Ridding organs of calcium deposits


Earlier this year I had an abdominal sonogram (to attempt to diagnose some pain I was having) which showed innumerable calcifications in my kidneys. My doctor sent me to a kidney specialist who told me not to worry, and I could still take calcium.

I've done some reading and discovered if one has calcifications in one organ, they probably are in all the organs (brain, etc.). I'm very unhappy that because of the high doses of calcium insisted upon by my doctors (which took no account of my very small size and diet relatively high in calcium), I now appear to have calcium buildup in my organs.

I now am taking a moderate dose of calcium recommended by my chiropractor (who is knowledgeable about nutrition as well). She tested me using kinesiology to find the appropriate dose.

Earlier this year I received an e-mail from a company from which I purchase alkaline products (green superfood, water booster) outlining a three-day program to rid the organs of calcium deposits. I am pasting it in to the bottom of this post.

I sent this program to the kidney specialist (a very traditional doctor) to ask his opinion. He said that he didn't think it would hurt me and he didn't think it would help.

I would love to hear from anyone with acid/alkaline knowledge and/or medical knowledge as to whether this program might be helpful in ridding the body of excess calcium deposits.

Thanks so much. Program is below.


We have developed a 3 Day "Green Your Body" Program to increase your energy, decrease your toxicity, all while shedding a few pounds along the way. Here's how it works...you're going to FLOOD your body with alkalizing greens, water and oxygen over a 3 day period and when you do, you're going to flush out a year's worth of built-up acids, calcification and toxins.

The items needed for this program are simple and easy:
1. 1 Water bottle (preferably 24 - 32 oz)
2. 1 Bottle of pHion Balance Green Superfood in powder format
3. 12 - 15 lemons
4. 3 - 5 gallons of water
5. A Desire To Be Healthier!

How And Where Acids Build Up In Your Body

The acids that build-up in your body are the "metabolic acids" like uric acid from meats, sulfuric acid from eggs, and phosphoric from sodas. The acids from fruits like citrus, as well and malic acid from apples do not get stored in your body, and actually help get rid of metabolic acids. Metabolic acids build up more and more when you are dehydrated and/or you do not keep your body fluids (lymph, intracellular, extracellular) constantly in an ALKALINE state.

When your body fluids become "saturated" with metabolic acids, excess acids get deposited or stored in your tissues, joints, organs, artery walls, etc. In order to temporarily neutralize them in your tissues, your body will deposit alkaline elements like sodium, calcium or magnesium on these acids. Here's how some of these acids get deposited in your body and eventually become "calcified" deposits:

When your body builds-up with these calcified acids, you may experience different health problems, such as fatigue, nerve disorders, joint problems, liver problems, kidney disorders, weight problems, etc.

Now let's touch on the various acids we are referencing...

Uric Acid. Uric acid from meats can only be broken down with an enzyme called uricase, but as humans we don't produce it, so it needs to be neutralized and flushed out of your body. It is also hard to eliminate via your kidneys, and requires a significant amount of water to do so. Excess uric acid deposits show-up as sodium urate along your arterial walls (hardening of the arteries), sodium urate in your joints (arthritis) or in your feet (gout). Eliminating these uric acid deposits requires a lot of WATER in your bodily fluids and blood. A diet containing two servings of meat a day and a lack of alkaline minerals and WATER can lead to over a tablespoon of uric acid salts getting stored in your body in just one year!

Carbonic Acid / Carbonate. Carbonate can form when your body is low in one of it's primary buffers: bicarbonate. When carbonic acid mixes with calcium, calcium carbonate is formed. Calcium carbonate can "calcify" your liver, pancreas, colon and kidneys. Ironically, the only way to dissolve these calcified deposits and "plaque" is with acid, but the right kind of acid: citric acid. Citric acid is converted in your body into carbonic acid (which you expel as CO2) and water. Carbonic acid can dissolve away built-up calcium carbonate, but it requires that you expel more CO2 than normal in order to do so. (We'll touch on how to do that later).

Phosphoric Acid. Phosphoric acids are found in soft drinks. When they gather, they can form stones (kidney, liver, gall bladder) as well as calcium deposits in your joints (arthritis). Your body uses calcium or magnesium to neutralize them, forming calcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate, etc.

