"New Source of vitamin D"

Not really looking to start discussion - just passing on info I read last night in Bottom Line Health Magazine - the entire tidbit was as follows:

"New source of vitamin D. The FDA began allowing commercial bakers to infuse bread yeast with up to133 international units (IU) of vitamin D per slice (about four times the amount previously permitted and about one-fifth of the recommended dietary allowance for adults). To boast your vitamin D levels: Look for bread products labeled "High," "Rich in" or "Excellent Source of" vitamin D. This vitamin helps prevent osteoporosis, boosts immunity and helps reduce inflammation."
This info was contributed by Kirk B. Anderson, PhD, acting Director, office of food additive safety, FDA Silver Spring, Maryland.

IMO: Vitamin D on top of our genetically modified (GM) wheat. What a trade- off! I wish Monsanto, government, etc. would leave Mother Nature alone. However, at least one can pronounce Vitamin D on a food label.

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My suggestion.....buy (or make) bread made from organic flour (GMO free) and take your Vit.D supplement separately.

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I do.

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Unless it says the vitamin d is the good "D3" vitamin D it will be the bad Vitamin D2,

I drank 2% milk for years before my first heart attack and then the heart doctors said I would have to drink skim milk. So I did and four years later had a second devastating heart attack. It turns out that only whole milk has D3 added. So that is what I drink now.

D2 the bad D is added to children’s cereal and a host o other food items.

Did the bad "D2" in the two different "Milks" cause my heart attacks? Probably not but I believe "they" help contribute to it.

If a doctor prescribes a large vitamin D shot, it is going to be D2.


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IMO, there is nothing wrong with GMO. Human insulin keeps millions of diabetics alive today, but the human insulin is being manufactured by GM bacteria. Polio was eradicted by the use of GM live polio virus. There isn't enough airable land in the US to feed our own citizens, nor would the majority of us be able to afford to eat, without GM crops that resist diseases, drought conditions, and insects without the need for dangerous applications of chemicals to foul our water and filter up the food chain (remember DDT?). In a period of global warming, GMO may be the key to our survival.

If you are against GMO, you must also be against embryonic stem cell research and gene therapy, because they too, are forms of GMO's.. humans!

But if you believe in organics, and can afford them, I see no harm in using them. IMHO.

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Well, I can't believe how any normally intelligent person can be in favour of growing GMO grains, which are causing worldwide devestation. I don't need to provide web sites that provide evidence of this, just google it.

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On one hand, I like Dr. Mercola because he tends to enlighten/educate us but then, on the other hand, he wants us to buy a product he has formulated and or is touting so I often question his motives and info. However, to date, I haven't noticed him selling bread, pasta, flour, etc. and he seems to indeed be leading the crusade against GMO's. Yet I REALLY do respect your opinion, dxaguru, so will review /research the info he and others have presented. At this point tho - "Don't mess with Mother Nature" is still my posture and mantra.

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Why is Vit. D2 bad? I am on 50,000 units once a week for osteoporosis. That's Vit. D2. I understand that you cannot get Vit. D3 in such a large dose. What is the difference between Vit. D2 and Vit D3?

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Vitamin D3, Vitamin D2. They’re the same thing right? Well, no. Vitamin D Absorption is very much affected by which type of Vitamin D that you are taking. Vitamin D comes in two different formulations. Vitamin D2, also called ergocalciferol; and Vitamin D 3, also called cholecalciferol.
Vitamin D2 was the first synthetic form of Vitamin D and is the form of vitamin d in all Vegan Vitamin D. It was used, and still is in many cases, to fortify foods, make some Vitamin D supplements and is the basis for ALL Prescription Vitamin D. Most over the counter Vitamin D supplements and ALL prescription Vitamin D supplements contain Vitamin D2. So what's the difference? Vitamin D is Vitamin D, right? And a PRESCRIPTION is going to provide a form with the best Vitamin D absorption and the best quality, right? Unfortunately, no.
But it is a far inferior form of Vitamin D that does not get absorbed into the body well. This is a phenomenon called bioavailability- or in this case simply Vitamin D Absorption. Many vitamins are not necessarily bioavailable, therefore taking vitamins does not mean that you actually ABSORB the vitamin.
Vitamin D2 is one of these vitamins that is not very bioavailable, yet this is the ONLY form used in the Vitamin D 50,000 IU pills that you will get from EVERY pharmacy!!
The Vitamin D Research supports this extremely well:
• “… cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) is substantially more potent than ergocalciferol (vitamin D2).” ‘Vitamin D in Health and Disease’ Heaney, RP
• “Vitamin D2 should not be regarded anymore as suitable for supplementation or fortification.” From ‘Vitamin D2 or vitamin D3?’ Mistretta, VI et al
• “D2 (ergocalciferol) has lower bioactivity, poorer stability, and shorter duration of action, resulting in approximately 33% lower potency compared with vitamin D3” From ‘The Value of Vitamin D3 over Vitamin D2 in Older Persons’ Barbara J. Zarowitz PharmD, FCCP, BCPS, CGP, FASCP

