Strontium and calcium

I just started taking strontium and see that you can't take calcium supp near the same time........but.........also shouldn't eat calcium in form of food either.......

I am taking it in the morning and having a diffiucult time knowing what to have for breakfast that will not have calcium, and yet still be 80% alkaline breakfast.

Anyone please have ideas?

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I recently started taking Strontium, and to avoid any problems of no calcium 2 hours before or after, I take 680 mg of strontium before bed-time at 11:00 p.m. or later.

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thank you, but i am taking calcium at need low calcium foods for breakfast.

tried searching online and can't seem to find a good site for that.

veggies, proteins, etc low or no calcium content
thank you for your reply though :)

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Reenz, My Dr said The calcium i take in the morning, by one Hour its ok, U can have breakfest milk coffee any thing U want i take Evesta in the eveing I can eat any thing i want bye morning

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Ladies, thank you for your replies,

but I want to continue with the regime I have now.......

so at this point I am looking for foods that do NOT have calcium or have very little calcium that I can eat at breakfast.

Thanks ladies :)

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Bacon, Eggs, potato. no Bread black coffee

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I agree with Iola and thats what i would suggest but I also take my strontium at night its the easiest time for me. I just leave enough time between taking the calcium and strontium at night.

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Fruits, most nuts. I too take the strontium at bedtime, 3 hrs. after my last calcium. just seems easier this way............dont' have to worry about conflicting w/the calcium. After all the recent things on the new re: osteo drugs causing fractures, I'm sure glad I didn't start taking the drugs!

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Me again.................Vivian Goldschmidt's book The Bone health Revolution lists lots of foods and whether they are alkaline or not...........if you are following that program you need her book!

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I heard the only strontium that works is "strontium renalate" and it is nis prescription and nor FDA approved. The only counties that approve this drug is Australia Britain and France

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thanks ladies!!

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You must have a good reason for wanting to take strontium in the morning, so keep working until you find the right solution.

Meantime, you may be interested in a link that I just posted about. (My post is here: The data at that link show overwhelming evidence that calcium supplements do not benefit those of us with osteoporosis.

If you're willing to act on that information, you could at least simplify your evening life by not having to take calcium at that time.

By the way, I'm taking strontium citrate, and I take it at night. It's just easier. I like lots of milk products in the morning!

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Strontium Renalate "works" by helping bone cells grow AND by preventing bone cells from breaking down. We've just been reading a lot about how preventing the breakdown of old bone cells makes bones brittle, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the long term with Strontium Renalate.

Strontium citrate, a natural product and no prescription required, adds strontium in place of calcium to the bone matrix. Most of the data showing its value is rather old, but perhaps some new studies will be done now that biophosphonates are proving to be so nasty.

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Hi Panamaplants~

I had read somewhere that one must take calcium if one also takes strontium. I think the article said (when taking strontium without calcium) the bone not growing evenly and one could end up with bony growths where you don't want them. I think the study was done on animals, but not sure and don't have time to find the article now. You might want to do some research if you plan to take only strontium and no calcium.

Good luck.


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Thanks for the heads up. I have done some very quick research on the requirement for taking calcium if you are taking strontium. So far I have found only two unsupported statements to that effect. I hope to find some original articles that show the difference between taking calcium and strontium both (though not simultaneously) vs. taking strontium only.

My own sense is that it is easy to get plenty of calcium from foods whereas it is not easy to get much strontium in foods. So I would think it might not be necessary to take calcium as a supplement while you are taking strontium. Nevertheless, it would be very useful to clear this matter up, so thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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Oh I do have to add my 2 cents to this discussion. You might be surprised that food does not have as much calcium in it as you would think. A lot of the commercially grown foods also have a lot of chemicals that its been grown in that might counteract any good your trying to over come, so relying strickly on food for calcium and getting at least 1500 ui a day is going to be difficult. Most of us just do not eat the right kinds of foods with the life style we have which is why we all search for that supplement to make life easier.

When I was first diagonosed, I went to a naturopathic dr. who prescribed a series of supplements including a good food based multi- vitamin as well as vitamind3 in liquid form, and also strontium citrate, which I have not started yet... I bought it but its still sitting on my table with the rest of my supplements. She also recommended osteoprime - which I take daily. I seem to be doing ok with the osteoprime, calcium citrate, vitamin d3, but I've not been tested. I just know I would not get enough from food.... i used a food tracker a while back and the food tracker showed me what I was not getting from my diet...although I am eating more greens and less protein, you still need some protein. There is also no one size fits all as we are all individuals and so uniquely made that what might work for one may not work for another.. anyway just my 2 cents...

