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Hello, I am still relatively new to this forum but follow it every day. I am English but live in mainland Europe.
I am spending hours researching vitamins and supplements and doses and suppliers.
Still not sure whether to include Strontium but it seems to be quite difficult to find anyway.
Are we allowed to talk about individual suppliers here?
Do any of you Europe based ladies or gentlemen buy Strontium online in Europe or is it only the U.S.?
Also are there different types of Strontium available as there are Calcium.

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I live in the UK and buy Algaecal Plus and Strontium Boost from based in Norfolk. The AlgaeCal includes Vitamin C, D3, K2 (as MK7), Magnesium and Boron. The strontium is strontium citrate and yes, there are other forms of strontium, but the citrate form is supposed to be better absorbed. Bionetics ship worldwide so you should have no trouble ordering online from Europe.

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Hi Alish can I ask if you have had any success with the algaecal calcium and strontium. I had been on strontium renelate for almost a year but my scan showed I keep losing bone on my spine although my hips are now almost normal. So I changed my calcium to algaecal and to taking the strontium they make having read a recommendation from a medical writer on this site called Lara, but I am really scared an hoping this will work as I don't want the meds the doc is offering.

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Hi Sylvieann

Although I am on Strontium ranelate now, I previously took Dr's Best Strontium Bone Maker. This is strontium citrate and comes in veggie capsules, each containing 340mg of elemental strontium. I used to take 2 per dose. Total: 680mg of elemental Strontium. It states on the label that this is made from 1944mg of strontium citrate. I am assuming that this is the same amount of elemental strontium that is contained in the 2g of SR which I now take. I have had no problems with either strontium.

I used to buy the Dr's Best from the internet. I cannot say which supplier to use as I haven't bought it for over 18 months. If you Google it or look at Amazon, you should find several UK, or at least none USA suppliers, without any problems. I don't know how you get on with USA suppliers in the EU.

Unfortunately in the UK we have the Customs Duty problem and when I buy my K2 MK-4 from iHerb, which is based in the USA, if you spend more than the free duty limit which is about £15, you can get clobbered for VAT and the 'VAT collection' handling charge which Royal Mail add on. They really are a pain in the backside. One of the Forum regulars who lives in the UK said that if you order from iHerb, always select the alternative Carrier to Royal Mail. You still get charged VAT at 20% but they are far more efficient than Royal mail and don't rip you off with such a high VAT collection fee.

Good Luck

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Thank you everyone. Alish I have been into the Bionetics .uk site it looks very interesting. Think it's worth doing their hair test to see what they come up with.

Not sure LynH what problems I might encounter with buying products from U.S. here in Spain. Suspect they might be more relaxed than the U.K. Maybe worth ordering something not too expensive to see!

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I had hair analysis recently and was initially shocked to receive a diagnosis showing severe calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B2 deficiency, plus intolerance to a host of everyday food items and a high level of toxic metals. This is despite taking good quality calcium, vitamin D and other osteoporosis supplements (including all the B group of vitamins). As the company also sells supplements online, one has to speculate on the objectivity and financial motivation of the results. I would be reticent about divulging your health concerns on any hair test questionnaire if you want a truly unbiased result. This may sound cynical, but it's not only drug companies who are out to make money.

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