy,

I take my Strontium about 3-4 hours after lunch. It just depends on your schedule too. I take my Ca. and K2 after lunch.

Thanks !

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Thanks Granni! I'm going to go back to my calcium/magnesium with a separate strontium. I questioned my doctor about the strontium/calcium together in that supplement and he sort of blew it off as a non-issue but I know that I have to know more about the issue than anyone else I might trust for my medical care.

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