proleos and vertobraplasty

I'm 54 with postmenopausal osteoporosos. I have multiple thoracic spine fractures.
I cannot tolerate the usual treatment for osteoporosis so my consultant had a battle with the powers that be to get me proleos as it usually is only given to 60years plus. Long story short, i now am on this treatment, just over a week and thankfully the only side effects so far is nausea.
Any idea how long this medication takes to start to strengthen bones?
Any one had bad side effects?

Also I am to see a spinal specialist about vertoplasty (a type of cement injected into the spine) as my back pain is continuous and unbearable.
Any info on any of the above would be very much appreciated.
Any pain relief info etc!

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Welcome to the forum.

I am so sorry to hear about all the pain you are going through. Hopefully other folk on the Forum can advise you about that.

I've been on Strontium Ranelate for about 18 months without any problems. I believe that the progress is slow at improving your bones, with any of the OP treatments. My Consultant said it was pointless having a repeat DEXA scan for at least 2 yrs for this reason. The average repeat scan time in my area is actually 5 yrs, so I have no idea when my repeat appointment will come. Until then I have no idea whether its actually working. Having said that, I feel more confident in my self knowing that I am doing all I can to improve my health and get my life back to normal.

I assume you had blood tests done to measure your mineral, vitamin, hormones etc. Its very important to know whether you have any deficiencies, particularly of Calcium, D3 and Magnesium. Without this information you will be guessing at what/how much, you need to take, out of a wide range of supplements, that you will hear about. Supplements can be a bit of a minefield and you will need to gather information about this subject before you start spending money on them. Read all you can on this subject both from this Forum and the National Osteoporosis Society forum, which is our UK one.

I will not overload you with information as your first priority is pain relief and sorting your spine out.


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Hi Lynh,
thankyou for your reply!
Good to know finally a treatment with no side effects. I feel I will be okay too on this treatment as within a day or two side effects kick in with me, bad ones usually, lips swelling etc. This is also lot's of other medication, as my GP said, it's just me!
I have had blood tests etc, was vitamin D deficient ( as many in this country) so taking prescribed vitamin D and calcium, this has brought my levels up.
I understand what you say about feeling more confident in yourself, especially after 18months. I feel better already after a week! All in my head but hey, whatever helps!
The research shows strotium works well, so fingers crossed for me!

So pleased to hear positive news, surely makes a change!
Thank you for your concern

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Hi A.L.,

You might want to make sure that you don't have any underlying conditions that can cause osteoporosis such as celiac disease, hyperparathyroidism, and Vitamin D deficiency. Ideally your Vitamin D should be 60-80 ng.mL (you may need to covert that to nmol). Most people have to take 1000 iu per 25 lbs of body weight to achieve that level. Be sure it's D3, not D2.

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my consultant made sure there was no underlying conditions to cause osteoporosis.
The main reason for it was early menapause, 45 yrs, plus many years of ant acid meds that is just coming to light stops your body absorbing essential nutrients, so years of eating properly, exercise, not smoking, drinking very little has not helped my illness!
My thyroid has been border line for years but my GP wont medicate. This seems to differ from GP to GP!
Thanks for help!

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