Strontium Citrate side effects

I started taking strontium citrate 5 weeks ago. I've developed a rash and some slight skin inflammation. I don't know if there is a connection. Has anyone had side effects from strontium citrate?

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Hi, Pdrosebud;
I have been taking strontium citrate ("Strontium Support") since January and I haven't had any side effects at all. However, that doesn't mean there might not be a connection for you. Each person is an individual and may have individual reactions. I would take a list of whatever other medications and vitamins you are on, to the pharmacist and see what he has to say.
Seems strange; your family doctor might be able to look at the rash and come up with something.

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I also take strontium citrate and have had no side effects. However on another support site a woman who lives in Europe and takes Strontium Ranelate reported a rash that became a serious problem. I went on Servier's website (the French company that has the patent for Strontium Ranelate) and they say if you develop a rash you should stop the drug immediately. Here is an excerpt:

DRESS (Drug Rash Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms), also known as drug hypersensitivity syndrome, is a rare but serious and potentially life threatening type of allergic reaction to some medicines (the associated mortality rate is estimated to be nearly 10%).

Allopurinol, sulphonamides, and anticonvulsants are amongst other agents known to be associated with DRESS. The incidence of DRESS with the anticonvulsants phenytoin, carbamazepine and phenobarbital is estimated to be 1 reaction per 5,000 to 10,000 exposures.

DRESS starts with a skin rash, accompanied by a fever, swollen glands, increased numbers of white cells in the blood and effects on the liver, kidneys and lungs. It can result in kidney or liver failure. Stopping treatment together with corticosteroid therapy (medicines that reduce the activity of the immune system) usually results in the symptoms improving, but recovery can be slow and there is a risk of symptoms returning during the recovery period.

This sounds severe and may not be your problem. However, I would definitely stop the strontium citrate and check this out with your doctor.

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That sounds very scary. Thanks for the research and passing it along.

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No, I've never had any reactions to strontium citrate, but I read lorac's reply and I agree with it. If it were me I would stop taking strontium citrate pronto. Then if the rash etc doesn't go away within say a week or so (do consult your doctor ) you might resume strontium citrate if you and your doctor feel confidant it is not the culprit. In other words do a bit of detective work. I hope u get to the bottom and find relief--zeta

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There was interesting information, both general and medical, on strontium in Wikipedia.

I have been taking it for a little over a month, no side effects. I just told my doctor. He suggested that I take somewhat less than the health food recommendations but was not adverse to my trying it.

I am grateful (to say the least!) to know of the dangers manifested by a rash and will certainly stop the medication if this occurs.


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Well, I went to my specialist to see the test results: x-ray showed no fractures, blood work was normal except for high levels of phosphorus. I forgot to ask what the significance of that was, but I'm to take all my vitamins, meds, etc to my pharmacist and see if he can determine the reason for the high phosphorus.
My GP recommended I stop all meds and just use calcium and vitamin D and exercise; the specialist disagrees: "You have abnormal bones and should work to prevent further problems." She recommends Forteo or Evista. From what I've read of each, I'm not inclined to start them; my osteo is just at the -.24 or .25 level, I think. I'm going to continue with strontium citrate until I have reason to do otherwise; I'm hoping it will mimic the results of strontium ranelate, though my specialist says that's like talking apples and oranges. Also, she says products from health stores aren't regulated, and "one bottle may contain none of what the label says, and another may contain far more." I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to doctors, I guess.

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I have been taking Strontium Citrate for 3 weeks. I started getting hives in various places that would last 24 hours. First my foot, then my side under arm and the back of neck. Also at the same time, joint pain at the wrist. One day my right wrist and then 3 days later the left. I stopped taking the strontium as that was the only thing different that I had been taking. It has been 2 days now since my last occurance. My daughter thought maybe it was a virus working it way through my body but it makes me nervous that it could be a reaction the strontium. I am not sure if I should try it again.

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Hi! Strirun,

I have never heard of strontium citrate causing hives or joint pain. Joint paint has been associated with the bisphosphonates, such as Fosamax, Actonel, and Boniva. Hives are an allergic reaction caused by insect stings or bites, certain foods such as seafood and peanuts, and some drugs. Strontium is a mineral and therefore not associated with hives. Citrate is a salt or ester of citric acid often used in calcium preparations (calcium citrate); it is not known for causing hives.

I have been taking 680 mg strontium citrate (Doctor's Best Strontium Bone Maker) for seven months with no problems except mild constipation at the start. Increasing my fiber intake corrected that. For more information on strontium citrate visit my blog at

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BoneLady, please read the post by lorac on June 4, 2008 in this discussion.

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Blues, I did read lorac's post of June 4, 2008, concerning DRESS. I thought it was excellent and she did everyone a service by posting it!

Rashes and hives are not the same, although I guess someone could confuse the two. Both can signal life-threatening situations, and are therefore to be taken seriously and addressed immediately!

