Magnesium, Calcium, and Strontium timing

Hello -

I am relatively new here. Diagnosed osteopenia in my late 20's, osteoporosis in my late 30's. Taking calcium, k2, strontium, d3, and magnesium (in addition to multi). I want to add a bit more magnesium at bedtime, but I am changing my strontium from midday to bedtime so it doesn't compete with the calcium.

Does strontium compete with magnesium?

Does anyone have suggestions on how to take these different supplements for optimal absorption?



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Personally I take my calcium,D3, Magnesium, Boron, all before bedtime. This advice was given by Rheumatologist and she feels while resting at night it does me more good. She recommended this years ago.
Yes, Calcium competes with Strontium so must be taken a different time which I take first thing in the morning.

I take the Strontium Citrate and only 340mg or you can take the 680mg if you decide that amount.
After breakfast I take the following:
B-12 sublingual in the a.m. Co Q10, K2/M7, Omega 3 fish oil.
This was what I decided to do and went over it with the Rhuematologist and with the nutritionist. Each person must decide what they want to do to help their situation.
About the magnesium, was told ratio is 2-1 on the calcium and magnesium. My calcium is 1400 and my magnesium is 625mg.
I am seventy one so my calcium may be higher than what you feel you should take.

It took me time to read and figure what I want to try and haven't been on this regiment very long, will post another time later when I see how it works for me.

This is my ratio and each person needs to find the ratio they think is best for their body. Also read what others do, than decide what you want to take.

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Thanks so much for the quick reply Judy-Lynn!

When do you take your first calcium and magnesium? Do you eat something with the calcium at bedtime?

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Judy-Lynn, Do I read this right - that you take 1400mg Calcium as a supplement?
And that you were advised by your Rheumatologist to take it all before bedtime? Not in divided doses (<500mg) during the day?
Kind regards /Lela

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My rhuematologists suggested that when the body is inactive...(bedtime) is when it does the best job absorbing, I do not take different times or distribute it other times of the day. That is why than I am taking the strontium in the a.m. so I get the calciium magnesium and other supplements during the sleep time and by morning I than take the strontium by itself.
I don't eat with the supplements at bedtime. It is the last thing I do before I go to bed.

Now I may have a cup of milk and a little something before sleep and than take the Calcium and supplements.

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Now, you may want to reverse yours. Strontium at night and calcium in day, but I have taken calcium like this since I started it.
As I have aged of course now, I needed to find other ways to do a better job. This is why now, I have the K2, more magnesium and other supplements. I also need to make more of a difference to render better results. Back when I started calcium they didn't speak of the Vit. D3 which I also needed blood work done to see my D levels and they were way to low. So I have increased so much more to now try and get me back to osteopenia or better.

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Lela52, Yes I do take the Calcium with Magnesium, boron an D3 all at same time later evening before I go to sleep.

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Hi Judy-Lynn,

I asked if you took all your daily calcium (1400mg?) on one occasion because I've read that the body can't absorb more than around 500mg at a time. So I was just wondering, if/why your Rheumatologist recommended that?
I've read many articles where they recommend to separate calcium intake during the day, for instance;

This is what our NOF says:
"Calcium is absorbed best when taken in amounts of 500 – 600 mg or less. This is the case when you eat calcium rich foods or take supplements. Try to get your calcium-rich foods and/or supplements in smaller amounts throughout the day, preferably with a meal. While it's not recommended, taking your calcium all at once is better than not taking it at all."

This is what the Mayo Clinic says:
"Absorbability - Your body must be able to absorb the calcium for it to be effective. All varieties of calcium supplements are better absorbed when taken in small doses (500 mg or less) at mealtimes." 2

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Lela52, I thank you for all the information you gave me and for the opportunity to read. I did check them all out and read every bit of it.
Now if ones very busy and working for me to break it up more is a problem. This is why I do the calcium and other supplements
p.m. and do the strontium citrate early morning. My thinking is if the calcium as I am inactive at night helps and than the strontium in my being awake follows up with distributing the calcium more directly to the bone and I did read this somewhere about the strontium and what it does.
Also if I take it in p.m. than the strontium in the day carries over until I take the calcium later in day Meanwhile I am absorbing calcium foods, such as the cheeses and sardines nuts, also I keep pitted prunes which are good and I eat fruit and green vegetables every single day. Another thing is I am using the K2/m7 also.

So will have to run it by Doctor and do some more thinking. I know I read about the strontium somewhere that it helps distribute calcium and sends it to the bones more efficiently. It also mention that calcium & strontium are more a less the same benefit. Actually I seriously thought about taking the strontium in place of the calcium.

There is so much to think about it & read........ makes it confusing sometimes. That is why I joined this forum as many others do.

So again thanks for the material to read, they were both very good articles and hadn't seen them before.

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