magnesium and to take them?

i like to take magnesium at bedtime, it tends to help calm me and let's me sleep well. i've been taking my calcium (citrate) in the morning and mid day then my magnesium at bed. i was told not to take them at the same time...but i've always heard that you need both. anyone care to weigh in on how to take calcium and magnesium? any thoughts on how much?

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Hey Letshope: I was told to take Calcium & Magnesium separately and to take approx. 1500 mg. of calcium and 700 mg. of magnesium.

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Often, Magnesium and Calcium can be found in the same compound - vitamins, juice, supplements, etc. I have had no trouble taking them both with the same meals - both lab numbers in the normal range (as opposed to before when my Mg levels were non-existant).


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it's so confusing...i always bought cal/mag supplements with both...i'd always thought that was the right way to take them...but now i've been getting conflicting information and my doctors aren't really a help when it comes to taking vitamins.

thanks for weighing in!

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You get a blood test for level of Mg. If normal you do not need to take it. You can overdose but it will just pass in your urine. Same for Ca. I was taking 1800 mg per day of Ca and producing very cloudy urine. I cut it back to 1200

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Letshope & Caleigh, who told you to take them separately?

My primary care doctor who specializes in giving supplements first over prescripts, sell calcium in the combo of Cal/Mag... even my Rebuild (for osteo) has magnesium in it.

The Cal/Mag, where the Calcium/Magnesium amounts are the same I take before bed as she also recommended. Rebuild I take w/dinner.

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Gatekeeper: My pharmacist(sp?) told me that she had read several reports which indicated that it was much better to take them at different times so that they will be better absorbed. My personal opinion is if you have good levels and are taking them at the same time, then continue that practice.

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Gatekeeper: Can you give me a little information on the product you mentioned for osteo - Rebuild. Has it helped you? Where do you purchase it? Thanks so much.

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thanks again for all of your input...i love this site for continuing to learn more and hear various points of view and studies from all over.

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