microcrystalle hydroxyapatite calcium (mcha calcium)

i'm hearing calcium citrate w/ vit d and mag is a very absorable calcium..my question is has anyone take mcha calcium..bone calcium from grass fed free range cattle? its supposed to be a living clacium..bone building calcium...any comments? anyone familiar with Jordan Rubin?

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Sounds like a promo to me. "A Living" calcium supplement? How might that be described? A living thing has the ability to reproduce itself. A living thing has nutritional needs. Whether it is a bacterium or a fish or an elephant or a person. I do not think something that comes in a bottle as a supplement fits this description.
Calcium citrate is a good form of calcium and combined with Vitamin D3 and magnesium serves as a useful form of supplementation. You can easily find it in the stores. No need for internet hype.
Lucy Buckley PT aka Mother Goose

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there is so much out there for us consumers with regards to osteoporosis... it is mind boggling at times .. you hear a lot of good about MCHA being more bioavailable but it is confusing too????

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Alli, what does bioavailable mean?

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I have taken this type of calcium for three years, recommended by an alternative clinician. My last test results were worse than the ones three years ago so I don't know if the calcium is the answer. I never heard anything about it being "living" but it was supposed to be more easily digestible. I have an appointment with an endocrinologist in August. Hoping she will have some good recommendations.

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meaning more digestable and more absorbable

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I Have been taking Living Calcium Advanced with MCHA calcium for the past year. I had a Reclast infusion last August. My doctor told me that it might take 3 years worth of reclast for it to work, but I just had another bone density test. It showed that my bones are getting denser by a small margin. It seems to be working for me.

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As I understand it, magnesium must be present for calcium to be absorbed, and your vitamin D levels must be high enough to "talk" between all your different systems. Mother Goose is generally right on with her suggestions. When she speaks, listen.

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I like all of these replys!
from these friends remarks, i have five books coming on detoxify , digestion, and, SAVE OUR BONE program [author Vivian] --it is pricey but refundable and good prefaces.

when I get these, i will be on here with observations

AND I DO BELIEVE THAT MILK IS BAD for adults; it is animal protein, thus leeches from bones instead of adding to. some calcium is more- absorbable, test in water? and only deep sea --not shell?

and I like to include the B's and antioxidants for digestion and synergys [did i spell that right?]

a reputable company will give a proper balance of vitamin minerals [usually MDR which is most often negative to most of us]. keep ready: the body likes to have, in-waiting, in case it needs a quick vitamin or trace mineral--
these are the basic one a day--maintenance .


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