Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate

Most of today packaging labels in supplements contain "Gelatin , vegetable magnesium stearate , "
It has already been discussed how it is a lubricating remedy of contents as well as capsule. GO HERE FOR MORE - agnesium-stearate-in-supplements-bad-for-you/

But more interesting is "Gelatin" and that " gelatin " is a broad term when read as follows:

......INGREDIENTS: Gelatin, vegetable magnesium stearate, . . . etc

There are vegetables gelatins and animal gelatins. Of the animal gelatin, most often times pork or cow.

If the manufacturer means that the Gelatin and the Magnesium Stearate are administered from the same "Vegetable" solution -or- "Animal" solution, it should be labeled as so. Correct?

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Hi KevinGaghan

I agree that the labelling should be made more clear. As a vegetarian I have always tried to avoid gelatin, which I assumed was of animal origin. I read the Mercola article some time ago regarding magnesium stearate, which I find is even harder to avoid. Finding supplements without either of these two ingredients is almost impossible.

I problem I find is that if you want to take a particular supplement, for example D3 or K2 and want to buy it pre dissolved in oil, you have no choice but to buy it in a gelatine capsule, which I now do.

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Thorne Research doesn't use Magnesium Stearate in their products.

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I totally agree, I can't understand why they dont just use vegetable gelatin and say so. It is hard enough to try finding out what else is in the supplements.

However if we are concerned about the content how do we find out about the part of the supplement that is bought in.
For example Thornes Research, Carlsons and all those who make K2 supplements must surely buy in the actual chemical of K2 in order to make their product.

Menatetrenone for example is Chemically Synthesized, what is in that? where has it come from?

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The MK4 variety of K2 (menatetrenone) is derived from tobacco extract called solanesol. I found the following: mk-4-or-mk-7/

". . . If you decide that taking a Vitamin K2 supplement makes sense to you, which should you choose?
If given the choice, I prefer MK-4, the animal form of Vitamin K2 over MK-7 which is the form of K2 from bacterial fermentation.
However, the problem is that while MK-4 in food like grassfed butter, high vitamin butter oil, and pastured egg yolks is real and ideal, the MK-4 contained in supplements is synthetic.
Let me say that again. The MK-4 in supplements is not the same MK-4 as found in grassfed butter. The MK-4 in supplements is not derived from grassfed dairy as this would be prohibitively expensive. Rather, it is made from the extract of the tobacco plant. . . "

Also: "Solanesol, a terpene compound mainly isolated from tobacco, is an important intermediate of medicines such as vitamin K2 and coenzyme Q10. . ."


I have decided to stick with the MK7 form. At least I know the one I purchase is derived from a food source (organic natto). I will give MK4 credit for being plant sourced (tobacco); however, I don't care to pay the high price of MK4 in order to be ingesting a tobacco product, and most of the solanesol used to make MK4 and CoQ10 is from China from what I could see from the websites selling it. I do not trust China as a source of my supplements.

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Oh, and by the way, I did use Carlson's MK4 for about 3-4 months at 15 mg daily (5 mg 3x per day) and did not notice any of the benefits that others have experienced. I quit buying it for that reason, the cost, and the fact that I discovered the origins of the MK4 that is available to us.

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Thank you, what a brilliant response, I am amazed by this and have found it impossible ( up to now of course) to find the answer.
Facsinating, also interesting is that I have been taking Carlsons since June and feel no effects whatsoever. I was hoping at least I would notice a difference in my teeth and have been thinking about changing to Thornes, but they cost a lot more, it makes you wonder why they have to be so expensive!!

It does make you think when you know they are importing this chemical from China.

I avoided MK7 as I don't like Soya but maybe I will give that a go now

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I've been taking mk7 for 3 years now with no problems. My 2012 DXA showed 3.4% increase in BMD in spine over 2010 DXA while on mk7, vits, and minerals. I do exercise daily (mostly walking). A recent 3-year study posted in Osteoporosis International did show that mk7 does favorably affect BMD at the spine and femoral neck (180 mcg a day during the study). I take 120 mcg daily but will be considering increasing when present supply runs out. If you would like the link, I can copy that for you when I get on my PC. I'm on my android device right now and clueless as to how most functions work on this thing. My mk7 also is from organic natto and comes in a vegan capsule (no gelatin).

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Thank you, yes please I would love to have the link, to your MK7 and other supplements, it would be good to get that one which is organic and which has given you the improvements along with vits, minerals and excercise.

It is really good news to hear that one can make improvement with this regime, I am encouraged and you must be very pleased.

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Here is the link to the 3-year MK7 study:

Yes, I am very pleased with my results thus far. My MK7 is Nature's Plus Vitamin K2 (120 mcg) which I purchase over the internet from Vitacost. I have used Vitacost brand in the past. I see you are in France, so I don't know if it is available to you there. I purchase just about everything from Vitacost. Presently I use their brand Vitacost Once Daily multivitamin (sadly it is in a gelatin capsule). It has everything I need except calcium, magnesiuim, and boron, which I purchase separately. I use a calcium hydroxyapatite/citrate combo (Country Life) and magnesium glycinate (Vitacost) for extra magnesium, boron chelate (Nature's Way). The multi does have 2000 IU of D3, which I don't know is the correct dose for me. My endocrinologist refuses to order a D3 test (says it is not necessary), so I guess I will have to buy the test myself over the net to find out my D level or find another doctor. It was around 70 about 3 years ago. I would switch to an organic whole food multi in the future if I find one that suits my needs.

Best wishes to you on your journey to better bones.

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To KevinGaghan,
I apologize to you for hijacking your thread into another direction.

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Thank you for this, the study looks very encouraging, I will certainly be getting some MK7, it would be better to get the organic if I can. I can always get I Herbs to send it.
That you had improvement on all these supplements, with excercise of course, means that you must have it right, even with the odd amount of Gelatin etc. Keep up the good work.

I guess we did go off subject a bit here, as for Magnesium Stearate, my wish is that they would also state the amount. It must have a good purpose as most supplements seem to contain this.
Some of the European companies do tend to state if the Gelatin is vegetable or of fish origin.

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