Save Our Bones Program-is it worth buying?

I've been reading about Vivian Goldschmidt's program Save Our Bones and am tempted to buy it. Some reviews think it's wonderful but other say don't buy it. Vivian offers a money back guarantee if the program doesn't improve your bone density. It sounds too good to be true! Since it's not cheap, I'd love to have feedback from you before I invest in this. Thanks.

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Oh wow, I too would be interested in hearing comments. I have been receiving her emails for about a year. I am so skeptical of soliciting. Great suggestion!!!

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I bought it (and returned it), I found the book contained most of the stuff that was already on her web page. I was also disappointed that a lot of the items had to be downloaded and printed out by me. I think I read that she now has them printed out and you get them with the book.

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Thanks for your feedback. I'm going to hold off on ordering the book for now. I wish I could get it from my library but unfortunately they don't have it. I'm still wondering if anyone has bought her book and has had success increasing their bone density. It sounds too good to be true!

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Hello skinandbones. I am in the U.K. and receive Vivian Goldschmidt's emails which I keep in a folder, for reference. I would recommend buying "Your Bones" by Lara Pizzorno as very comprehensive, you can buy it on Amazon. Also Lara posts on here, you can catch up with her up to date findings. Good luck.

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It is not necessary for one to purchase a "program".

Everyone can do their own research on the Internet and develop their own personalized program for free.

It may take some time, but nothing is more important. We each have our own individual situation. Their are no short-cuts.

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My opinion..... the Lara Pizzorno book Your Bones is WAY better and MUCH cheaper and MORE up to date with more detailed information. I have both. Unfortunately i bought the Goldschmidt book first and was too lazy to send it back.

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I looked into both and decided on Better Bones because of the nurse educator support and the fact that I can talk to them about other health issues, including menopause. Here's there program for comparison:

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