New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care Calcium Supplement

After much reading, I have chosen to try New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care calcium supplement. Vivian Goldschmidt in her book, Save Our Bones, recommends an algae based calcium which is what New Chapter is. Has anyone else tried this form of calcium supplement or any other algae based calcium supplement?

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Thanks for the info. Do you take any particular calcium citrate or just any from a local drug store or Vitamin Shoppe?

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I too tried algae calcium and developed leg pain and had to stop taking it.

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Thanks, Alli. It is good to know that I am not the only one who had problems with algae calcium.

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yes i have tried them but bone -up is much better it has everthing in it to build bones

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life force is a better vit

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the best is to take it with your cal. and bone up is the best cal it comes in veg too

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Thanks for the info.

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Hi "54",
What a shock to learn that New Chapter "Bone Strength Take Care" contains calcium carbonate! My understanding is that calcium carbonate is from oyster shells and not assimilated by the body well at all -- that's why calcium citrate is much better. I like the fact that the product does contain K2 which is suppose to help the calcium go into the bone rather than the blood which can clog up the system.

Would you mind sharing your conversation that you had with New Chapter with everyone? Since this is an expensive product, I sure don't want to be taking calcium that is less than effective.

Thanks 54!

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I just called New Chapter also. I was told it is not calcium carbonate. I have been taking it for several years and didn't want to be wasting my money on carbonate. I hope the person I talked to is right.

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I also take New Chapters and so far no problems with it. So others also like the produts as take their MVI also the one a day for women. Wanttolearn

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I'm so glad that New Chapters is being discussed on
this site. I was just about to try it and add more D3
(it only has 1000),

This tireless search for the right calcium and the
right amounts of calcium and magnesium has me dizzy.
We are all brave warriors. I am so thankful for this site.

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I'm sure I've read that different forms of algae have varying amounts of arsenic - put me off algae altogether.

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After 2 months of searching for the right combination of calcium, that I can tolerate, Vit. D3, and magnesium, I am now trying Jarrow's Bone Up along with an extra D3 and a multivitamin. I am having such trouble finding a calcium that I can tolerate, that does not cause gas or constipation. I developed side effects to calcium citrate. I hope the Bone Up is the answer.

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Is anyone concerned with the high-level of vit A in the New Chapter product- excessively high according to my Internist?

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Your leg cramps may be due to low Magnesium in your blood. I recommend reading this book available through Transdermal Magnesium Therapy by Mark Sircus. It is an easy read and quite interesting.

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kadijo & Alli,
I do not think you get leg cramps from your Calcium.
I Believe its from the Vitamin K2, or 3.
I get Leg cramps from taking Vitamin K also..
My Dr. at the time, said he never heard of that!!
The health food store I go too, said he has two other Women that come in with the same problem from K.

I have mentioned the leg cramps from K2 here before, and nobody has responded.!
Glad to know I'm not the only one here with that problem..

I now check every vitamin I take to make sure there is not any K in it. But I do think we are low in Magnesium, that is where the problem is, at least for me.

I did buy from my health food store, "Hylands" homeopathic little pills for leg cramps . I just put one under my tonge (sp?) and the cramps are gone in a second. I use to carry them in my purse.
If I eat too many Organic Greens in a salad that I grow, I also get leg cramps, as that has allot of K in it.

I'm now taking more Mag, and upped my D3 to 5000 iu, and it seems ok, but I still do not take K if I can help it. Although K2 or 3 is very good for the calcium to absorb in our bones.
I just had allot of tests done, and my Mag is NOT low, so this might be some type of inbalance we have.
If anyone can figure it out, let us know?

Thanks for your input. I think your right..
I went into Amazon to check out the book you mentioned. I need to read more, (always read the reviews) and I will probably buy the book.

My question now is, can we take too much Magnesium, and what happens if we do?

Another good book on Magnesium to take a look at on:
The book is called: The Magnesium Miracle,
By Carolyn Dean..Which is very interesting.

I have bought a New Chapter product that is a Anti-inflamatory a friend told me about, and I got sick from it the second time I took it, tried it again, and got sick. She took it without any problem!
I think what we have to remember, we are all different, and what works for one, might not work for another, or would be just fine.
I keep experimenting, then we hear its not good for us, or its great!
I don't know what to think anymore, except ,
Never Give Up..

For me, I hope I never have to take Osteo Drugs, that made me sick for almost 3 weeks (boniva).

I just remembered. Two weeks ago I bought a can of ,
GREENS Super Foods, a All Natual Drink Powder I put in smoothies.
This has vitamin K 38mcg in it and I didn't get leg cramps, but I notices its not K2 !.
I do not drink this everyday.


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I don't see any Vit. A listed in the New Chapter product.

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I started taking Vitamin D3 almost a year now. I recently had a few things happen that led to either forgetting to take or just not taking my vitamins. The pain returned in the thoracic part of my spine were I have experienced 4 fractures. I started back on 5000 one day 10000 the next along with my vitamins and fish oil. The pain seem to all but go away. Now I have done this several times kinda of experimenting with my own body and each time I did not take my D3 for several days the pain would come back. So I do believe totally that D3 helps me a lot.

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Iam trying garden of life calcium,they think calcium might be going in artery,testing in two weeks

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Dear notnow00:

Wondering what are you (and others on this thread) are doing for exercise, body mechanics etc.

Sara Meeks

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