Lactoferrin in Whey Protein

I have been taking a whey protein supplement for almost 2 years now because I have read study after study linking Lactoferrin to increased bone production.

I've read other links here that have commented on not being able to find a whey protein that states how much Lactoferrin is actually in the product (some contain as little as 50mg). I am using Vital Whey from Well Wisdom and it states right on the label that it contains 750mg of Lactoferrin...which is great!

Also, it seems many people are looking at taking strictly a Lactoferrin supplement, but look at all the wonderful things you're getting in a whey protein...extra protein, immunoglobulins, serum albumin, and all the amino acids! My opinion is stick to a high quality whey protein!

Any other opinions or leads on a GREAT whey protein product??

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Thanks for the tip. Mercola specifically states to avoid the whey proteins with whey isolates. He maintains that the isolates should be avoided.

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Just went to and it appears that it is indeed made from whey concentrate.

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Thank you for the info. Been looking for one that has the lactoferrin. How does it taste? I like the idea that it has stevia.

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Yep, it's a whey protein concentrate AND the cows are grass-fed, no gmo's, antibiotics, hormone-treatment free, etc. which is very important to me:) Their website has also been a great wealth of information for me, and they also have a blog that talks about the numerous benefits of whey protein that I had NO idea about!

Here's a link to that

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@chris53 It tastes GREAT, and I like that they use stevia too! It's the only sweetener I will use. The Vital Whey comes in vanilla, cocoa and natural, and I mix the cocoa and natural together for my shake every morning. I have tried multiple whey proteins over the years and this is by far the best quality and best mixing I have come across. The other also bloated me or upset my stomach, and I have had NO GI issues with Well Wisdom products so far. I think that has to be due to the fact that almost every product on the market contains artificial everything!

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This sounds great, though someone costly. Any opinions on the Jarrow lactoferrin product or similar pills?
Any pill sources that are also from grass-fed cows?

Thank you

p.s. do you take less calcium, because you're taking the lactoferrin?

I'm taking strontium, and I"m wondering if one would take less of that too if taking the lactoferrin

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I did cut my strontium citrate in half (340 mg) when I started the Jarrow 250 mg Lactoferrin. Did this cuz I want to see if the Lactoferrin really builds my bone, but keeping maintenance dose of SC. I believe SC strengthens bone also. The goal is to avoid fractures of course.


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Thanks, Tom. And that's worked well for you?

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I viewed the website that makes the whey protein product posted by GregChelsee and they assure the customers that..."Proserum®, our unique grass fed, natural whey protein, has all the advantages of organic natural grass pasture-fed cows. They are never fed grain and are disease-free, pesticide-free, chemical-free, hormone-treatment-free and GMO-free."

I also went searched Jarrow brand Lactoferrin, which I would prefer to take over taking it in shake form, partly for convenience and partly for cost, but I, like GregChelsee, want a product from cows that "are grass-fed, no gmo's, antibiotics, hormone-treatment free, etc." which is very important to me as well.

Do you, or anyone, know if Jarrow can assure us that their lactoferrin is from are grass-fed, no gmo's, antibiotics, hormone-treatment free cows?

(I searched but could not find out)


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(sorry for all the grammatical confusion - got a little too fast with the cut and paste)

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Yes, I emailed Jarrow with the question, "Is your lactoferrin from grass-fed cows, or from regular dairy sources?"
and this was there response:
"Thank you for your e-mail to Jarrow Formulas.
Lactoferrin comes from regular, dairy farm sources."

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Thank you, Egret. That leaves me wondering if the benefits of Jarrow's lactoferrin are outweighed by the downside of "regular dairy sources".

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Thanks for the info regarding where the milk comes from to make the Jarrow Lactoferrin.

Also, if you're looking at price you need to consider that one capsule of Jarrow only contains 250mg of Lactoferrin, whereas 1 scoop of Vital Whey contains 800mg (that's over 3x's the amount). So, you're actually paying MORE (at least $6 more) for capsules of Lactoferrin than you would pay for 1 jar of Vital Whey. Also, there is extra processing that needs to be done to isolate the Lactoferrin to put in capsule form, and that usually equals an inferior product. You can also search the web to find lots of distributors of Well Wisdom products.

