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I am new and may be posting this question in the wrong place, but I would like to know if anyone has information as to what type of bed is best suited to Osteo patients?

I already have a love/hate relationship with purchasing beds. I am in the process of replacing a bed that has failed and is under warranty. Since body alignment seems to be so important; I am trying to decide between an innerspring, a latex foam or tempurpedic material.

Any opinions will be greatly appreciated. Purchasing a new bed is much like buying a used car; there is no way to know if it works until you bring it home.

Thanks for your help.


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Hi Nancy: I have a tempurpedic, and love it. In my area, the co has a 3 mo trial, so if you want to try it out without committing to it first, call around and see if they are offering this sleep trial in your area. I used to have a inner spring matt but it was causing too much joint pain. I don't know if a tempurpedic is good for osteoporosis, but I do know if you have any back/joint problems it works very well.

Good Luck

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I had a Sealy Posturepedic that was killing my back. Recently purchased a firm Beautyrest by Simmons that is NOT comfortable. I had tried a foam topper previously that felt like I had "sinking" into and just could not sleep with it. Am at my wits end some nights and mornings with back pain and if anyone knows how to make a firm mattress a bit softer, I'm open to it. Thanks!

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Hi bdcapell: Since you just bought a Beautyrest, then the Tempurpedic would be out of the question, right? So if you are trying to soften what you currently have, I'm wondering if you've tried a down topper, since the foam didn't work. Also what depth of foam did you get? Was it over 4 inches or less, and was it memory foam? My tempurpedic doesn't cause that sinking that you are referring to, but there is a less expensive model of tempur, that some say does that. I haven't had that problem with my model, and I've had it for 3 years.

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I was having a lot of bone pain and I bought a pillow top mattress. I found that this got rid of the pressure points I had been having and I sleep better. Also, since I share the bed with my husband we went to a king so that there were seperate box springs and less transfer of vibrations when he got in or out of bed.
good luck

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Thanks for the idea of the down topper; the memory foam one I tried was the 4" thick model (too deep!). Glad you're sleeping well, I'm still trying!

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I live in Florida and have spent a LOT of time in bed the last 2 1/2 years due to a sequence of major fractures - ankle, knee, elbow, plus a second surgery on the ankle. Tempurpedic is very hot to sleep on, much sweating and the memorey does degrade. We switched to an air bed, (sleep number, etc.) king, 2 seperate controls, & it made a world of difference. I can adjust the degree of firmness at any time. Sometimes really soft, caassionaly firmer. Haven't regretted if for a second - My parents have 3. Gotta run, hope this helps.

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Recently, I purchased a Select Comfort mattress, to the delight of my physical therapist. A friend recommended the Select Comfort. Her family has several and liked the least expensive version best. They are expensive but have a 20 yr warranty. The Q size has dual control. Ask the dealer how to adjust for proper firmness.

Hope this helps.

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Hello Windblown,

Thank you for responding to my question about mattresses and the fact that you like your Tempurpedic. I did a lot of research before trying to choose another bed. We were replacing our bed under warranty due to a mattress failure. This was the second bed to fail in three years and through my research I discovered the problem is industry wide. That information comes from numerous consumer message boards, sales people (taken with a grain of salt), Web MD, and from manufacturer websites. I was fortunate to even get it replaced because the warranties are written in favor of the manufacturer. Even if the claims adjustor acknowledges a defect in the mattress; the mattress cover cannot even have a microscopic spot of any kind or the warranty is voided and that determination is made by the delivery people when the replacement mattress is delivered.

My replacement was delivered today and before the delivery guys arrived; I removed all the bedding, turned on all the lights and scrutinized the bed with a fine tooth comb. We had put a water proof mattress protector on this bed when we bought it and the only time it was removed was for washing. When the delivery guys arrived and inspected the bed, they both went over the bed, feeling with their hands and looking. When they got to the foot of the bed; I was told there was a mark on it and they could not take it back. It took awhile, but I finally was able to see something that looked like a fold in the fabric and a very light line, possibly discoloration in the fabric. I could not deny they saw something and the warranty does state there cannot be any type of mark on the fabric. The delivery guys are contracted and do not even work for the store where the bed was purchased. I understood their position because they said if they took it back and it was not perfect then they were charged for the bed. I asked them to please allow me to speak with their supervisor, and upon doing so, he agreed to accept the bed back. I could tell he had heard this same story before.

I tell you and the other readers this as a warning of what the consumer is up against with the warranty. This bed was being returned due to an acknowledged structural failure and replacement hinged on whether or not the cover was perfect. What that tells me is the bed will be, possibly sterilized or not, and returned to the store to be sold as a clearance item. That is why I put so many hours into choosing another bed.

