....are having pathological rib fractures (rib fractures with no trauma) and do not have osteoporosis. There are a number of "us" that have some type of debilitating bone disorder that apparently has not been discovered yet. This has been ongoing since August of 2005 and I am still searching and mulling through various doctors, including the Mayo Clinic. Currently I am in the midst of testing at Vanderbilt. There HAS to be an answer! Please email me krazeekiwi at hotmail.com. thank you.

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Well, I find some reference to hyperparathyroidism, primary for rib fractures, as well as hypocalciuric hypercalcemic condition that is familial, (FHH), some fractures occur during pregnancy, some induced following radiation for breast cancer, as well as some things related to other bone disorders such as multiple myeloma. My assumption is with all the work up you have had cancer of the bone and multiple myeloma would have been ruled out.

Good luck to you, and do let us know what you learn. We all learn from each other.


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I have experienced two spontaneous rib fractures without trauma and three fractures with trauma. No magic bullet for this... have patience with the healing process.

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Have you been given a lot of steroid meds? A friend of mine was on long term steroids and he would crack a rib just from coughing!


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Wow, at least I'm not alone... I was found to have 2 Lower Rt Ribs Non-Displaced Fractures and didn't know why. I have been on Prednisone for about 2 yrs now and heard too this may be a contributing factor. I have Rt lower lung collapsed and don't know why but dr said not surprising as RA w/contribute to much of this being "immune" system attacking itself.... Now I know why when I take a deep breath or move a certain way it hurts or feel rib "pop"..... Calcium ===eat, drink so get in your system... Hope this helps...

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OMG!!! I have had both forearms fractured by very little or no trauma & been saying exact same thing for 4 years-there has to be an answer! almost every sentence is i know i am about to find the answer! Been thru docs,meds,supplements, tests, no one can help me get my bone density back to point my fractures will heal. am going to Shands Hosp a teaching clinic supposedly more knowageble than others but they have no idea yet either. am in FL will travel if felt worth going****no ins so am not able to test or doctor freely for lack of funds but concensus is i need research to find answer & probably will have new disease named after me. Your situation sounds same-why can't they figure it out? Soooo tired of morphed painful arms, plus have osteoarthrituc knees which have locked in position so can no longer walk on them.Forteo 2 years only thing with affect-2nd year finally halted my density from getting worse but still no improvement. thought maybe was my parathyroid because that's what Forteo is but no.bloodwork said fine., can't afford Mayo clinic or would do Just wish doc somewhere with answer SOON!

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I have just been diagnosed with pathological rib fracture (rib #6) by a doctor at one of those walk-in convenient care. I am trying to find out more info about this condition. I am a 39 year old female and I don't have any preexisting conditions. I have a follow up appointment with my doctor in a week but cannot wait to learn more about the condition. How likely is this to be cancerous?

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Go as soon as possible to see your doctor. Fractured ribs might indicate or even hide a serious illness. Good Luck !

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I am a 26 year old female and have suffered 8 rib fractures in the past 3 years - all on one side of my body. My bone density is great, calcium, vitamin D, etc. all fine as well. Last April I had to have 5 of my ribs wired together because the fractures did not heal (and would not heal) on their own. Post surgery I have fractured 2 more ribs and am currently on Forteo to try and ensure these fractures heal on their own and I don't have to have surgery again.

I have been seeing multiple doctors for other health problems for years as well and no one is able to determine why I am breaking my ribs randomly. I have not suffered ANY trama. I'm waiting to get insurance approval to have an EEG scheduled to determine if this could have anything to do with seizures.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Any fractures related to a seizure disorder?

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well, the things I would want ruled out would be multiple myeloma, rib tumors, osteopenia, costrochronditis, tietz syndrome, herpes zoster, myositis, cushings syndrome, cushings disease,


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