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Here is an article just published by Dr T. Fujita. These type of calcium products contain Strontium which makes the DEXA scan numbers look good and does nothing in building healthy strong bone tissue. This is why they now will add a fudge factor to compensate for the false positive when getting a DEXA scan.

Dr. Fujita is a world-renowned osteoporosis expert researcher, according to Lane Lab's. He was Chairman of the Japanese Osteoporosis Foundation.

"Algaecal" Claims Debunked
Posted: Mar 24, 2010

Just several years after coral calcium
was busted, we see another magic cure-all product AlgaeCal popping up on our screen, another masterpiece by the same people who were behind the coral calcium scam?

Algas Calcareas.sp, Latin name for algae calcium carbonate, or calcified seaweed. Its main content is, of cause, calcium carbonate, the very same calcium compound found in coral calcium, rocks, oyster shell.

Calcium carbonate is the least absorbable form of calcium. Just because it's from coral doesn't make it more absorbable than calcium carbonate from limestone. It goes the same for algae, or AlgaeCal.

AlgaeCal is claimed to have 72 trace minerals – does it sound familiar? Yes, coral calcium made the same claim. Of cause, to list the 72 trace minerals and their amount were not that important. Why bother - nobody's going to look into it anyway?

Oh, we've got USDA Organic Certification. Have you ever seen any nutritional supplements
bear that seal? We are the first! Of cause you are the first, and you'll be the last too! USDA Organic Certification is for produce, animal feed, soil treatment, that's taken directly from the nature.

In other words, here's how AlgaeCal was produced: calcified seaweed is collected from the ocean, watered, then grinded to powder – and that's it. That's the product we offer. It contains all the dirt, heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and all other contaminates from the ocean, together with calcium carbonate, a little bit magnesium. Does it really contain 72 trace minerals? We don't care. It's organic.

Why is that there are no other common sense nutritional supplements have that seal? Simple! Even calcium carbonate from limestone needs to be cleaned, extracted, purified. You can't use water to accomplish that. Chemicals are a must in those processes.

Calcified seaweed is commonly used for farmland soil treatment. It's never before and should not ever be used for human consumption. AlgaeCal should not be an exception.

Dr. Fujita
Retrieved from " debunked-2042145.html"

(ArticlesBase SC #2042145)

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Hello, Everyone,

I want to emphasize the importance of getting adequate levels of calcium and magnesium for everyone with osteoporosis. Those taking strontium without adequate calcium/magnesium from food and/or supplements can develop muscle tetany. Sara DeHart wrote an article explaining how she developed muscle tetany in both hands while taking 2000 mg strontium citrate and inadequate calcium and magnesium. She reversed it by simply increasing her calcium/magnesium intake. I have two recent posts on my blog about strontium, calcium, magnesium, with a link to Sara's article.

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I just want to report some amazing results of taking Strontium Citrate. My step-mother is 85 years old and has/had very serious osteoporosis. (It is important to note she is very disciplined about taking vitamins.) Over the years she had tried all the usual therapies including Fosomax with no positive results. Two years ago she decided to start taking Strontium Citrate in addition to her Calcium, magnesium and vitimin D. Recently she decided to get a bone scan. She said if there was no improvement she was going to stop taking the Strontium. Well, guess what!!!! Her Left Hip improved 22.5% and her Lumbar spine has improved 17.3%.

In 2007: L1 T-score -3.0
L2 T-score -4.4
L3 T-score -4.6
L4 T-score -4.3

In 2010: L1 T-score -2.2
L2 T-score -2.9
L3 T-score -3.7
L4 T-score -3.6

This improvement sure convinces me! I will be more diligent about taking my strontium.

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improve bones thank you for sharing!!

What esle is she taking and how much strontium?

did they adjust the dexa scan to compensate for strontium adjustment?
I just went to another md today and of course I am so confused . He told me I cannot afford to NOT be on some type of drug.n He did not recommend going all natural. with #'s so severe it wont work. and because i am so young and that it started so many years ago.and have had it for so many years it wont work for me? He said that if i wasnt so bad at my age it may have worked.? Help!!
it is so scary either way

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bone lady what is enough of cal/mag?

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