Now that I have bored you with the facts; I did purchase a Tempurpedic Rhapsody model and it was the only bed in the store that did not cause any pain. I had always heard the Tempurpedic was hot and so I researched those facts as well. If anyone goes to the Tempurpedic website and looks at the features of each mattress from, the first one made, until now; it is easy to see how the structure has changed and more egg crate foam has been added to allow air circulation. I may hate this one in a few days, but it does appear that the temperature issue has been addressed. The purchaser's weight will definitely be a factor in how far they sink into the bed, so they need to be sure to purchase one with enough support for their size.

I am praying that all the research paid off and we finally have a bed that will hold up and remain comfortable for some years to come.

Again, thank you for your reply and I hope my research will help someone else.


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Hi bdcapell,

If the down topper does not help, you might want to try another Tempurpedic topper no more than two inches thick if you weigh less than 165 or a three inch if you weigh over 185. You can read my post to windblown about the research I did before purchasing another mattress.

What I learned about Tempurpedic is that it is very soft and if it is too thick you will sink to the bottom. Then you are back on the springs. When I purchased this bed; I spent a lot of time on each bed, even though it is the most awkward way of purchasing something. When they started to all feel the same and my back started hurting; I left and went back another day and did the same thing. I've decided that buying a bed is much like buying a pair of shoes. The second day I tried the coil mattresses and then the Tempurpedic and it was obvious which one did not hurt.

Kind of like the story of the three bears; I ended up with a Tempurpedic Rhapsody because it felt just right. Now; I hope it will just keep feeling that way.

Best of luck,


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Hi Nancy

I hope the tempurpedic is working out for you. Your story is incredible, I had no idea you had to go through all that to return a mattress!!! I have the same model that you got, and I have no complaints.

One thing I want to mention, is be careful with the matt. temp. What I mean is if you have to use a heating pad or iced gel pack for back pain, don't put either directly on the mattress. A heating pad will soften the foam (temporarily) and the ice will do the reverse, harden it. I have to use both of these sometimes and find that using a chair doesn't work. So when I have to lie on heat or ice, I put a thick pillow between the bed and my back. Doing this prevents the mattress from over heating or hardening. I found this out by accidentally putting a frozen gel pack on the bed for a few seconds, and when I removed it the mattress was rock hard, in that spot only. Luckily it returned to it's normal density, but since then I'm careful with these two things.

I haven't noticed being hot on my temperpedic, and I never thought about my weight before you mentioned it and how it could affect a sinking problem. My weight is normal for my height, so maybe that's why I haven't had any problems. My tempurpedic doesn't sink unless you sit on it; when I lie down it only contours to my shape so it sinks maybe a half of an inch at the hips/shoulders and that's it. I find this mattress really comfortable and I don't know how I put up with an inner spring for so long, it was killing me.

Hopefully your mattress is working for you and your husband good luck.

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Hi Windblown,

Thank you for the warnings and the information about your bed. I am having some issues with the new mattress and am hopeful you will have some suggestions.

The bed was delivered Tuesday morning and, as promised, it was hard and had a strong smell. I opened the window, turned on the fan, and walked on the bed several times. My husband walked on it some more after he got home. Apparently; I should not have slept on it until the odor was completely gone and it had softened more.

When I awoke Wednesday morning I was nauseated and sore from head to foot. Prior to buying the bed; I questioned them at length about the odor because I am extremely sensitive to smells. Yesterday was a very long day because I was so sore and the nausea did not go away. Last night I slept on the sofa and most of the soreness is gone today, but the bed still has a strong odor and is much harder than the one we tested.

Today; I spoke with the store and was told it would take some time for the bed to soften a bit and that we needed to walk on it some more. One of the sales people suggested that we try to find someone who would come over and spend several hours walking on the bed. He also suggested that we light a candle help eliminate the odor. I removed all the bedding and washed them today and tonight we will sleep on the Aero Bed. I am still nauseated and it only gets worse when I go into the bedroom. We don't have anyone to come walk on the bed unless Tempurpedic has created another profession.

Did you experience any of the issues I have related. Of course; I realize the nausea could be from a virus and I will just have to wait it out. I really feel it is whatever chemicals are in the foam.

Thanks for all your help.


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Hi Nancy

I hope you are feeling better... My mattress had the strong smell but it went away completely within 2-3 days. No one ever mentioned walking on it, and I didn't have a problem with it being too hard. It did soften more within a couple of days, but I never found it to be too hard.

I'm wondering if they've changed the manufacturing process on this mattress, since I bought mine approx the end of 2004. Also I don't have any type of allergies related to smells, except that strong perfume bothers me. I think the smell will go away, but I don't understand the problem with it being too hard. They told me to wait to sleep on it after they took the packaging/plastic off of it, but I didn't do that. Also the one at the store was much softer than the one they delivered, but I was happy about that. The one at the store had been their for a while and had been tested many times, so of course it would be softer than the one I had delivered. Since I'm not over weight, and I think the floor model had been tested by many people of differing weights that would affect the mattress softness.

