OSTINOL natural supplement supposed stimulate osteoblasts

i went to my natural doctor today and she thought my supplements that i was taking was a good start but wants me to try ostinol. ostinol is put oou by zycal bioceuticals and has been CLINICALLY PROVEN to stimulate mesnchymal stem cells that grow bone(thats osteoblasts). its a bone derived protein compleX which containsBMP, BONE MORPHOGENETIC PROTEINS. it is supposed to naturally activate bone and cartilage growth. im now taking 2 tablets a day. she feels strongly that it will reverse my osteoporosis. but, im also 42 yrs old and i have no medical problems or diseases to get under control. ostinol is supposed to repair the inner bone, unlike biophosphinates she explained work on the outer layer of the bone and just causes bone to be more brittle. i just wantd to share this with everyone in case it might help someone else also.the webite is www.zycalbio.com. my doctor also explained that this BMP was originally used by orthopedic surgeons on their patients to ensure that they grew good quality bone and the fracture healed well.

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The "CLINICALLY PROVEN" results look pretty vague. A nice slick website but very little real science...caveat emptor.

Unless a product has been evaluated by the FDA via legit double blind, placebo controlled studies with a large cohort, it is more than likely just another MLM snake oil pitch.

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Actually, the research looks interesting. here's the link. http://www.zycalbio.com/research.htm
Anyone else have direct knowledge or results?

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As I understand it, protein and hormone based therapies (interferons, epotein alpha, teraparatide, thymus extract etc) must be delivered by injection or implantation. If ingested orally, they are digested in the gut just like a piece of hotdog and have no therapeutic value.

BMP's manufactured via recombinant DNA are available by prescription, but must be injected or implanted. I may be wrong, but the BMP's in the product in question would have no value if taken orally.

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iwe dont know, but its worth a try. we will see when i get my second dexta scan in march. my doctor had told me that she has had very good results with it. she does not promote many products, but believes in this one. so we will see.

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I would love to be able to believe that this method of taking ostinol is effective in building bones. And I agree, ostinol is used in joint surgery and it appears to work well. However, it is given via injections, not tablets.
When I google 'ostinol side effects', the first few sites I find (googling from Europe) are blogs and articles written by employees of Zycal.
I'm a website builder/promoter, so I know that any company wishing to make an impression can get articles about their product to the top of google with just a little skill. And this makes me wonder about the real effectiveness of this product.
But if it works for you Stefff, I will be very pleased for you.

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@ steff... I hope it works for you and you get an improvement on your next DEXA. I am open to any meds or herbs that produce provable results. I would be interested in your doctor's explanation of how the BMP proteins in the Ostinol product escape being digested in the stomach as all other proteins are. In the research studies sited on the Zycal website, only injectable and implantable forms of BMPs are studied, not an oral compound. I didn't find any clinical trials using the orally ingested form of BMPs found in the Ostinol product.

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This product seems very expensive, do you buy yours from this site? how much did your doctor recommend you take?

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pines, yes its pretty pricey, i paid 45$ a botte and was told to take 2 a day.but i cant put a price on my health and bones. i have to improve my bone health BEFORE i hit menopause.so im doing everything i can for now.

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