I have osteopenia which has stayed stable for the last 4 yrs. My last 2 density tests were in 2006 and this year, Sept 2009. My doctor thought that I should get Reclast. There are a lot of side effects and at the age of 51, I don't relish adding more aches and pains. I've heard some war stories that cause me to rethink having the infusion. I work as an CMA at a Urology practice and we give Zometa infusions which is just another form of zoledronic acid just a lesser dosage. It's given once a year instead of the higher dose of Reclast given q 2 yrs. My PC office said they were not the same which also concerns me because I know they are. Is there any other way to keep my bone density stable? Should I do more than what I am doing now by diet? Osteoporosis runs rampant in my family so if I need to do something now that will positively affect me later, then I am all for it. But if what I'm doing is fine then I just want to stay my course. Would love any input, advise, support I can get.

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Hello littlenana,

I'm new to this site, so I hope others chime in here. My impression from what I've read is that you have many, many options. If I were in your place, I'd resist Reclast, too. Strontium citrate supplements and bone-building exercises seem a better way to go at this point. You don't even have osteoporosis yet!

Another site that I've found useful in my research is this one:

Almost everything I've read there is validated by people's experiences here in this discussion group.

Good luck!


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littlenana, why does your doctor suggest a med if you have maintained over the years and are osteopenia? Please have Vitamin D test. Also, please Search my discussion post: Ask the Professionals and search the community members discussion posts for lifestyle changes, exercise for bone loss; etc. which may help you with your decision.

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Hello, I had Aclasta [reclast] last March- no side effects whatsoever! Research has been good for it. I am 55 and bones sre breaking! I'll do anything to help. I've also read some bone buiding drugs end up causing brittle bones. so Aclasta for me.

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Search the site. Reclast is extreme for osteopenia, in my opinion. Listen to sdivas here and search through the site for plenty of discussion on this issue.

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