Also, looking at Jarrow's ingredients you're also getting unecessary added preservatives; cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, gelatin and titanium dioxide in every capsule you take.

Also, whey protein gives me the added benefits of extra protein (which all of us who are growing older need to prevent muscle loss), along with the other immune boosting properties. For me, this all points to whey protein for my Lactoferrin...just a better deal all the way around!

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Thank you gregchelsee, for your analysis / comparison of the two lactoferrin sources. Does the "natural" taste okay by itself? I ask because I have a strong feeling that the cocoa and vanilla versions are too sweet. That has been my experience with stevia-added products. Is that why you combine a flavored one with the natural?

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Knock wood, no fractures yet due to OP.


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I don't really know what difference it makes what the cows are fed? Do you actually think some poison is going to get into their milk? I feel fortunate that I can still afford to buy milk to put on my cereal in the mornnig. Guess I don't buy into all that organic stuff anymore. I'm 71, and as they say, nobody gets out alive, no matter what you eat.

Glad you found out what you need tho. Good luck and good health.


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Yep, that's exactly why I mix the natural and cocoa. However, I have to say that the cocoa by itself wouldn't be too sweet for the average person...I'm just someone who likes VERY little sweetener in general. I mix mine with unsweetened almond milk in a Blender Bottle and sometimes add a TBL of almond butter or peanut butter. I use this as my breakfast most mornings, it's quick and I can take it on the go if I need to!

They sell the Blender Bottles too if you're interested in going the whey protein route. They are a MUST have!!

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Hi gregchelsee,

Thanks for for introducing us to the Vital Whey by Well Wisdom. It looks great. Just a question about the sweetness -- it shows 2 grams of sugar from 1 scoop for the Natural, as well as for the Vanilla and the Cocoa. ref. -to-mix-natural-vanilla-flavor/

I didn't see Stevia. Perhaps I am clicking on the wrong page?

Please advise and let me know which one is the best tasting, without being too sweet.

Hi PixelPixie,

Regarding a Lactoferrin which is "pure", I like the Radiance brand, mainly since the capsules are smaller than Jarrow's and LEF's. I don't need to focus before I swallow ;-)

Radiance's description said:

"Ingredients per capsule: Lactoferrin 226mg (From 250mg bovine colostrum protein extract) . . .

Radiance Lactoferrin, an iron binding protein is derived from 250mg of the finest quality, New Zealand, colostrum protein extract. The careful extraction process provides a lactose free, low iron product with 99% protein containing 90-92% lactoferrin. ..."

And, " Only carefully selected herds of pasture feed New Zealand dairy cows are used to produce this premium quality colostrum product. ... "

From another, on Radiance products:
"• 100% Bovine Colostrum from healthy, pasture fed, pesticide, hormone and antibiotic free cows
• Product of New Zealand . . ."

However, the Jarrow and other U.S. brands work well for many folks. For example, the amazing results reported by Carol Bower were from taking Jarrow's Lactoferrin.

I plan to continue to take Lactoferrin (from Radiance, Jarrow, and Life Extension), since it's quicker to take a pill and I've read so many positive comments by folks who took them, plus impressive results from studies. I will also get the recommended Vital Whey, for me (as it contains additional benefits), and for my kids (since they don't like to take pills at all). The results from the studies should be applicable also.

Thanks again.

> Sylvia < < < < <

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Hi Tom,

It is encouraging to hear that your vitamin regimen has improved your bone density, that's why we're all on this forum, trying to determine the best route for ourselves. When you say, "I don't really know what difference it makes what the cows are fed? Do you actually think some poison is going to get into their milk?", my response can only be yes, I consider antibiotics, hormones, GMO's to be poison and if those can be avoided, I do. But, as Sylvia pointed out, the Jarrow brand has produced results for many folks, so if I'm wrong to be so vigilant, that is a good thing; one less supplement that gauges the supplement budget. Best wishes to you, too, in the fight against osteoporosis.


Thank you for your information about other sources of Lactoferrin. It certainly sounds like Lactoferrin is worth a try. And, even the Vital Whey as a splurge, to see how it affects my muscle-building efforts. Thanks, GregChelsee for letting us know about it.

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