Manganese and Osteoporosis

I have been taking a Bone Support supplement with Strontium Citrate and many other bone support vitamins and minerals in it for 9 months . There is
10 mg of Manganese in it plus the normal amount you get from food etc. They say the upper limit is 11 mg per day but this is thought to be a conservative level. I am over the 11 mg with food. I know this is a heavy metal and can deposit in the brain in high doses. Is this only from inhaling it (Welders, etc) or enviornmental not supplementation? I have found on this site that many of you are knowledgeable on these matters. What are your thoughts?

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Any thoughts on this?

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There is a tendency to be ultra conservative in reporting supplemtation. Some of this reporting is medical opinion that does really not look at the evidence. For example, the RDA for Iodine is 150 mcg with an upper limit of 1100 mcg daily yet the Japanese eat 13.8mg of iodine daily with positive health effects. I think you will have no problems with 10 mg of manganese.

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Thank you for your reply. I do believe they are conservative on upper intakes. What do you think about 13 mg per day or a little more? Thats what I figure I take in with food and supplements together. I asked my DR. about this and he had no idea, said he would look up Magnesium for me. Not much faith in him after many years now when it's "MANGANESE".

I know we are not doctors but at times I feel we are more knowledable in some areas. This is a site you can get ideas and research them to make your own choices.

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