The Only Way To Purge These Stored Acids Is To FLOOD Your Body!

Let's use an easy to understand example, if you didn't brush your teeth for a month plaque would build-up, right? That plaque is a mix of acids with alkaline elements that neutralize them. Since we can't brush our arteries, joints, organs, colon, etc, imagine how easy it is for them to get lined with plaque too. While you can't "brush away" stored acids in your body as fast as you can with a toothbrush, you CAN brush A LOT of them away if you follow this plan.

Here's another example of how to flush away acid "salts". Look at the picture below... as the water has receded, "salts" have formed. Once the tide comes in, the salts will be dissolved away. But the tide has to come in! Calcified acid salts form where there is no WATER...

OK, enough with the illustrations... let's get onto this exciting program. Choose a 3 day window, preferably Thursday through Sunday because your work distractions should be minimized. Each day, simply following these 10 steps throughout the day:

1. Upon waking, fill a 24 or 32 ounce water bottle, then add in 2 to 3 teaspoons of pHion Balance Green Superfood along with the juice of a whole lemon. You don't have to "chug" it down immediately, we suggest that you try to drink it over a 15 minute period. This surge of fluid acts like a tide in your body, flooding away all of the acids that are released by the dissolving action of the lemon juice. The alkaline elements in the pHion Balance Green Superfood will bind to these acids for elimination, while the chlorophyll will help you build more blood and increase circulation, and the fiber will help to brush away toxins and acids. The acidic CO2 from the lemon juice will be expelled while you breathe. Note: If you don't want to drink a whole liter of "green drink", then put 2 - 3 teaspoons in 8 ounces of water and drink that, then drink more water separately.

2. Once you're done drinking, do 15 minutes of deep breathing exercises. I know this may seem a bit unusual, but once you do this, and FEEL it, you'll see why it works! Simply breathe in deeply and exhale deeply. Also, do intermittent periods of holding your breath for 30 seconds, followed by a few deep breaths. You can do this while meditating, reading, or watching TV. It's very important to do, because it will allow your body to release the CO2 from the carbonic acid (from the lemons) at a faster rate, thus causing it to dissolve calcified deposits at a faster rate. Deep breathing also helps stimulate the lymph system to flush away acids from tissues. It's also good to stretch and bend over so that your head it as low as it can get...this helps get the "flood" to your brain so that you flush away acids faster.

3. For breakfast, eat some grapefruit, orange, an apple or other fresh fruit. This plan works best if you refrain from eating any acid-forming foods like meat /dairy, etc. If you stick to fresh fruits and veggies, salads, etc. it will be more effective.

4. Sometime between breakfast and lunch, make another green drink with pHion Balance Green Superfood, the juice of a lemon and 24 - 32 oz of water.

5. Once you're done drinking, do 15 minutes of deep breathing exercises.

6. For lunch, keep it fresh and light...salads, cold-pressed oils, etc.

7. Sometime between lunch and dinner, make another green drink with pHion Balance Green Superfood, the juice of a lemon and 24 - 32 oz of water.

8. Once you're done drinking, do 15 minutes of deep breathing exercises.
9. For dinner, keep it fresh and light again... salads, cold-pressed oils, etc.

10. Make sure you also eliminate any built up urine in your bladder before you go to bed to allow for plenty of room for the overnight gathering of toxins within your body.

Remember, the more you drink and breathe deeply, the MORE acids you'll flush out of your system! If you hit it hard, you can drink 2 gallons of water per day and literally purge out the built-up acid waste from months and months. You'll notice that you feel super energetic all day long and that will help keep you with the plan. If you feel hungry, do the breathing exercises and drink more, as it will help to curb your appetite.

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Hi Uma

I was wondering, as I am just embarking on this journey, if your calcium supplement is balanced with magnesium, vitamin K and D? I have not taken my Calcichew tablets that were prescribed. I am waiting for everything I am learning to come together to see what I shall do but I was planning on getting a combined supplement.

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Any discussion of calcification needs to include the role that Vitamin K plays in the metabolism of calcium. There is a lot of research published on the web that covers this connection. One I would recommend is

http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2009/jan2009_Vitamin-K-Protection-Against-Ar terial-Calcification-Bone-Loss-Cancer-Aging_01.htm

A question I've not found the answer to concerns whether there is any additional benefit in supplementing with the four different forms of vitamin K (K1, K2-4,K2-7 and K2-9) . Also the question of dosage remains unclear.