Are you allergic to some types of materials, like say synthetics that they use in certain sheets? I put 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets on mine, because I wanted some material that didn't cause sweating (meno symptoms) and that's the only sheets I'll use, so I'm wondering if you bought new sheets as well that could contribute to the allergic reaction you are having. Did you get the mattress cover with the mattress and did you wash that before using it? I know my cover came in a seperate package, but it had that smell on it somehow so I washed it a couple of times and used another one I had till I thought the smell was gone, and then put it on.

I "sure" hope this problem resolves, since I love my mattress. It did take some time to get used to the different feeling of going from an inner coil matt to the foam, but I found it to be very comfortable in 1-2 days. I have always had really hard mattresses, due to 7 back surgeries, but as I age I'm finding out that I need something that is softer, but still "very" supportive. My hip pain has decreased immensly since I've been sleeping on the tempur, so I hope your's works out. Do you have the windows open in the room.

Let me know, if I can help in any other way.

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Hi Windblown,

I actually asked if I should wait a few days to sleep on it, but they assured me the smell would dissipate quickly and they didn't say days, they said hours. They told me several times that the bed would be rock hard when it arrived and to walk on it until it softened up. The bed came with a cover already on it. The sides are a suede like finish and the top is a little softer. They told me it could be removed for washing, but it is a tough job. If the odor doesn't go away soon; I'll tackle removing and washing the cover.

I bought two pillows (they didn't have king) and another cover for allergies. However; when I got home I went to the Tempurpedic website and found they make their own cover and that king size pillows are also available. Since the ones from the store haven't been opened; I am going to return them and purchase the right stuff from Tempurpedic.

I searched for any reports of consumers having difficulty from the odor and found quite a few reports of nausea, headaches, etc. We were told there was no glue used to bind the different foams together, but some of the reports stated that the nausea and headaches were caused by the glues "gassing off." I hope to be able to find out if glues are used, because that would actually explain a reaction.

I did not buy new sheets and the ones I have are 100% Cotton Sateen and still feel like silk after three years of use. They are for a 22" mattress though so I may try some from Tempurpedic later. One thing I already love about the bed is how easy it is to make up and how smooth the sheets stay.

Since this bed is almost my last hope, except possibly a Sleep Number Bed; I really want to give it every chance to work. In the shopping process; I was going to go with the Sleep Number, but my store did not carry the line I wanted. After trying both the Tempurpedic and the Sleep Number; I believe the Sleep Number does push back on the pressure points. While the number can be changed to a softer feel, it does not fluctuate from whatever it is set on.

If the nausea is better tomorrow; I am going to get out of the house for awhile and see if it makes me feel better. In hindsight; I wish the bed had been placed on the floor until the odor was gone and the hardness was gone (safer to walk on it on the floor). I don't have a clue how we would have gotten it onto the bed frame because it supposedly weighs 150 pounds and for health and strength reasons we could not lift it. We had considered a split-king so it would be manageable but they have their drawbacks too.

Thanks so much for being of help and I just pray the issues go away. I'll keep you posted.


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Hi windblown,

Patience and time usually does take care of most things and I failed to wait for both of those to do their job.

We did not sleep on it last night and will not sleep on it tonight. Today; the smell is much less offensive and I have been able to go into the room without getting nauseaus. I do still have a headache but feel it will go away in a day or two also. We walked on it several times last night, this morning and will again tonight. Taking the cover off would really be a bear, but if the smell does not completely dissipate; I will try removing it and airing it out.

We both took a comfort test today and the bed is softer than it was on the first night. It felt more like the one on the floor.

Thanks for all your feedback and support because it kept me positive that it would be okay. I really look forward to sleeping on this bed tomorrow night.


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I get so many questions on mattresses--from the looks of this conversation there are various solutions. I have gone with a Sleep Number and like it quite a lot; we purchased the Queen+ size so we could have separate controls and it's worked out quite well and is much better than my former firm innerspring.
As far as osteoporosis is concerned, I have always advocated a firmer mattress with a pillow top for a little give and extra comfort. One does want to have the back aligned and supported as much as possible.
Besides the mattress, sleeping positions can be a concern for this condition as people tend to curl up in the semi-fetal position (rounded back), stay that way for hours, and then get up, sit in recliner chairs etc and never really do straighten up the back. Use of pillows, rolls etc can help with positioning while sleeping. With all the recent press and research on how important sleep is to our health, it pays to pay attention to both the type of mattress or bedding and also to our position in the bed.

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Latex foam mattresses can be assembled with various "hardnesses", including the combination I have that's intended for people with fibromyalgia or arthritis. I bought the bed online.

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Does anyone know how well "memory foam" holds up? Does it degrade in a year's time or does it stay comfortable?

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I have a Serta 4-inch memory foam topper. I've had it more than a year now and it has stayed in good shape and my hubby is a large man.


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Thank you for your reply-it helps.

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See site below. Its mattress ratings are based on thousands of actual owners.

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