partial hip replacement (head of femur)

I broke my hip 12 weeks ago. Am walking at home without a cane, but find that my lower backbothers me and am very stiff after sitting or lying. would love to hear of other's experiences with broken hip. how long before you could drive a car again - how long before walking normally as before the break etc

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My first question would be--are you receiving physical therapy or did you receive it after surgery? Do you have a limp when you walk--you may be unaware if you do so you might look in a mirror and see--face the mirror and walk towards it. You'll quickly see if you do. If you do, I would recommend using a cane or, better yet, Exerstriders, until you can walk without a limp.
It may be as long as a year until you feel more "normal" on your hip. Hip surgery is pretty traumatic--I'm not sure what type you had--replacement/pinning? Takes awhile to heal completely. Be patient.
As for other precautions, re driving, increasing activity etc, check with your surgeon. He/she is the only person who should give ok's on that. Some surgeons are more conservative than others and, personally, I think a conservative approach is best. You want this fixation to last a long time. Re-dos are not fun.
Hope this helps.

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thankyou Sarah yes I have had 7 weeks of PT and continue with exercise.
there is much that is not included with PT namely education. ie. that the rest of the body's muscles get weak and need tobe exercised.
I have done some more research and found some more answers.
thank you for your info which is helpful.
I had a partial replacement.

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Yes, after I reviewed the initial posting I saw that you did have a partial hip replacement. You definitely need to be in contact with your surgeon as to precautions and also when you can increase activity.
Good luck. It's a longer haul than you probably expected, I know. but you'll get there.

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I had a partial hip replacement 16 months ago and still have a slight limp. I've had physical therapy off and on, but I've never fully regained my strength. Five months ago I fell again and had a severe compression fracture of L1. I had surgery for this (kyphoplasty). Now I experience aches and pains throughout my body off and on when I walk. It's probably muscle aches or osteoarthritis. I also now and then feel pain in the leg that has the hip replacement. The surgeon x-rayed the hip last week and said it looked OK. I am thankful that I am able to get around without a cane or walker. It could have been a lot worse, according to the statistics. Good luck to you.

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Thank you Sarah
I am in close touch with my surgeon.

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Thank you for your response. I am sorry to read of the difficulties you have been having.
I have since discovered that the weakness all over that I have been experiencing is because of th 3 months that I have had to take it rather slowand easy and not able to do my usual exercise so that everything has become weak. Doing upper body exercise and hopefully getting on my bike (stationary) soon will increase my stamina. all is a little complicated by atrial fibrillation which is constant and is medicated.
I wish you well and have a better 2009.

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Karweik - I'm not certain about this, but you may want to check if it is ok to use a bike. I vaguely remember someone telling me not to use a stationary bike so soon after hip replacement.

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I already know that my doc approves of bikes and I will bechecking with him tomorrow when I see him as towhether I can start slowly. will keep you posted

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Thanks. I'm rooting for you.

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saw the doc and I got his ok for use of bike and best of all I can drive again. So I drove my son who had taken to the doc home.
I have a ways to go interm of walking with greater ease and exercising to increase my stamina, the bike willl help with that. Five min at a time!

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