This forum currently has three active threads each asking about Vitamin K dosage. I would hope that someone could come up with a reliable answer.


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Hi Uma,

I've not heard of the particular cleanse that you are thinking of trying, but I have been reading up more on the subject, especially since the news came out last week about high dose calcium and heart attack risk. It is scary and we all feel a bit betrayed, I think, especially those of us who have faithfully taken everything we've been told to (or maybe I'm projecting, but that's how I feel!). In addition to your chiro and everything else you're doing, take a look at some of the info from Better Bones/Susan Brown on calcium and vitamin K. Here's her latest blog on the topic: High calcium causing heart attacks? Vitamin K to the rescue! There are LOTS of really great articles there, too, on acid-alkaline balance and natural bone health. Good luck!

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Thanks, everyone, for your replies.


I am taking a supplement called Cal Apatite Plus from Metagenics, a brand that I think is available only through health practitioners. It is billed as "Complete Bone Nutrition with Ipriflavone and Vitamin D."

It contains Vit D, calcium, phosphorous, MCHC and Irpiflavone. No Vitamin K however.


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Your body is not controlling its use of Calcium well. I expect your doctor would give extra magnesium to balance the extra calcium deposits.

I have read some of the recent research on Vitamin K2 in the MK4 and MK7 form. Vitamin K2 specifically addresses calcium deposits in soft tissue. This has been used to reduce calcification in the aorta. The result is much lower heart attack rates.

Rats and mice that have no Vitamin K2 typically die within months from aorta calcification.

I found Ultra Vitamin K with advanced K2 Complex by NSI for 15.99 by mail order. This has 1.4 mg of K2 and 1.0 mg of K1 in 90 tablets.

Have also heard of Japanese research on K2 in mega doses of 45 mg for cardiac disease. The Japanese food Natto has very large amounts of K2 if you can find a supply.

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Hi Tango02,

Thanks so much for your reply.

I have to confess I know nothing about Vitamin K. Yet another area to get up to speed on (sigh) but it looks like an important one, so thank you for bringing it to my attention and for all the info too.


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Don't know if this would have the same result on humans - but our cat had high serum calcium and we were advised to put her on a high fiber diet as the excess calcium would bind to the fiber and be excreted by the body. We did that. Her next test showed her to be in normal range.

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You would think doctors would use magnesium therapy to balance extremes of calcium, but my endo just basically said shortly "I don't use magnesium." So I added 250mg magnesium supplement anyway.

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Good going Millie!

An interesting history of Vitamin K2 is presented by the Weston A Price organization. Do a search on:


Which is a human readable synopsis of K2 to date. I also find LEF.org a good source of information.
- Dave

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I take vitamin k2 in the morn. (1 capsule as in instructed) - but is that enough to handle the 1500 mg. I take daily? I've incorporated kale/collards (which have calcium) so can cut the supplements a bit and will bring yogurt back into my diet - although I've been avoiding dairy. sigh - so exhausting finding the right balance huh?
Re the sun and vit. d3 - my m other had a 3rd of her nose removed because of the sun (and she never purposely sun bathed). Hense I am reluctant to do the 20 min. a day out there - I mega dose vit. d3 (dr. prescribed) and hope that's enough. Any thoughts anyone?

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Don't know if this cleanse will accomplish what it claims, but it seems like it would feel pretty good.

I don't know if I could handle 2 gallons per day, but even less than that would probably accomplish some benefits.

I've always avoided cleanses because I was afraid they would be too harsh on the body, but I'm thinking of trying this.

I mean, can't hurt - might help!

What does everyone else think?

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Hi whassup,

My guess is it would be better to do a cleanse when the weather is still on the warm side.

If you do it, please let us know how it goes!


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whassup ,
I personally do not think two Gallons of water a day is very healthy!
It also depends how active you are, how much you eat etc..

Here is a website from Dr. Kim about drinking 2 gals of water.
Although I realize most people would not drink it all at one time.



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Oddly enough I have just been reading up on this from Track Your Plague - another web site/blog that I am getting some information from. Unfortunately you have to join ($$) to get the most benefit from it so I won't post the site.

