Serotonin Causes Osteoporosis, avoid Tryptophan, SSRI

I am having trouble with depression.
Dealing with eight compression fractures and permanently abused, painful muscles due to my spine being shaped like a question mark does not help. My complementary medicine MD suggested that I try swallowing tryptophan and/or 5-HTP to increase serotonin in my brain. Fine, I had the same idea.

So, I did do this for several months. Then I stumbled upon research by Gerard Karsenty of Columbia University which proves that nearly all of the tryptophan that is swallowed is converted to serotonin in the GUT. And serotonin production in the gut causes osteoporosis.

Serotonin in the gut cannot reach the brain through being absorbed into the blood because serotonin does not cross the blood-brain barrier. It is only the small amount of tryptophan that is not converted to serotonin in the gut that gets into the blood and does cross the blood-brain barrier which helps depression. It is converted to serotonin in the brain.

So, I have stopped swallowing tryptophan and 5-HTP. I now hold about 200 mg of tryptophan pure powder in my mouth for about 10 minutes and then spit it out. Don't swallow! I do think that enough of it is absorbed into my blood to help with my depression. Dosage varies, usually 2-4 times a day.

This could be the reason that the SSRI drugs cause osetoporosis.

My MD was dumbfounded by this and very glad to get the information. Like most doctors, he has way too many patients and not enough time to learn things about the therapies he uses. ed=print k2172

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Its hard to believe that the physiology of bone remodeling which has been studied by so many researchers for so many years could has missed the fact a well known molecule (serotonin) is playing such a key role in bone physiology.

This is just the kind of situation big Pharma relishes because they'll develop a family of drugs that tweaks the LRP5 gene which may increase bone formation but which will have untold unforeseen consequences.

Well, we'll wait and see what happens.


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Hi Lokamaya:
"And serotonin production in the gut causes osteoporosis. "
This is a hypothesis and not a fact. From my reading of the research I do not believe this is an important pathway.

Now your depression is another story. Depression can significantly alter cellular growth and function including bone cells. The stomach and the brain are connected in very important ways neurologically. One of the first reactions to mental fear, worry and anxiety is an uneasy feeling in the stomach. This uneasy feeling alters stomach physiology including digestion and absorption.

I want to see clients resolve their depression as a fix rther than search for other causes. That constant bombardment of anxiety on the body is destructive to all the body systems.


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Hi pagebooks:
If you read the literature on the Epigenetic Structure you will also see that we have far greater control of our genes than we might think. The nice part about this is we really don’t need to rely on anybody but ourselves to improve health and quality of life. So we can forget about big Pharma and get to work. We just need to take the time to learn how and not always look for answers that are outside our bodies.


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woody what do you think if sam-e its for mood and joints?

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lokamaya: Since the original research findings took place at least three years ago, one would think that at the very least some epidemiological studies of existing human data would have been published which looked for a correlation between serum serotonin levels and BMD.

I anyone aware if such studies exist?

Regarding your imaginative alternative to ingesting 5-HTP, you're assuming the mechanism in the gut that synthesizes serotoin gets its precursor ingredients from inside the gut rather than from the blood supply. On what basis do you make this asumption?


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The key here is that 5-HTP is processed primarily in the nerves. SSRI Drugs work both in the nerves and through out the body. Its only the SSRI drugs that have been noticed to affect osteoporosis so far. The serotonin of 5-HTP works primarily in the nerves and is not released into the blood.

I've not been able to find any research connecting 5-HTP with bone loss in searches.

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