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Hi I just got this in my inbox and I thought to share it.

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Hi HIL, interesting article. I have an account at Medscape, so I was able to read this, but if anyone doesn't have one, just fill out the form and create one. It's free and simple to do, plus you get access to a ton of great articles.

Thanks glad you're posting again!

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Thanks Highimpact. I shared this awhile back too but no matter how often we might share it some misunderstand the concept of bioidenticals. I think after the latest problem (the steroid injections) with some compounding pharmacies though, people might exercise caution in having things made for them. I realize not all compounding pharmacies have the problem but I had no idea the oversight was lax.

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I haven't read the article but coincidentally have just heard a news item on TV and a report in the Mail that HRT is safe! A Danish study found there was no extra risk of cancer, strokes or blood clots even 16 years after starting HRT.

"Experts hailed the findings as finally demonstrating that HRT has long-term health benefits after a decade-long controversy over its safety. British doctors are calling for rules on HRT prescribing to be rewritten, allowing a new generation of women to get bone protection and relief from menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and mood changes."

Don't you just get fed up with all these contradicting medical studies - you never know what to believe.

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Thanks Lorette, I was referring to using bioidenticals which seemed what the link was to, at least on my computer. The HRT news is good news for people 50 to 60 yrs but it still didnt think those older should START hormones. Whether it would benefit or do more or less for that age group is yet to be seen. I agree these studies go back and forth but at least they are studying . We still use meds at out own risks, dont we? who knows what is along the road in years to come.

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I have used HRT (estrogen only) for 15 years without any problems. My gyn encouraged me to take it. I do take it now at the lowest dosage possible.

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chris53- Have you had any increase in BMD in the 15 years of taking hrt? what exactly are you taking? I am considering hrt since the bone meds. seem like poison to me. I have a -3.7 bmd in spine, am 53years old and newly menopausal. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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I started on bioidentical hormones at menopause (estrogen and progesterone combined) when I was 50 and the OP specialist that I consulted with said it was probably the smartest thing I did. I'm 53 now with OP in my spine and osteopenia in hips. Do your research and find a doctor that specializes in bioidentical hormones. A good doctor will check your levels before prescribing and then re-check again after a few months to see how you are doing and adjust the dosage if needed.

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Dolly-Ca, Are you using pharmaceutical or compounded bioidenticals? How did your BMD respond to the treatment, did your numbers improve? Thank you for the information. I am currently going to an endocrinologist, will talk to him at next visit concerning bioidenticals.

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I was taking them before I was diagnosed, so I have no idea how they effected me. But the doctor I saw stated that I would likely have been in WORSE condition if I hadn't been on them. I am taking a compounded formula from this company in Colorado:

I am taking the oral tablets described on this page.

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Thank you Dolly-Ca. I will look into that company & speak with my Dr. about it. You have been most helpful.

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I am on HRT with the lowest dose Femring and Progesterone. I am losing bone due to renal leak hypercalciuria and the doctor suggested this to build bone. After 5 months I have found that my hair is thinning and receding at the temples. The gynecologist said sometimes the HRT can raise your testosterone levels and this can happen. After doing blood tests she said that was not the case and that I should continue on it. Has anyone else had this problem? Is this an issue if you use bioidenticals?

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That's all your doctor had to say? Isn't she concerned with your hair loss? I'm sorry, but I would be looking for a new doctor if mine wasn't interested in helping me to identify the reason for my hair loss.

If the hair loss coincided with you starting the hormones and you made no other changes, then I would be suspicious regardless of what your doctor says. You might consider a consultation with a doctor that specializes in bioidentical hormones.

Keep in mind there can be other causes for hair loss. Some that immediately come to mind are insufficient protein in the diet and thyroid problems.

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Estrogen9- I didn't have a DEXA until about 2 years ago. At that time I was on the same estrogen (Femring) as I am now. There's no way to know if it has helped or not. It may be that my DEXA numbers would have been worse if I had not been on it. I take the lowest dosage (0.05 mg day) which keeps the hot flashes and irritability away. I had a total hysterectomy in 1997 so I only take the estrogen. I like the Femring because it is only changed every 3 mths and it helps to support my bladder. I didn't realize how much it suported my bladder until I stopped it for a week to see if the hot flashes would return and they sure did. I just feel better on the estrogen. If the bioidentical hormones came in a Femring, I would sure try it but I need the bladder support. The Femring is not generic and I pay $60 a month for it on BCBS insurance.

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I am going to see my endocrinologist next week. Hopefully he will have some answers and suggestions. Thanks for your response. I will try to make sure I am getting enough protein.

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