My point was simply that it is unlikely that strontium citrate caused hives or joint pain, and strirun needs to investigate with her doctor. What other medications and supplements was she taking? What other health conditions does she have? Perhaps she did have a viral infection as her daughter postulated.

I think there is a greater, albeat slim chance, of getting a rash from strontium renalate (as in the case cited by lorac) than from strontium citrate because the adverse reaction could be due to the renalate. This is just my opinion; I do not have statistics to back it up.

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Thanks for your input. I do have an appt with my allergy doctor in 2 weeks. The hives stopped but I still need to know why it happened. I take calcium with vit d and fish oil. I also stopped the fish oil just in case. My husband thinks it was caused by nerves. We will see.

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I bet it is the fish oil. I have tried about 6 different fish oils and I break out in a rash with each one. So I just eat canned sardines now instead.

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Ditto Strirun's experience. Three weeks into Doctor's Best Strontium Bone Maker, I was kept awake by wrist joint pain. Two days later, I spent a morning sick to my stomach. (I don't know if that is related). Then I developed a measley, sunburn-like rash on my thighs and shins and onto my feet, which has persisted for a number of days. The only thing I have done differently in the last three weeks was to add the strontium.

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That is very interesting! I just now started back on a different brand of fish oil and no problems as of yet. It has been about 3 weeks. I have not taken any strontium since then. Now I am really thinking it was the strontium since you are having the problems also. Thanks for the info.

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I have been taking Stronitum Citrate for a few weeks. The 1st 3 days, I just took one, thinking my body has to get use it.
Then I started on the two aday, and was feeling good.
But now I have noticed my left ankle is swelling, and a little with my right ankle.
I stopped for a day two different times, and it went down, then started again. Today I took one, then an hour later taking the other one. ..
My left ankle is very swollen again tonight!!
Has anyone heard of that happening?
I have never had kidney problems, as it says, if you have renal problems do not take it.

I don't think it would do any good to call my Drs., because I don't know what my Dr. would say, as when I told him I was going to take Strontium, both my Drs didn't know what it was!! and just shook there heads.
One Dr. is a personal friend, and when he was here, I gave him the papers from my health food store about Strontium. He said, let me know how it works!!!

Does anyone have another suggestion besides Strontium or perscription drugs?
One monthly boniva made me sick for 2 weeks. I won't go there anymore.

I also take D3, Cal, Mag and allot of other vitimins.
K gives me leg cramps, has anyone had that happened to them also?

I was so excited about taking Strontium from what I have read here..But it looks like I can't take it, or maybe stop for a few weeks, then try again like Rosebud did.

Take Care,

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TOOTHPASTE WITH STRONTIUM CHLORIDE GAVE ME CONTACT DERMATITIS--Many years ago I used Sensodyne toothpaste for sensitive teeth, and after each use I noticed a slight rash (without pain) on my facial skin that bordered my lips. The rash made a complete ring around my mouth. It would persist for a quarter hour or so, fade away, and leave no trace. I used that toothpaste for several years until other companies began offering a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. The other formulations did not cause the rash. After my physician recommended that I use strontium for my osteoporosis, I began investigating and discovered the connection between my rash and the strontium chloride in the toothpaste. After reading about several fatal allergic reactions to Protelos, I hesitate to try strontium. Has anyone experienced the toothpaste reaction but gone ahead anyway with strontium use?
Genie in Lake Zurich, IL

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Dear PdRosebud,

I have never taken strontium for my osteoporosis, but I was about to start it when I saw this website with controversies -- there is a comment by " Liz dated March 7, 2008" which says something about blood clots and death being side effects-- so for the time being I have given up the decision, till more is known. The site is:- fter_strontium_citrate.html

Most people report no side effects other than a skin rash -- but a writer mentions ankle swelling in the site, as also on NOF. Please read all the side effects carefully before you begin.

Best wishes,

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I tried Strontium Citrate (Doctors Best brand) for a while but my Dexa tests showed no particular improvement. On the other hand exercise and Vitamin D3 plus calcium-magnesium seems to be enough for me. So from my experience I am not convinced that Strontium Citrate adds any thing to help bone health.

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I've been taking Strontium Citrate for nine months now with no apparent side effects.
I read somwhere that the possible problem of blood clots( Trombosis) is with people who may have a tendency to develop them anyway.

I'm also trying AlgaeCal for a year. Also lots of exercise but I was doing that anyway prior to being diagnosed.
Don't know yet if it's doing any good though!

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I just read about your wrist pain. I am wondering if there is a connection between strontium citrate and wrist pain. I have developed pain in my wrist after being on strontium citrate (500mg) for two weeks. I stayed off of the strontium for a week but the pain persisted. I do wear a hand brace at night because of mild carpel tunnel.
Because there has been much written about the positive effects of strontium citrate on bone density I have resumed taking it.
Does anyone have any information to determine if there is any link between wrist pain and strontium citrate?

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