Head Count - Strontium Citrate

I have thought of actually starting 3 posts:

Head count - Strontium citrate, dose, how long, and without use of hormones (progesterone creams, DHEA, etc.)

Head count - Strontium citrate, dose, how long, and with use of hormones (progesterone creams, DHEA, etc.)

Head count - Strontium citrate, dose, but stopped due to side effects which would then lead to asking when did side effects occur and what were they.

However, to keep things simple I would truly like to know how many of us are taking strontium citrate on this site - is it 10 posters or 50 posters? After adding what I believe spunkieblondie once referred to as a "boatload of supplements" (my apologies if I misquoted) I would like to know even though there are success stories posted. But not everyone taking strontium citrate has posted a success story.

Perhaps this is not a post of any value and if so I am open to that as well. But for me, I began taking 340 mgs strontium citrate on 10/8/12 without the use of hormones because I had estrogen receptor positive breast cancer in 1995.

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Hey SCW, looks like I am first, I have been taking Strontium Citrate at first one capsule and than two capsules, letting my body get used to the SC as I am the queen of side effects. It will be 2 years in January 2013 and I have had no significant side effects, my DEXA is due in January. Have not used any hormones, but I take other supplements.

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I also will be going for a DEXA in January. I've been on 680 mg of Strontium Citrate for a year now; no hormones. I'll post my results as soon as I get them.

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I have been taking strontium, full dose, for maybe 4-5 yrs, no hormones. Fractured before and during, but no fracture now for a year. Dexa numbers haven't improved, but that could be due to hyperparathyroidism. That one still being investigated. No side effects that I know about.

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Strontium Citrate 680 mg since August 2012; no hormones. No side effects.

65 years old. Diagnosed April 2012 with score of -3.1 in spine.*

Thanks for doing this, SCW, I am curious about the results, too!

*My doctor told me I have the spine of a 100 year old woman. I told my DE (dear ex), who exclaimed "Well, give it back to her!" (Believe me, I'd like to!)

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Great post. I tried to start something like this but I think the way you have worded it this could work. Lilypad is great at updating this information when she reads about results.

I am like you too. I won't take any hormones because I had breast cancer this year. I was taking Evista, which didn't work, my DEXA scores every 2 years got worse. I was on it to help prevent breast cancer as my sister had breast cancer. Didn't work for that either. So I am not on any OP medications.

Since November 10, 2012 I have worked up to 680 mg SC. I take Bone Up by Jarrow and some extra MK4 and a multi. I am thinking about adding Lactoferrin. No side effects.

My DEXA score as of November, 2012 was -2.6 Hips and -4.0 spine. No fractures or pain in my history. I won't have another DEXA scan for 2 years.


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I tried to take Strontium Citrate twice in the past few weeks. Each time I got an itchy rash on my neck and along my jawline. Unfortunately, I only recently discovered this site trying to find out whether the Strontium caused my rash or I would have started out with only one capsule. I dont plan to try it again.

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I started taking Strontium Citrate 3 months ago after being diagnosed with osteoporosis. Also, I had parathyroid surgery 3 months ago. I have had no side effects. I also take other vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, minerals and MK4. I don't plan to have a DEXA for at least 2 years. I feel better and stronger since taking the strontium and supplements.

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I have been taking strontium citrate for 8 months now no side effects. I also was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism but I have been taking Vit D3 6.000 i.u daily and feel much better. But I also take Vit K2 MK4 and other minerals needed for bone growth. I look forward for y'all Dexa results in january.

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I started in March taking half dose SC and upped it to the full dose in August - no problems. Also taking a good multi vitamin/mineral, Vit K Mk7, extra Vit C, flax seed, Vit d3 3000 units, fish oil, calcium citrate 300 try and get the rest from natural sources. Good diet and exercise!!!! that's about it.

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SWC I think your idea is good and would be helpful. Maybe we could get a better idea of the probability of bad side effects and the probability of good results.

I am a male but I will give my information anyway for the readers. My first DEXA scan was in Thailand in December, 2011 which revealed osteoporosis with scores of as low as -3.0. In January of 2012 I began taking 680mg of Strontium Relanate and later Strontium Citrate (along with other vitamins recommended on this site) so now I have taken strontium almost one year with no side effects. In July 2012 I had a DEXA scan on different machine in Mexico. It showed scores of -2.5. This may be due to different machines and maybe the strontium amplified the bone density. When I get a one year results from the same machine and hopefully same operator I will post them here.

I have never had a fracture or pain.

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Fascinating thread. I started taking 340 mgs of SC and now up to 680mgs, no side effects other than I don't sleep very well, but have now decided to take the SC in the morning with extra vitamin C and flax seed, but take vit K half an hour before breakfast so it is taken on an empty stomach. I then take calcium, magnesium, vit D and multi vit in the evening, as SC and calcium shouldn't be taken at the same time. Will see what happens. Interesting to learn what the Dexa scans are for the posters who are due soon. I am not due for 2 years.

