shrunk one inch

hi i had a bone density test six months ago i was 5ft 4 i have shrunk to 5ft 3 since back and neck hurt all the time and i get bad headaches.should i see a doctor to see if i have any neck or back compressions?any advice would be greatly recieved.cannot believe i have shrunk an inch in six months.

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yes,i think knowing something is better than staying in the dark and you might be able to keep it from
getting worse

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What were your BD test results? And if you're having lots of pain, yes, see your doctor.

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Yes, do get it checked out.

Something else to consider: Your height can change during the day.

Try an experiment -- measure yourself in the morning, a few hours later, in the afternoon and then again at night. Take the measurements in the same way or with the same device each time. See how/if your height changes.

I've done this several times over the past several months and have noticed that my height typically varies by up to an inch -- I'm tallest in the morning and shortest at night.

Hope you are able to find out why you have the pain and can resolve it.

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Hi Youngone,

Can you recall whether your height was measured with or without shoes both times? Also, as mentioned here, were they taken at different times of the day? That would be a lot of loss in 6 months. Also, you need to stand straight of course for the measurement.


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Honestly, I measure differently every time I get checked and I doubt if I grow an inch. Sometimes 5'4", sometimes 5'3", sometimes, 5'3.5". Then back to 5'4". It depends on how you hold your head. And the person who measures you, etc. I think I am 5'3".

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Although body height does change during the day, loss of body height (if it is real) is one of the first signs of compression in the spine. However, there are other tests one should do to get things checked out.
With my exercise program, people tend to be taller at the end of the day, probably because it emphasizes spinal elongation, unloading, strengthenin of the support structures and it also encourages people to watch posture and body movement during the day.
"Sit Less, Stand More" is a good motto for postural improvement.
I don't know how old you are but, with back compression, it is possible to lose several inches of body height in the act of getting out of bed. Get some more testing done by a knowledgeable medical practitioner and get started on a good exercise program for osteoporosis and postural correction. This doesn't "have to be!"

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thanks for all the replies.doc doing new density test and lots of blood work.will let you no how it goes. thanks again.

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