Strontium toxicity issue

I'm wondering if anyone else is feeling the way I am regarding the post on strontium toxicity. I am very very upset and getting mad over the fact that Sandi had said she e-mailed Lara Pizzorno for a comment on this matter and that we would be hearing from her, only to be told that Lara was only going to respond directly to the poster. I'm not sure if I'm being inpatient or am confused as to any of this matter, but it is not sitting well with me!

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You could be right about it taking a little time, as far as the privacy rights that I don't agree with were all posting and open on this forum about our problems so how would any of this relate to privacy issues? I just sincerely hope that very soon there would be a response concerning this. thanks for your reply!

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I sent a message request to Sandi and gave her my email address, and she did send me a reply. You can do the same.

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While many here post very personal information, they most often choose to use a name that is not their real name. But they may be using this same nickname on many other sides. Clever identity theives can search for this and piece together clues that, from any one website are insufficient, but when comibned, could reveal enough to cause a serious issue. We certainly should respect their justified concerns. When we click on a user name, we often see a lot of " I haven't shared any information about myself" for this reason.

If Lara shares her thoughts personally and directly to the poster, and Lara also agrees her response can be made public, I am sure the poster will be sharing it with the rest of us. Patience is a virtue, especially for patients.

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I take strontium citrate and I a not worried about toxicity, but it would benefit all of us if the answer by Lara would be public specially if she thinks there could be a toxicity or not. It is of all of us interest in this matter. I cant see anything personal about Lara answer about toxicity, maybe I misunderstood the information.

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I think it is a simple case of Sandi respecting Lara's wish to post what and when she wants. No pseudonym for Lara here! Lara responded to the poster, and I assume will respond to the post. I already received the info from Sandi. I remain completely at ease and satisfied with my decision to use strontium.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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Hi Aluma

Unless a drug company has specifically done trials, as in the case of those drugs which end up as prescription medication, and can produce figures showing the known side affects and therefore the risks involved, I don't think anyone in their right mind is going to stick their neck out and say what dosage of any medication, is a safe level for someone else to take.

What is safe for one person, may be lethal for another should they be allergic to it. This applies to everything, be it prescription medication, or any of the so called 'safe' supplements that we all take. If we need to take them, we just hope that we will not be amongst the tiny population of folk who have a reaction to them.

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Possibly, Lara does not want to appear to be recommending something as if she is actually some sort of medical provider? I am sure there are legal ramifications when so many want her advice on something that she has only collected information of others' studies? She tells of her own journey with osteopenia but isnt in the position of telling anyone who has osteoporosis or fractures what to do- only what she thinks and does and what some selcted studies have shown.

Maybe if the question was posed "what have you read on toxity or blood levels of stronitum citrate?" the question could be answered here to everyone? Then again, she might not know more than the posts of studies we have collected.

I am only guessing ; I understand people promoted and read her book and could email personally possibly but I understand her caution in handing out anything that might be construed as medical advice to the forum in general.

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Does anyone know how to email Lara Pizzorno.

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The way I understood Sandi's posts were. That Sandi had contacted Lara as well as Sandi pointing out Lara too is a member
here that has OP herself. I consider this, she (Lara ) like all of us has the right to post her experiences. (obviously, she wrote a book which tells her personal journey and what has worked for her and cites studies of improvement in others in her book.) The book was written by her and Jonathan V., M.D. Wright.

She does source various studies in her book. I have the 2013 updated copy of her book.

Sandi also stated Lara was busy, and when she had time would maybe post. This is atleast 'how I interpreted what
Sandi wrote.' This was very nice of Sandi to do. So, maybe time permitting, Lara will come and post.

Generally speaking for myself about studies on this specific subject. I personally believe will will see more research like we did from just about 10 years ago, Vitamin D as an example. Magnesium is another one that is mentioned on TV in studies, journals etc.
It's pretty recent, the findings of Vitamin D being excepted into medicine as a valid health concern or people with low D.

All the Best everyone. :)

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Hi Aluma,

You can contact Lara by using Linked in. Just sign into and search for Lara Pizzorno. Lara's name (profile) should come up and that page will allow you to "Send InMail". Then, linkedin will send Lara an email, informing her that a message is waiting ... If you wish, you can include your email address in your message, to make it easy for Lara to reply to you directly (instead of going thru Linkedin again.)

Hope this helps,

> Sylvia < < < < < <

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Hey guys, some time back I gave Tamihart a lot of material links about strontium, and I know toxicity was dealt with very thoroughly in at least one of them. If you want to follow that up, go to the topic "Whats the trouble with strontium" that Tamihart began; you will find my post that lists a number of links. Sorry, but having done a computer OS update, I lost my "Word" documents that contained the links; if you want to know you need to find the links yourselves in my post to Tamihart.

But to put minds at rest, high dosages of a number of different strontium compounds - carbonate, gluconate, chloride among others - caused no problems AS LONG AS CALCIUM WAS ADEQUATE; ranelate was a problem as it had some nasty side effects.

Strontium citrate at 680 mgm strontium a day is generally, almost universally, problem free; I used this dosage for 6 months, reduced to 320 mgm a day for 18 months (was concerned about the bloodclots reported for the strontium ranelate as possible strontium related; ranelate was later shown to be the problem) and after last dexa report which took me out of the OP range, dropped back to 320 mgm 3 times a week as maintenance. I am quite positive about strontium citrate, it is safe and effective in my book.

The important points are: strontium citrate is safe and effective, you need to ensure adequate calcium intake, adequate magnesium intake, and be getting 30 mgm of zinc a day. Manganese, boron, copper, potassium also must be optimised.

Hope this helps.


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Thank You so much Sylvia! I will try this!!!!

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