Read more: http://www.easy-immune-health.com/Vitamin-D3.html#ixzz2FtjJFsaK

“Vitamin D2, or ergocalciferol, should not be regarded as a nutrient suitable for supplementation or fortification.” From ‘The case against ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) as a vitamin supplement’. Houghton LA, Vieth R.
• "...Vitamin D2 is only about 20-40% as effective as cholecalciferol …” Michael F. Holick, ‘The Vitamin D Epidemic and its Health Consequences’.
Not JUST Absorption
If it were simply an issue of worse absorption, then you could simply take more to do the same job. But unfortunately, vitamin D 2 just doesn't DO the job that vitamin D is Supposed to do.
One consequence of vitamin D deficiency is that the Parathyroid Gland becomes overactive, altering calcium metabolism. When vitamin D is replenished, then parathyroid hormone is lowered back to normal levels. But in a few studies, the parathyroid hormone was NOT decreased to normal with the administration of vitamin d2, but it DID decrease to normal with the Vitamin D3!
You can see that Vitamin D Absorption and effectiveness is Very Dependent upon which type of Vitamin D you choose, and that it’s a no-brainer to choose the right form of Vitamin D supplement.

Read more: http://www.easy-immune-health.com/Vitamin-D3.html#ixzz2FtjV12Kk

If you choose to do Vitamin D Therapy , don't bother getting a "Prescription Strength" Vitamin D supplement, just go Buy Yourself a Bottle of Vitamin D 3 instead.
Make sure that it says Vitamin D 3 or cholecalciferol.
But aren't Vitamin D 3 supplements dangerous? Can't you Overdose on Vitamin D?
There is a risk to everything that you do. So, of course there is a risk with taking Vitamin D 3 supplements.
But.... click next find out the truth.


This is from: 2006 American Society for Clinical Nutrition

Vitamin D2, if given in high enough doses, prevents infantile rickets and is capable of healing adult osteomalacia. However, the inefficiency of vitamin D2 compared with vitamin D3, on a per mole basis, at increasing 25(OH)D is now well documented, and no successful clinical trials to date have shown that vitamin D2 prevents fractures (19-21, 47). Given the assumption that the intake of any nutrient will deliver defined effects [ie, supplementation with vitamin D will lead to an increase in 25(OH)D or fracture prevention], it is clear that vitamin D2 does not fit this current nutritional notion. This is not to suggest that vitamin D2 is not efficacious, but, because the units of the 2 forms is clearly not equivalent, likely due to its distinct metabolic features and diminished binding of vitamin D2 metabolites to DBP in plasma, continual application of vitamin D2 in clinical use, including in research trials, only serves to confound our understanding of optimal vitamin D dosing recommendations. Furthermore, the public expects to derive the equivalent effect per unit dose of vitamin D, whether it is vitamin D2 or vitamin D3. The scientific community is aware that these molecules are not equivalent. Therefore, vitamin D2 should no longer be regarded as a nutrient appropriate for supplementation or fortification of foods.



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What a chunk of info! Awesome!

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Agree! Awesome info on Vitamin D3 versus Vitamin D2!

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I would think that the questions of GMO needs to be decided on a case by case analysis. Its easy for GMO produced insulin to be precisely equal to the molecule made by nature, but that is a different question from eating a whole organism or the ecology supported by the GMO organism. I generally support GMO research except where it would be stupid or unethical such as creation of deadly organisms.

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When you had your heart attacks there may have been D2 in the milk. But I went and looked at our bottles of 1% and 2% and they have D3.

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I looked at the milk at Ingalls the other day and only their whole milk had D3. The 1%,2%, skim milk had D2.

What brand milk did you see?

At any rate that's great if some of the stores are changing to D3...

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Both our milks the 1% Giant Eagle house brand and The 2% from a local dairy say D3. We also buy from Kroger and I'll check the next time I go there.

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update: They have changed all the different milks' D additive to D3 at Cvs and Ingalls since I last looked several weeks ago... Yeaaaaaa!

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Thank you, Torn2tears, for the information on Vit.D2. My doctor prescribed the Vit. D2 and I will talk to her in April about switching to Vit. D3....

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You're most welcome lljubie...

Be sure to take at least 2 milligrams to 5 milligrams of K2 mk4 with a teaspoon of coconut oil or olive oil each night with your 5000 iu's or 10000 iu's of D3.

(Three times a day with the K2 mk4 with oil would be even better, but for now try just at night only with the D3)

Then every 3 months if you can have your D3 blood levels checked to keep your D3 between 60 to 80 ng/ml.

Be well,


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Thank you ever so much for the suggested supplements and dosage levels. I alread have the Vit. D3 and also have the coconut oil on hand. D3 between 60 and 80 ng/ml seems like a doable goal. See my doctor in April and hope she tests levels again. Bye bye, thanks again.

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Thank you for the info. What is k2mk4? Is itma vitamin k? Cannot have vit k because of blood thinner..

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If you can wait until you finish your course of coumadin, plavix or whatever I would suggest doing so...

If you are on blood thinners for life I think you can take very small amounts of K2 mk4 several hours away from taking your blood thinners. Although it would be best to find a Doctor, who would monitor your blood while doing blood thinners with a tad of K2 mk4.

I was on Coumadin, Plavix and aspirin for over a year and stumbled onto K2 mk4 after I had finished those thinners.


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