Organic calcium (Algaecal) vs. calcium citrate

I've been reading that it is better to take organic calcium like Algaecal instead of inorganic calcium like calcium citrate because it's more natural and the body absorbs it better. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in Jan.
So, I recently bought and am taking Source of Life Natures Plus Organic calcium (Algaecal) bit it costs a lot more than calcium citrate.
What do you think? Is it really better than calcium citrate and worth the extra expense? What have you read/heard? Thanks everyone.

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I am giving it a shot too after years of trying the other.
good luck to us.

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That's how I feel too. I had taken calcium carbonate and citrate (1000 mg plus D) for a few years before I was diagnosed . Maybe the organic algaecal is better absorbed. My head is spinning from all the info out there. Which brand of organic calcium are you taking?

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Calcium absorption refers to the difference between what is ingested and what makes it into the bloodstream. It has nothing to do with how much of that caclium becomes incorporated into the bone. Taking more calcium, or using a more absorbable form in the same dosage (e.g. 1000 mg of calcium citrate vs 1000mg of algaecal), will not force the extra calcium into bone unless you were extremely calcium deficient or not absorbing any at all of one form.

If you have normal or high 24 hr urinary calcium excretion with a normal PTH level, then you are getting more than adequate calcium absorption regardless of the source. Taking a more absorbable calcium (this is assuming that algacal is more aborbable, but a reference to a peer-reviewed journal article, not some advertiser's word for it), will not make your bones stronger than any other form of calcium. In the case of algaecal, it will certainly make your urine more expensive.

One other point about "better absorbed" claims. You need to know how much better absorbed. IS it 50% better? Is it only 2% better? Even if its 50% better absorbed, but costs 150% more per mg, you are indeed only making your urine more expensive, because in this case it would still be cheaper to take twice as much of the lesser aborbable form. Calcium ion is calcium ion. Once in the bloodstream it can go to unmineralized osteoid (make new bone), or it will go out the kidneys, because the body closely regulates serum calcium within a narrow range. If you absorb calcium from the gut faster or in larger amounts than the body can use, it dumps it immediately in the urine. And it is how much that shows up in urine that is measured when one company claims better absorption, not that it can magically force its calcium ion into bone any better than another.

Unless there is some odd reason why you cannot absorb any calcium in any other form at all, you are wasting money making some supplement company richer because "its organic" because calcium is an inorganic metal and it doesn't have little signs hanging from each atom saying "I came from an expensive organic source, use me first."

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Very interesting post dxaguru - we are all tempted by "organic" and "better absorbed" claims with calcium being so important for us Osteo sufferers. Very good points - calcium is calcium and we don't need to spend a lot more on these other supplements. We are all vulnerable while in shock from being diagnosed and want to take the best things to build bone. That's what marketing is all about and that is why this site is so good to join - we can sift through all the information, learn about the different brands of supplements and make informed choices for ourselves. We have to take a lot of things everyday so if we can choose the best price then good news for all of us. I take eggshell calcium (very low cost) and sometimes make it myself from my chicken's eggs - free range and organic. Anyone else taking this?

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It's known what substances are needed for bone nutrition: calcium, magnesium, manganese, boron, zinc, iodine, Vitamin D, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K2. These are all discussed in Lara Pizzorno's book "Your Bones." They are available in inexpensive forms from many online sellers, and in stores. If people want to fall for a fancy website and a marketing program, that's not surprising. Advertising works. That's why the Big Pharma people use Sally Field and TV ads for Fosamax. But the needed substances are actually easy to get and (with the exception of Vitamin K2 as MK4) mostly inexpensive. If you do the research, you can find them at good prices. My suggestion: don't succumb to MARKETING. Do your homework.

I think it is unwise to try to get everything needed in one supplement. That's because you'd either have to take too many pills or they would be way too large. By finding the best buys for each nutrient (or group of nutrients) it's possible to get everything necessary in the right amounts.

I have been on this site since November 2011, shortly before I found out I had increased my bone mineral density by more than 25% in five years. How I did that can be found in the discussion “More Success Stories,” here: ore-success-stories/

After looking at every supplement that has been mentioned on this site in the last 6 months, I still think NOW Full Spectrum Minerals is the best place to start. They are not expensive, and contain all the MINERALS needed for strong bones. The form of calcium, hydroxyapatite is very absorbable--and it obviously works. Vitamin D3 is inexpensive, and there's no need to pay big bucks for it because it's allegedly RAW or hyped for some other reason. I get mine at

You can actually get osteoporosis from a MANGANESE deficiency (the famous basketball player Bill Walton did), so be sure you get ALL the minerals, not just a few. (Too much manganese isn't good, either.)

I tried Vitamin K2 as MK7, but found that it kept me awake. MK4, though it's more expensive, has helped my skin and sinuses in addition to my bones. I suggest you try a small amount of MK7 and see if it will work for you. But you might want to read up on the two. If you have severe osteoporosis and can afford it, you might want to take 15 mg of MK4 3 times a day, which is the amount used in some studies showing its effectiveness.

The small amounts of Vitamin B and Vitamin C in many supplements are not too helpful. You might buy both as separate supplements. I use NOW Vitamin B-50 (once daily), and Buffered C-1000, (twice daily). Buffered C is calcium ascorbate, which is easier on your stomach than ascorbic acid, and it also provides 220 mg. calcium.

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Hi everyone, I take all the supplements mentioned in this site and silica too - not just calcium. I was just explaining that I now use eggshell calcium along with every other vit and mineral recommended - I rattle with so many pills. I take liquid silica as read that was the best way. Never used to take anything before being diagnosed with Osteo 7 months ago - wish I had now but used to think we got all our vits and minerals from food. Think that was possible years ago when the soil was good and full of minerals but now even when using organic we still need supplements. Hindsight eh! Exercise so important too - I struggle with this but am trying. I am always active and busy but do not do enough of the weight bearing exercises I should. I'm trying to get into a routine. I do go to alignment yoga every week and I love this for keeping me supple - no bending or weird positions in this yoga so good for Osteo.

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