Reclast shot

My 89 year old mother has been told by her doctor
that she need the Relcast shot. She has no other health
issues and is concerned about having this shot after reading the side effects. I am not sure what to do???

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Hard to say, I guess you need to weigh that decision on a few things. Has she had any fractures at all? At 89 the side effects can be painful and lingering. You can type in Reclast under topics or discussion and read about some peoples first hand experience. The ones I've read never say their doctor warned them that it could be painful, they just found out the hard way. On the other hand , a few have had not major problems and seemed ok. Personally, I would never have the shots or infusion and at 89, if I wasn't having any immediate problems or major concerns, I wouldn't risk the severity of the side effects for someone that age. I wish your mother well as you both ponder this weighty decision.

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I see this discussion is listed under osteopenia. Does you mother have osteopenia or osteoporosis? If at 89 she is only in the osteopenia range, then I say she is doing great. They used to prescribe the medications for osteopenia, supposedly to prevent fractures, but have since reversed that practice b/c it doesn't prevent fractures. It ends up making the bones more brittle. Has your mother taken any of the other OP medication? I had a severe reaction to the generic fosamax -- and it was only 70 mg 1 x week. If my body can't handle that, there is no way my body could handle a yearly dose. My personal opinion is to stay away from reclast. It's a crap shoot. Some folks have no problem, but the ones who do have a problem have major, life altering problems. There are members who have had relatives who were much younger than your mom, with no other health problems, who died from 1 infusion of reclast. My mother will be 83 in November. She went from oseopenia, just into the osteoporosis range. I told her that under no circumstances would I let her take any of these drugs, especially the reclast infusion. I want my mother to be able to enjoy what little time she has left. I do not want her to needlessly suffer from something that the doctor is handing out. Not only can the side effects be terrible, but I also read that it can make arthritis worse. Just my personal opinion, but keep mom away from the reclast. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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You'll find the Reclast discussions by doing a Google search for " Reclast" rather than searching this site.

Also look for CubbieFan.

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I am shocked that a physician would prescribe a Reclast Injection for an 89 year old woman; it borders on outrageous- sorry that is the way i feel. with all of the possible side effects, I just don't get it. She sounds like a fairly healthy 89 year old woman; wow, is all i can say.

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I would not do it. My mother I'd soon to be 96 and is in good health relatively speaking. If you look up reclast you will see it has painful side effects. Osteoporosis can lead to fractures but many folks are careful and don't fall thus extending their functional life. My mom tried the strontium for 5 years. She went from a -4.3 to a -2.9ext dexa should be even better. For her age this is considered very good. She is still very careful not to fall. She did fall flat on her side from a sudden drop in bloopers pressure once a couple years ago and did not sustain a fracture at all. She is quite sensative to meds yet tolerates strontium sell. I will give her a drug holliday though in a month as her 5 years will be up. I'm very satisfied with the results. Charella

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After age 85, the risk of hip fracture goes down even without treatment in a population of women that age. Why? Because they are more likely to die from something else first. It is a morbid thing to think about, as we all want our parents to live forever, but that is a reasonable consideration, as those statistics are based on averages. If your mom is spry, and looks and acts like she's only 69, I'd say go for it, as the benefits will likely outweight the risk. But if she's frail as it typical for someone approaching 90, then its less clear as that the benefit outweighs the risk.

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You could give her MK4, which, as far as I know has only beneficial effects, and has been shown in studies to reduce fracture risk by 80-90%. It's unlikely her doctor will know anything about it, though it's been used in Japan for osteoporosis since 1995.

The studies used 15 mg 3x a day (every 8 hours).

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Hi dxaguru: i read your opinons alot and respect them but honestly I don't see the benefit outweighing the risk here with basically a 90 yr old woman; she could have a very bad reaction; she may not, but she could; sounds like she healthy and feeling fine; so, if it ain't broken don't fit it; anyway that is how i see it.

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Hi, I'm 73 and had a reclast shot last feb. If I were your mother I would run just as fast as I could away from reclast. My shoulders have hurt so bad since I got the shot I can't sleep on my left side. The side effects are so bad, there's a chance she would'nt have any but I wouldn't take that chance. I didn't want the shot but a lame brain nurse gave it to me by mistake. I went to my dentist last week and he told me if I should have to have any work done on my teeth I would have ot see an oral surgeon because of the effects of reclast on the jaw bone. It seems like everyone who has the reclast shot has some bad side effects. There are some meds out there for osteoporosis that have less troublesome side effects. I hope you'll look into them.
Take care of your mother

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I haven't had reclast, or prolia, and I won't. If she were my mother, I wouldn't even consider reclast or prolia because they stay in the system so long and if she has side effects they may be brutal and never go away.