Plague build up did not happen over night and won't go away over night either from all I have read. The build up could have been caused from not having enough calcium as well as high calcium and the body putting the calcium where the need was the greatest. Without the ushers of the other minerals the calcium went where it should not have stayed. Anyway, the key again is minerals, vitamins, healthy diet, and moderation. NO grains - not sure what it is about grains but anyway.

I know that the BetterBonesBetterHealth site recommends how much vitamin K a body needs, but its speciific to you and not one size fits all - I think that that is important.

Also getting the right diagnosis from the right tests as well.
I have also tracked my foods and I dont' even get 100 g of calcium a day out of them. Course now that has changed as I eat more greens and such.

There will always be someone wanting to profit from another's agony or fears, I tend to hesitate to do something that will cost me ..... must be because I am cheap lol ..... just thought I would add my 2 cents to this topic.

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Vitamin K2 (MK-7) is the best way to stop calcification throughout the body, as it directs calcium to the bones, not soft tissue and organs.

Some helpful and informative links:

What I take daily: [At a great price too!]

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I'm really enjoying this thread!

I've read a lot on this site about the benefits of K2, Magnesium, D3, etc. All of it wonderfully informative.

But now I'm wondering, by following the alkaline diet & supplements, if the plaque will dissolve with time? Or do you live with it forever?

Understanding that one cannot eliminate years' worth of buildup in one day/week/month/whatever, and that 2 gallons of water in one day is excessive, will a gentle cleanse, as this one seems to be, help to eliminate some plaque? Would/could it still be effective with less water per day?

Thoughts anyone?

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Your plaque should dissolve or improve gradually unless you are elderly with attention to everything.

I think that observing your own urination rate or trips to the bathroom would be a good estimation of water intake. The advanced advice os to take a calcium supplement for soft tissue calcification as reducing calcium intake makes this worse. I would suggest a multi-mineral supplement with calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, and manganese. Boron is calcium sparing by reducing losses if magnesium is low for example.
Do the other things such as taking 2000 IU of Vitamin D3.

For Vitamin K, 110 mcg is an average intake, while 250 mcg is a typical intake for the top 25%. Commercial pills can have 1000 mcg of Vitamin K and 1400 mcg of K2. Experiments have been done with 45 mg (45,000 mcg) daily with good results in heart disease and osteoporosis. You might justify taking 2 or 3 pills of K2 as a trial if this is cheaper than the health problems.

Andrew Wyle says that the alkaline theory of calcium control has not proven out in many experiments. I would pay attention to salt intake and phosphorus intake which tends to be high from the soda and protein in modern diets.

Provided that you have no clotting incidents or a family history of clotting strokes or heart attacks, I suggest also taking 2 to 4 grams of the amino acid l-Arginine to lower your blood pressure if that is high.

I would expect results in from three months to a year if you are healthy.

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Thanks Tango!

I think I have the supplement thing covered. And I've been pursuing the alkaline diet, although I seem to be all over the map when I test my pH. ...still working on that.

But then, I thought I was doing pretty well with the diet/supplements/exercise before I got this @&#% osteo diagnosis ealier this year!

As far as water intake, I used to live in the California cental valley - lots of heat for much of the year. But since I've moved to the coast, I don't feel that I drink as much water as I should. However, just a couple of days ago I went for a short hike in warmer climes & my water intake that day was much higher then my usual. Must be a climate thing...

thanks for the info!

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Uma, by calcifications, do you mean kidney stones?

I had a few small kidney stones and also a small amount of calcium in my urine, and my nephrologist wants me to drink lots of water to dilute it. I'm supposed to pee 2.5 liters a day. To do so, I need to drink about 3 liters to get that output.

I'm worried about my "mild calcification of the aorta." I thought it might be caused by taking too much calcium, but my doctors say otherwise. I started vitamin K about 1.25 years ago, so maybe that's helping. I wonder if the calcification was caused by high cholesterol which I had for about 5 years--but now is in the "desireable" range.



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Although I once thought calcifications were kidney stones (and stopped all my supplements), I have since found out that they are not. My best understanding is that they are like tiny dots of calcium.

I'm sorry I have no answer for your other question - hopefully someone will get back to you on that.


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