Is an endocrinologist the best doctor for osteoporosis?

Wondering if enocrinologist is the best doctor to help monitor and treat osteoporosis? Any other suggestions? Are there "osteoporosis specialists?"

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I have been going to an endocrinologist since my osteoporosis was diagnosed by my PCP (about 8 years ago). Since he is an Internal Medicine specialist and works at the best teaching hospital complex in San Antonio, I trusted his advice and his referral. He was with The University of Texas Health Science Center at the time. I know that there are rheumatologists, orthopaedists, and others who deal with osteoporosis; however, I chose an endocrinologist. Her practice is almost exclusively devoted to osteoporosis and every 6 months to a year (depending upon which medicine I'm using at the time) I get a bone density test. I've been very pleased with her knowledge and her advice. Unfortunately, I'm one of her three most severe cases, so the best she can do is give me the standard advice and keep me in mind when new osteoporosis treatments become available.

So, in answer to your question, I'd say "yes." I think an endocrinologist is the best choice. I don't believe there are "osteoporosis specialists" except as far as saying that an endocrinologist is one of those. I'll be interested to read others' replies in regard to your question.

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I have had this same question, also. I have been to a general practitioner who's specialty is sports medicine. He's well versed in bones and muscle, and seems to know a lot about Reclast and osteoporosis. I have thought about also going to an endocrinologist, however.

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I see a bone and mineral metabolism doctor who's education is in metabolic bone disorders. She's also the director of a osteo research lab. You can find these doctors generally at University Med Centers. However, if you don't see a Dr. who listens to you and puts your concerns first, it doesn't really matter what specialty they have.

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Does your Dr. have a title such as Metabolic Dr., or what medical department would such a doctor be in? This sounds different than an endocrinologist? Perhaps if you could send me her name and office number I could call and ask how to find more like her in my area, Boston. Thank you very much.

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Hi bosleyh: My Dr. is not an Endo, and her listed specialty is Mineral Metabolism. Here's a couple in your area. I would also call Harvard and any other Univ in your area. I know of one Dr. at Harvard, but she only treats children. I'll send you some info on my doc and see if that helps. When you call any facility ask if they have a Bone and Mineral Metabolism department. ine (Columbia Univ) Dr. Belezikian has a good rep, but I don't have any personal info on either of these links. ndocrinology/BoneandMineralMetabolism.aspx

Hope this helps!

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Hi bosleyh, sorry just realized the second link (below) is part of Harvard Univ Med. It looks like they have 4 Drs to choose from, if you are close to this location. If you click on "Our Team," from that link, you'll see all the listings, but only look at the entries that have metabolic bone disorders/osteoporosis in the specialty area.

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Hi Windblown, thank you. I had just found that link. My endocrinologist is listed there, but he does not specialize in this. So, I will go through the list and see what I can find. Thank you for your support. If any other ideas come to you, please let me know. I gather you feel happy to have found someone with this specialty? It makes sense to me. Thanks again, bosleyh

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Hi Prism2000

I live in the UK and our area orthopaedic hospital has a rheumatology department which employs an osteoporosis consultant. She is very good, but in great demand and you have to wait months to get an appointment to see her. Considering how common OP is, I think all hospitals should have a specialist consultant.

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Hi bosleyh...Wow since your Dr. is already in that department, I would have his/her office make the new appt for you, if you want to. It can be hard to get these appts, if they have a waiting list and sometimes, depending on the Hospital, they may require a referral, but not sure.

I can't say enough about my doc and how stupendous she is!!! I really lucked out with her. Not only is she brilliant, she is caring and compassionate and will spend up to 45 minutes with you explaining things. She "always" lets the patient decide for themselves what course of action to take for treatment.

She also provides exercise, diet and supplement education along with tons of print outs with illustration. After reading the link to Beth Israel-Bone and Mineral Met Dept., it sounds like they do the same thing. The only down side to my Dr. is how long new patients have to wait to get an appt. Right now I think the wait time is over 6 months, unless you have a referral.

Look for a friend request from me since I'm sending some things I can't post.

Best of luck to you and I hope you find an excellent Dr.!

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Hi Prizm, yes there are osteoporosis specialists. Just read through this thread which will explain it.

Good Luck to you!

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Hi HealthyArt: If you are looking for someone that specifically treats osteoporosis and Endo is good, but they need to have a sub-specialty in osteo, or an avid interest in it or you'll end up with one that spends more time on diabetes, hormones and thyroid disorders. If you are looking for someone who may know a lot about Reclast and it's elimination from the body, I'd look for a mineral metabolism Dr. who is attached to a research clinic. Since these Drs do some research on drugs, genetics, supplements and diet, etc., they may have greater info on the drugs and how they are eliminated from the body.

I realize the "terminal" half life of Reclast is years, compared to the serum half life of a several hundred hours, but maybe these particular Drs have done research on this topic. At any rate it's worth a shot. You can find these Drs at Univ Medical Centers where they do research on metabolic bone disorders and their treatment.

Can't promise you'll get an definitive answer for Reclast, but you will get a educated Dr. that focuses on bone loss, and other metabolic bone disorders. Good luck to you!

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Hi could you tell me the name of the uk specialist and where in the uk please? Many thanks

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Hi Windblown,

Thanks again, I will finish going through the list tomorrow. My endocrinologist recommends testosterone replacement therapy, he refuses to do bio - identical, I'm low income so can't afford special doctors who do this. Hmmm.

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When I had a bone density test a few years ago that determined that I had osteoporosis, I was referred to a rheumatologist.

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Hi Kettle . I live in the North Staffs area, the hospital is called The Haywood Orthopaedic hospital, Burslem. I saw a Dr Dowson. She is young and seems to be up to date. Although she goes by the NICE guidelines, she uses her common sense. I'm sure that most of the larger hospitals in the UK have a similar setup. I am always afraid to recommend anyone/ or anything, incase their requirements or expectations are different to mine.

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Does anyone know a doctor who deals with metabolic bone disorders in my area? I live in Yardley, Pa.

I did weight lifting and Actonel for a year and a half and it did nothing to help my condition. At 59 I do not want to take this drug.

Looking for another doctor. HELP!

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Hi check your nearest University Medical Center. I'm not sure which would be the closest, so call around and see if you can find a Bone and Mineral metabolism department in a Univ Center near you.

Good luck

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Thanks for all the replies! Appreciate your responses!

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