I am finishing 2 years of forteo, and had no known serious effects from that. That's a daily injection and may be more readily tolerated. If not, you're done with it in no time.

But at 89, I seriously question the whole idea of using such treatments.

Please let us know what you decide.

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Hi Smilinglady1,
I had thought about taking forteo if I take anything when my year is up. You didn't have any problems with the forteo? Is it hard to give yourself a shot and where did you take it?
I have been so disgusted with the dreclast I thought I wouldn't do any of the osteo. drugs but am afriad what my bones will do. Right now I'm taking calcium. vitamin d. magnesium and some other things. It's just hard to know what ot do.

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Sillydilly, I didn't have any significant problems that clearly resulted from the forteo. I had some nausea at first, but started injecting before bed, and that took care of it. My hair has gotten thinner, my cholesterol spiked (but that may have been a fluke - I need a retest), and I developed a macular pucker and hole in the retina which probably is unrelated. Others have reported hair loss, so I think forteo is likely responsible for that.

Giving oneself a shot is not hard at all. Forteo comes in a handy dandy prefilled pen that's good for 28 days. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. You can inject into your thigh or abdomen - moving to a different spot each time. The needles are very fine. Just take a deep breath and go.

There is a website and good support - take advantage of it if you choose to try forteo.

Forteo is costly, but my insurance covered it with no problem.

I don't know how effective it has been for me. I was stable at one year. As soon as I finish my last pen I'll get another bone density.

It is hard to know what to do, and I don't know what I'll do after the forteo. They recommend taking it for two years only, but I understand from the pharmacist that some people do continue on it after that.

I hope this is helpful.

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Hello huffe,
First of all, I applaud you for looking into whether your mom should have Reclast or not. At least this tells me that you're not just blindly going into something you're not sure of just because a doctor tells you that she needs the drug. As other people have stated in this forum, there are other ways of helping save your bones. One just has to do extensive research beforehand which is something I never did and I'm paying dearly for that huge mistake now.

I had the drug, Reclast infused in early 2009 at the age of 67 and have been suffering terrible side effects every since. I won't go into all of the side effects I am combating because of this drug now. I just read another Thread about the "positives" of having Reclast infused and as I read along, I noted that a poster made a remark that got my dander up. The poster stated: "There are always those who will choose to be negative about things." I'm not here to talk negative about Reclast, however, I find that it's pretty difficult not do talk negative about it since it has caused me and so many others a life of literal misery.

I'm here to strongly encourage you to do extensive research before you make a decision that could possibly cause your mother a lot of pain and a life of hospitalizations and doctor's office visits, constant medical tests and enormous medical bills.

I've suffered from the first day after my infusion of Reclast right up to today. It absolutely wasn't worth the gamble. The stakes were too high and I lost the quality of life I had enjoyed prior to this poison being infused into my body. I did not "Choose" to be negative about this drug. I am driven now to warn others about what can and does often happen to patients, especially those over 65 years of age.

I wish your mom the very best. I know this is a difficult decision to make. If your mom is doing fairly well now, it might be wise to at least wait till you can do more research on the drug.

God Bless

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I was very pleased to read about your experience w Forteo; I have just been approved to use it by the insurance company.

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Good luck with it. I hope it goes easily.

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Thank you everyone for your input. My mother and I have decided to pass on the shot,
even though her bone density is low she is 89! She is very careful where she walks and
very healthy for her age. I just cant see taking the chance with her health. I appreciate
all the information and I am so glad I found this site. Take care all huffe:)

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I'm relieved, actually. I really think you've done the right thing.

The best to you both!

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I agree with Smiling Lady. Make sure her Vitamin D level is 60-80 ng/mL, give her MK4, and enjoy her company!

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I agree also and am happy for your deçision. Good luck
to you both. Charella

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Seeing Charella's post reminded me that her 95-year-old mother has greatly benefited from strontium citrate. She has fallen and has not fractured. You might want to look into that. I've taken it for 6 1/2 years and have gone from osteopnia to normal bone density. Below are some success stories. But I think the MK4 is also crucial, because it reduced fractures by 80-90% in studies. It doesn't increase density, but it increases bone flexibility--tensile strength. till-more-sucess-stories/ ore-success-stories/

These are about Vitamin K2: it-k-as-mk4-prevents-fractures-by-stimulating-collagen-production/ ew-study-shows-bmd-increase-with-strontium-citrate-vit-k2-mg-and-dha/

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