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I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2000 with a T score of minus 3.52. I was on Fosamax for six years and Forteo for one year. I had some improvement but was very frightened of these drugs. I have been on Strontium citrate 680mg for five years and my DEXA in October 2011 had my T score at minus 2.4. I have had no side affects, except thinning hair, which could be from something else.
Recently, I had X-rays of my knee, because of knee pain. The orthopedic doctor was surprised to see that my records showed I had osteopenia, he said that my bones looked good.

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I've taken 680 mg of strontium citrate since August of this year with no side effects. No DEXA since my first in September 2011. I also take natural progesterone as a cream (have for many years, since long before osteoporosis entered my vocabulary). I take other supplements as well, no drugs.

My initial attempt with strontium citrate late (early this year, I think) didn't go well. Even with 340 mg per day I would develop a bad headache the next day, so after trying a couple of brands and persevering for some weeks I gave it up. But then my natural health practitioner recommended that I increase my magnesium and take the ubiquinol form of CoQ10 to support my mitochondria because of a deficiency she identified. A couple of months later I tried again with strontium citrate, and - no headache!

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I started taking 680 strontium each night before bed in march this year. No side effects. Diagnosed that month (age 50)with -3.7 in my spine and a compression fracture. Also take all the other supplements for bone health. Vitamin D was found to be very low, and I believe it was for many years. Started lactoferrin after a couple months too. In May I started monthly acupuncture. In Oct I added bioidentical hormones, including DHEA and testosterone in my progesterone cream. No new probs in 9 months... knock on wood! And feel pretty damn good!

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I began SC 680 mg and Vitamin K2 MK4 in Sepr 2012. No side effects, so far. I quit OP drugs in 2006 after 4 years of Fosamax, 1 1/4 years of and 3 months of Evista ( quit after nightly leg cramps ). None were helpful. My August T score was -2.9. I also walk with a weighted vest (12 lbs )

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I have had OP for quite a few years and tried everything. The only that helped somewhat was injectable Forteo which many of you know you can only take for two years. I had severe OP and not to much help other than the Forteo. I have been on the Strontium Citrate for over a year (I would have to check the date) and the Dexascan showed no improvement or worsening. So, I am continuing as I am tired of taking things that don't work and can give side effects . I cannot have another scan for at least another year.

I started low and slow with the SC with one capsule every other day or so to every day for quite a few months. Then, I started on two of them, the max dosage, when I figured I probably wouldn't have any side effects. BTW, I have pretty high b/p without meds and I can spike pretty well too. This was way before taking SC. It did not make it any worse. ALSO, if anyone has a high b/p try taking magnesium or up what you are taking. That has helped me a lot. I take at leat 600 and sometimes 800 mg. a day. You can tell if you are taking to much by your stools. If they get real loose cut back on the amount. Mag. (Citrate especially) is also good for helping the calcium to be absorbed.

I tend to continue taking as I have heard from others on aother OP boards who have had wonderful luck with Strontium Citrate .


Sorry if I got off the track a bit with the Mag and b/p

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Hi there, I have been taking strontium citrate along with Calcium, Vit. D, and magnesium for 5.5 years. I just recently added vit. k2 (MK4) to my supplements. I took 680 mg. for 5 years and my bone density shot up from -3.6 to a -.2 which is now normal. I am now taking only 340 mg./night for maintenance. I have experienced no side effects whatsoever, and I have the added benefit of increased muscle strength. My 96 year old mother has been on it for the same length of time. Her bones are not as good as mine yet, but she started at a -5.1. She did fall a couple of months ago onto the hard pavement and DID NOT FRACTURE!!!. My sis, and another friend also started out at a -3.25 and are now after 1 year into osteopenia - a -2.3. None of us have experienced side effects. Hope this helps with whatever study you are doing. BTW, I went back to thank the pharmacist who originally gave me the printout of the European and Australian studies using strontium ranalate, and they said no such person ever worked there. Hmmm. Being of the medical profession, I did not lend myself to using supplements that were not well documented, etc., but on her advice, I decided to find the strontium, and I did - in the health food stores (and later online) The rest is history. Even my doctor (who is mom's MD as well) states now that he knows that our bone health is due to the strontium. Hope this helps. Charella

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What is MK4? And what are the benefits of taking it?

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I started taking 680 mg SC nightly in 2005 when I was on prednisone for lupus. At that time I had a DEXA scan that showed osteopenia. After 1 year I weaned off prednisone and had a scan that showed no change (but there really WAS some bone loss because the strontium made the scan look better than it was). After 5 years I had another scan, which showed "normal" bone density.

I now take 340 mg strontium nightly.

I also take a boatload of supplements, including 50 mg DHEA, and I've been using progesterone cream for some 17 years.

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Should I say P.S. I posted earlier but forgot to mention I am also taking other vits and supps- including Vit K complex ,Vit D3 , Boron, calcium and Mag of course for absorption. This is of course along with 2 caps of the Strontium Citrate - 680 mg totalled , if I remember correctly.

God bless,

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