Strontium citrate reaction - need another strontium salt

Without going into 20 paragraphs of medical history, I knew when I started strontium citrate that I should not be taking a citrate. I knew that I should take another from - carbonate, lactate, etc. But I took the chance and have been taking it since October 8.

Labs came back today and there it was - I cannot take citrates in any form. There are medical reasons and a long complex med Hx. But what is important is that I do not want to stop strontium. I live in the U.S. so strontium ranelate is out (and probably always would be) but try to find another strontium salt of any kind from a reliable supplement company and there are none. Actually I found two - Osteovalin which unfortunately has quercitin in it which is contraindicated with Celebrex and Zofran both of which I take daily. And this one: mation.htm

I have spent the last hour searching and searching for different strontium salts other than citrate..........nothing except for this one link. I am so uncertain as to quality, solubility (the calcium citrate molecule is not the same as calcium carbonate and the same likewise with strontium salts). But I guess I am really going out on a limb to take this - all of you take the citrate as far as I can determine and it is the only one manufactured by the major supplement companies so I am really n=1 in this regard, as lilypads would say.

Not a good situation....................

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Vitamin Research Products sells the carbonate.

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Have you ever taken strontium carbonate? Vitamin Research has discontinued the carbonate and come out with strontium citrate. However, I did find strontium carbonate on Amazon and under the brand Health Concerns BioStrong. I just have concerns about its bioavailability and quality when only 1 company is manufacturing it with ingredients from China.

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I use both carbonate and citrate. Don't want to use too much citrate. Now you tell me that VRP has discontinued carbonate. When my supply runs out, I will try the Health Concerns one. This is a very well regarded American Chinese herb company. Not everything from China is contaminated. Some very good and clean product comes from there. It is up to the purchasers of raw materials to determine which are the good manufacturers.

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Lokamaya - So interested to read that someone else uses strontium carbonate. How do you divide the strontium up between citrate and carbonate - 1 week citrate, 1 week carbonate, or however? I have to go with only carbonate now and I thought I was the only one so I am very glad to find someone who takes strontium carbonate. Do you notice any difference between the two? I just hope the citrate doesn't linger too long in my system - I know the strontium will but I hope the citrate salt is eliminated within a month or so.

And thanks for the info on the quality of Health Concerns BioStrong. Yes, I know that everything from China is not contaminated and perhaps that was too broad a statement I made and there is plenty of contamination right here in the U.S. - and even some of the products taken by others on this site are "Not Approved" by Consumer Labs, State of California, etc. Will be interested to hear your experience with strontium carbonate. Is it constipating?

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I rotate weekly. I take 340mg daily away from calcium. I took 680mg daily for about two years. This is only a small part of my total program, and I can say for sure that testosterone cream has helped more than strontium. I have now added male apporopriate doses of estraidol, progestrone and estriol creams, also based upon blood test results and doctor's advice. The citrate upsets my stomach. Sometimes I can take it only for 3-4 days at this dose. Maybe it would be better off if I rotated every two days, but that would increase my already oppressive dosing schedule.

Carbonate is the one that was used in the original clinical studies of the 1950s that are used today to justify using strontium to reduce fracture risk. I doubt that there even was any citrate being made at that time. I haven't noticed constipation from either strontium. This is an individual matter, so you have to judge for yourself.

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I called Vitamin Research - it is discontinued and they have replaced it with strontium citrate as it was a slow seller. That only leaves BioStrong for strontium carbonate and maybe I need to order a case. But for those of us who need it, it is necessary. For me it is the end of the line.

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