Second Ingrown Toenail Surgery on Same Toe?

Has anyone ever had repeat surgery for an ingrown toenail (same toe)?

I had this surgery in Sept. 2010. It just never healed right. Like everyone else, my toes have white on the tips. However, the ingrown toenail toe has white on the side that was operated on as well, which makes me think it is growing in two directions.

I've been back to the foot doctor four times since the surgery (for other issues as well as the toe). After working on the toe a couple of times, he told me that was the best it was going to be and to be sure my shoes are not too short, having the width of a finger between the end of my toes and the shoe.

Up to this point, the toe did not hurt unless my shoe was too short. I have a variety of foot ailments: plantar fascitis, tendonitis, my left ankle swelling up (I just had vascular scans and am awaiting results) and three other places that hurt! So I have five pair of running shoes that I rotate all day long so as not to stress the same area.

However, the last couple of days the toe has been hurting no matter what pair of shoes I wear. I woke up this morning to find it looking and feeling like it did before the original surgery, which makes me think I may need to get it operated on again.

It's amazing how much a little area on one toe can hurt. Not fun at all.

Has anyone had repeat ingrown toenail surgery on the same toe? If so, what was the outcome? Did you have both surgeries done by the same doctor?

I also would be really interested to know what your post-operative instructions were (for either a first or second surgery), in as much detail as possible. I do think mine could have been better.

This is a very distressing development on top of all my other medical issues, so any advice you could send my way would be very much appreciated.


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I can relate to what your talking about..
What type of surgery was done for a ingrown toenail?
As you said, "a little area on one toe can hurt" It's like If you burn the tip of your finger, the whole hand hurts.

On my right foot I have a ingrown toenail on my big toe, and the Podiatrist would cut the toenail off at the sides, which did hurt also!
That said, now three different Drs. say its a fungus, and the sides are starting to grown in, which is painful.

That said, My Dr. friend, and a Dermatologist gave me a perscription called "CiclopiroxTopical Solution, 8%". It comes in a bottle that looks like clear nail polish, with a brush. I put it under the tip of my nail. It is for a fungus. I think it keeps my
toenail from diging into me if nothing else!! I now notice my toe nail is getting hollow inside!!..
I keep my toenails manicured and polished all the time. This problem cannot really be seen.
I cannot wear closed in shoes..If I had to get dressed up, and wear heels, I wonder what I would do..Suffer!!

One Podiatrist Dr. said he would take the toenail off and put acid there so the toenail would not grow back! and give me
pain pills !!
Well, I never went back to him again lol

My right foot seems to have all the problems.
I have thin feet. About 4 years ago when I took a Ti Chi class, I ended up having a Big Ganglion on the top of my right foot where a tennis shoe would tie accross that area.. I was wearing a good new pair of "New Balance" tennis shoes.
Then I bought a lite weight "Puma" dance shoe. Which is VERY comfortable..
I walked too much , and now I cannot wear a tie shoe at all now, or any shoe that comes accross that area, or
touches that toe.

We where in Hawaii in March, and I could not go hiking. I can walk, but not hike in the mountans, cause I
can't hike in sandals...Just thought of something. I do have Tevo Sandals. I should have brought them with me.
I'll give them a try at home and see how I do!! That could change my life lol.

In the summer, I wear a nice pair of Sandals, and for the winter I only wear Ugg boots. The Uggs are comfortable,
and do not touch that part of my toe!

If its not the ingrown toenail, its then the top of my foot where the Ganglion is, and now I'm getting arthritis on the out sides of my left foot!!

I did have plantar fascitis, which I called a "Bone Spur"..The Dr. gave me a shot of cortisone or something in the heel, and did not tell me what he was giving me!
It only helped for maybe 3 months..A Anti-inflamatory would help also, but that is still not good for our bones.
I searched through the internet, and found a vitamin called "Acid A Cal"..I bought it from Amazon, and I have to
tell you, it only took acouple of months and that bone spur, and pain was gone.
I have not taken Acid A Cal in at least 2 yrs. I was walking on my toes, and limping for over a year from that pain of the heel spur.

Right now I'm not in any pain, as long as I wear the right type of sandels , which are soft leather, or my Uggs.
I also keep my toenails short, as I always have, and I cut or file the side of my toenail.
I use to be a shoe nut. Boy have things changed lol..But I still like stylist shoes..

I have been told by a few people that have had foot surgery. Try to avoid any type of foot surgery. It is a bit tricky.
Also get 2 to 3 more opinions.

From taking Strontium citrate for a short time, my ankles swelled up. I have very thin ankles, so it was not
noticable but they where swollen.
About 18 yrs ago. I had a accident and torn the muscle in my left calf. I was on crutch for 6 months.
If I eat alitte salt, that ankle will swell up. I stay away from process foods, and do not salt my food very often.
If I use salt, I use Pink Himalayan sea salt.

Let me know how your doing?
Take Care,

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Hi April,

Thanks for your reply!

The surgery I had involved removing a portion of the toenail on the right side from top to bottom. The doctor did something called a chemical burn. He thinks that maybe I had some kind of reaction to the burn which caused the nail not to heal right.

Funny you mentioned not wearing closed shoes. I was just thinking of that myself yesterday and went into my closet to retrieve a pair of Mephisto sandals I have not worn in a long time.

I have one other pair of leather sandals which were custom made in a small leather shop around 1970 or 71. They have no tread, however. In Sept. 2010, I was wearing them while walking down a flight of stairs (not holding on to the railing), and my feet went right out from under me. Caused a foot problem (tendonitis) that I still have and, in fact, just posted a new discussion on. I am a little reluctant to wear these sandals again but may try them again just around the apartment.

I am thinking maybe I should ditch all my shoes and go to a very good shoe store (the kind that sells shoes for foot problems) and try to find something that would be the best for everything going on with my feet.

I'm really on a roll trying to get a handle on my foot problems (and everything else while I have great insurance - going on Medicare next March).

I really can relate to everything you are saying about feet. When they hurt, it affects everything!

Also, what do I wear to the wedding if my niece gets married? I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it!


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Hi elise52,

My Pharmacist suggested alittle peice of cotton under the nail that is pressing into the skin around my toe, but for me, I think it is past that stage unfortunately!!!

As we get older, I think it is a Fungus that causes the toe nail problem, or a injury from long ago!
I was also at the Dermatologist a few months ago, he said it was a fungus, and mentioned about a Oral perscription to take, but
the side effects are damage to the liver. I was not going to take anything with that type of side effects.
He then said the only alternative is taking "Ciclopirox" (Generic for Penlac) , which I already was taking from another Dr.
For me it does not take care of the fungus as it should, but it does keep the nail from digging into me.
It is like a clear polish, and is kind of thick.
He said the nail polish does that I do wear, does not cause fungus, and
doesdo any damage to the nail.

Btw I noticed that the tip of my toe nail is white also.

I just try and wear nice sandels during the summer, they do not put any type of pressure on the area of my foot that hurts.

So here I'am, pretty much painless wearing shoes that do not touch the parts of my feet that have problems!
You would think that Drs. could figure this problem out, as it seems so commen!

How are your feet doing now? Have you tried anything else for relief?
I personally would not keep going to the same Dr. if he could not help after the first surgery he/she did for you.

Have a great Week-end,
Take Care,

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Thank you for your replies and recommendations.

My toe is somewhat better (at last), and I think if I wear shoes that have lots of toe room, I should be good.

I definitely will check out the Clarks shoes when it's time to buy another pair.

The suggestion to use gauze or cotton to cushion the toe also is very helpful.

Thanks again,

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